Active principles – Pyrethrin I, pyrethrin II, Cinerin I and Cinerin II. Flowers of the plant contain the active principles in maximum concentration.

CHRYSANTHEMUM CINERARIAEFOLIUM Signs and symptoms – It has an acrid bitter taste and causes numbness of tongue and mouth, when taken orally. It causes G.I. tract irritation like nausea and vomiting ; headache, restlessness, tremor, muscular weakness and respiratory failure in acute poisoning circumstances. In chronic exposure, the person gets sensitized and there are different allergic manifestations.

Treatment – Prevention of exposure and symptomatic treatment including respiratory aids.

Medicolegal aspect – Exposure is mostly accidental. Inhalation of pollen grains of the flowers may sensitize a person and may subsequently lead to allergic reactions. Suicidal and homicidal uses are not usual.