These are Aldcarb, Propoxur (baygon powder, aerosal, spray, baygon bait) carbaryl, carbofuran (Agrofuron) etc.

Signs and symptoms – Salivation, lacrimation, vomiting, G. I. tract disturbance, sweating, dyspnoea, bronchospasm, deafness, slow pulses low B.P., muscular weakness, twitching, tremor, convulsion. Death due to respiratory failure.


1. Removal of the patient from the source of poisoning.
2. Removal of clothing and washing of exposed body parts if it is contact poisoning.
3. Removal of the patient to the hospital.
4. To prevent vomitus inhalation, siding the patient and/or use of endotracheal tube.
5. Oxygen inhalation.
6. Artificial respiration with ventilator.
7. Inj. atropine sulphate.
8. In case of convulsion – diazepam, barbiturate.
9. Washing of the stomach with activated animal charcoal with use of endotracheal tube.

M.L.I. – Poisoning may be suicidal or accidental.