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Just because you’re not sick
doesn’t mean you’re healthy.
— Unknown

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ESSENTIAL OILS Egyptians were among the first to make use of essential oils for health and beauty. History shows from that time, ancient cultures continued to use oils for their benefits. Essential oils contain the same constituents as human blood and so the body is able to absorb and put them to good use for a variety of conditions. Essential ... Read More »

Vaccine In Hypertension: Myth Or Reality

Vaccine In Hypertension Myth Or Reality

Hypertension is the most common treatable risk factor for vascular disease related morbidity and mortality. Worldwide about 7.6 million deaths occurs every year due to stroke and ischemic heart disease and half of them can be attributed to high blood pressure. More than 25% of the world adult population is already hypertensive and is likely to reach 1.56 billion by ... Read More »

Vart is this Noise?

Vart is this Noise

Q: Sometimes when I’m having sex, my vagina makes an embarrassing sound like I’m passing gas. Weird? A: The sounds you hear emanating from your vagina are caused by air, not gas. Gas leaves the body through two orifices—the mouth and the anus, never the vagina. This can happen during penetrative sex and also during exercise and some yoga postures. ... Read More »

Vitamin A and Carotenes: Double-Barreled Health Protection

Vitamin A and Carotenes Double-Barreled Health Protection

Why You Need Carotenes Even More Now that you know why you need Vitamin A, we’re going to confuse you by explaining why you need carotenes even more. Bear with us as we journey back into vitamin history again to explain why. After Vitamin A was first discovered, researchers believed that the only way to get your A’s was by ... Read More »

Vitamin C And Your Skin

Vitamin C And Your Skin

Vitamin C and its role in collagen synthesis. The only antioxidant proven to increase collagen synthesis, it aids in the healing of minor cuts and wounds. As collagen decreases with age, photo ageing further speed up the decrease. L-ascorbic acid acts as a signal, sending the message to the collagen genes so it can manufacture more collagen, and also is ... Read More »

Maintaining Your General Health

Maintaining Health

These tips will help you to get the best results from your colon cleansing procedure. Always keep your body fully hydrated. That might require you to drink up to eight or ten glasses of water. This helps maintain the necessary electrolyte balance in your body. Many people don’t realize that your brain is one of the first body organs to ... Read More »

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C The Champion

Front-Line Antioxidant It’s this simple: Vitamin C is the most important antioxidant in your body. You need Vitamin C as your front-line defense against free radicals (remember those destructive molecules from chapter 1?). Job one for Vitamin C is to capture free radicals and neutralize them before they can do any damage to your cells. Dealing with free radicals is ... Read More »

Vitamin D Benefits: Look on the Sunny Side

Vitamin D Look on the Sunny Side

Go out in the sun without sunscreen? Are you kidding? Risk sunburn, wrinkles, or even skin cancer? Go on, live dangerously—but just for ten minutes a day. On a nice afternoon in July, that’s all the sunshine you need to get your daily dose and then some of Vitamin D. Your body makes this important vitamin from sunlight on your ... Read More »

What Is Calcium – Drink Your Milk!

Calcium: Drink Your Milk!

The DRI for Calcium. In 1994, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had a major conference on osteoporosis. A panel of experts looked at all the latest information on the importance of calcium and recommended much higher daily intakes of calcium for everyone. Here’s the chart with their recommendations: In 1997, the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of ... Read More »

Vitamin E Benefits: E For Excellent

Vitamin E E for Excellent

The RDA for Vitamin E It’s hard to figure out exactly what the RDA for Vitamin E is for that mythical average person. That’s because how much you need depends in part on your body size: The heavier you are, the more you need. It also depends in part on how much fat you get in your diet from plant ... Read More »

Vitamin K Benefits: The Band-Aid in Your Blood

Vitamin K The Band-Aid in Your Blood

When you cut your finger slicing onions in the kitchen, what happens? First, you swear under your breath. Next, you grab a paper towel and press it against the cut. A few minutes later, the bleeding stops. You slap on a band-aid and go back to fixing dinner. But what made the bleeding stop? Without going into all the gory ... Read More »

Bust Test Stress

Bust Test Stress

Panic stations before the exams? Here’s help for you and your children. It is that time of the year when kids are stressed and parents, super stressed. Here are some effective exam-stress busting strategies that will help you and your child stay on top of the system. Help your kids develop these smart learning strategies. Encourage Creative Learning. We often ... Read More »

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for good health, but which ones do you need for optimal health? This chapter will help you understand the biological importance of various vitamins and minerals, and it will provide details on how to safely use these nutritional supplements. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Phosphorus Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in the body (calcium is ... Read More »

Build Strong Bones

Build Strong Bones

Calcium Supplement If you don’t consume enough calcium through your diet, your body with-draws it from your bones—making them more porous and upping your risk of osteoporosis. According to the new National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) recommendations, women need 600 mg of calcium daily. (You get about 300 mg from a cup or 240 ml of milk). If you don’t ... Read More »

Bromelain For Swelling

Bromelain For Swelling

THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE of South America have used bromelain (extracted from the stem of pineapple) for centuries to dress and treat wounds. Now, recent research confirms that a medicinal compound (today talcen in a pill) extracted from the stem and juice of the pineapple plant, speeds healing of acute injuries such as cuts and bruises. It works by stopping the ... Read More »

Natural Vitamins: Keys to Well-Being

Vitamins Keys to Well-being

A BRILLIANT new science of nutrition, grown out of the discovery synthetic vitamins, is demonstrating that old age need no longer be regarded as a sad dragging out of existence. There is today Chemical hope that for many it can be a period of active, productive life. We now know that the time to try to push back senility is ... Read More »

Wart Types

Wart Types

A wart is generally a small, rough growth, typically on hands and feet but often on other locations, that can resemble a cauliflower or a solid blister. They are caused by a viral infection, specifically by human papillomavirus 2 and 7. Any skin surface of the body is susceptible to forming the cauliflower-like appearance which are essentially benign tumors on ... Read More »

What Are My Treatment Options? Is There Anything I Can Do At Home?


Depending on the level of the infection, treatments can and do vary. Your medical care provider is best at determining the severity of your infection. The typical treatments that the medical community warrants are the use of antibiotics. The specific course of antibiotics can be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Your doctor can also prescribe medicine to treat ... Read More »

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

A talk with your teen need’t always be stressful. Here are some useful tips. Parent: You don’t want to spend any time with us.You are either out with your friends or on the phone with them. Teen: Stop nagging me all the time. Please back off and give me space.This is an oft-repeated situation in many homes with teens. Distraught, ... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of a Bladder Infection?

Dangers of a Bladder Infection

An often embarrassing danger associated with prolonged bladder infections is the inability to control empting your bladder. To understand how this is capable, a brief explanation of how the bladder works is necessary. The bladder collects urine from the kidneys. The urine is stored in the bladder (muscular sac) until it fills with 500 ml or urine. When the 500 ... Read More »



Why discuss breath when it is the most basic need for life and everyone does it automatically? At birth we breathe from the belly and this is the natural way to breathe. As we grow older with the experience of living, we begin to breathe from the upper chest due to distress and this is shallow breathing which is not ... Read More »

What are the functions of omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Every cell in our body is surrounded by a cell membrane composed mainly of fatty acids. The cell membrane allows the proper amounts of necessary nutrients to enter the cell, and ensures that waste products are quickly removed from the cell. Promoting Healthy Cell Membranes To perform these functions optimally, however, the cell membrane must maintain its integrity and fluidity. ... Read More »



I am a member of large family – nine brothers and eight sisters, and thus, of a large extended family. I also have a network of friends and acquaintances throughout North and Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. Initially I confined the news of my prostate cancer to only a few close friends and family members. In most cases, they ... Read More »

What Can Doctors Do To Treat Tinnitus?

What Can Doctors Do To Treat Tinnitus

Surprisingly, there are not a lot of traditional medical therapies for tinnitus, especially when the cause of the tinnitus is unknown. If there is a cause that can be found, sometimes all it takes is taking care of the underlying problem in order to take care of the noises you are hearing. When you know the cause of the tinnitus, ... Read More »

Boost your Immunity

Boost your Immunity

It’s that time of the year when stomach flu, pinkeye and a host of other bacterial and viral infections are on the rise. Regular practice of yoga helps you boost your immunity and fight infections better. Here are a few asanas that will help you this season. 1. Dhanurasana: Lie down in prone position (on the stomach), feet together, hands ... Read More »

Boost Your Brainpower

Boost your Brainpower

Eight Easy Ways To Age-Proof Your Memory Now WHILE ADVANCEMENTS in medical research during the last century have helped raise life expectancy significantly, there has also been a sharp increase in cases of cognitive decline and dementia, largely in the form of Alzheimer’s. With age, it is normal to witness some kind of brain decline as it becomes increasingly difficult ... Read More »

Boost Brain Power

Boost Brain Power

Q: What Foods Can I Eat To Keep My Mind Ticking And Improve My Memory? A: There’s no magic pill that will protect your memory. Mental cognition is a result of cellular health and communication between those cells. A nutritious diet, exercise, sleep and various aspects of the environment influence the brain’s functioning. When it comes to food, certain nutrients ... Read More »

What Can Raise Your Blood Pressure?

What Can Raise Your Blood Pressure

Are you concerned about what might increase your blood pressure? There are quite a few things that can factor in to raising your blood pressure. Luckily you can fix many of these with a few lifestyle changes. If you do not watch your blood pressure frequently, you might not even be aware that you have it. It can creep up ... Read More »

What Causes a Bladder Infection?

What Causes a Bladder Infection

As previously stated, a bladder infection is caused by bacteria from the skin, vagina, and or rectum entering the urethra. The bacteria can then travel upstream to the bladder, there it can amplify in its numbers. But what bacteria are we talking about? The primary culprit is none other than the bacteria escherichia, also known as e-coli. The e-coli bacterium ... Read More »