Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Abdominal tissues, relaxation, paralytic : Lit (193)
Abdominal viscera hang down, cannot stand : Sul (10)
Aching, in epigastrium through to back, tight, suffocative and heavy : Rum (99)
As if, bandaged or tightly constricted, the whole abdomen : Plt (34)
As if, drawing by a string, through the navel : Plt (34), Plm (70)
As if, diarrhoea would come on : Cr. S. (175)
As if, diarrhoea would come on, ameliorated by passing wind or eructation : Nt. S. (76)
As if, would burst, the sides of abdomen, while sneezing : Kl. P. (189)
Cannot stand, because of abdominal viscera hanging down: Sul (10)
Cannot tolerate clothing : Lac (20)
Clothing, cannot tolerate, lies on back, with clothing lifted from abdomen : Lac (20)
Clothing, seems too tight : Rum (99)
Coldness in abdomen : Kl. S. (95), Grt (185)
Coldness and fullness in abdomen : Al. P. (155)
Coldness in abdomen and sensitive to uncovering: Kl. P. (189)
Distension, of the abdomen after eating: Zn. P. (216)
Distension, of the abdomen in the evening : Sng (49)
Distress, in abdomen, that hurries him to stool, but passes only flatus: Nt. S. (76)
Empty, all gone feeling in abdomen, after stool  : Vr. A. (58)
Heat, in abdomen, sensation of : Fr. A. (183)
Hardness of abdomen, with constriction of muscles :  Fr. A. (183)
Jerking, muscles of stomach and abdomen : Plt (34)
Menses, during pain in abdomen : Nt. S. (76)
Menses, during and before, pain in abdomen : SI. I. (209)
Pain, after eating : SI. I. (209)
Pain, at 4-8 P.M. : Nt. S. (76)
Pain,colicky,here and there, from flatus : Cr. V. (8)
Pain, colicky, flatulence and distension with : Hyd (105)
Pain,colicky,relieved by walking about : Cyc(136)
Pain,colicky,spells of, due to flatulence and confined wind : Sul (10)
Pain, cramping, morning, before breakfast : Nt.S (76)
Pain, cramping, morning, sides of abdomen and umbilical region : Zn.P.(216)
Pain, cutting, in the region of umbilicus : Zn.P.(216)
Pain, drawing, in the navel, as if by a string : Plt (34), Plm (70)
Pain, during or before menses : Nt.S. (76,) Sl.I.(209)
Pain, griping, from cold foods : Mng (194)
Pain, touching by, the abdominal muscles : Kl. C. (21)
Pressure, cannot endure, abdomen sensitive to pressure : Pod (73)
Pressure, in the middle of sternum: Cyc (136)
Relaxation, abdominal tissues, paralytic : Lil (193)
Relaxation, abdominal viscera, hanging: Sul (10)
Sensation, hanging down and great weight in stomach : Phs (35), Sul (10)
Sensation, sinking, after a normal stool : Ph. A. (50)
Sensation, soreness, great in abdomen : Clm (109)
Stool, after, empty all gone feeling : Vr.A.(58)
Stool, after, normal one, sinking in abdomen : Ph.A.(50)
Stool, hurries to, but passes only flatus : Nt. S. (76)
Symptoms, stomach or abdominal, worse by talking : Rum (99)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Pain, intolerable in the illeocical region : Bel (17), (Iris tenax)
Pain, with swelling in the illeocical region : Lac (20), Plm (70)
Pain, with sensitiveness to touch Hep (61), Arn (101)
Pain, worse at rest, agony and restless Rhs(16)
Pain, worse by least motion Brn (3)
Pain, worse, lying on right side Mr. S. (5)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Inguinal, left sided : Nx. V. (1)
Inguinal, right sided : Lyc (9)
Incarcerated, anxiety and burning pain with : Acn (14)
Incarcerated, annoyance of clothing with : Lac (20)
Incarcerated, with uneasiness and foetid flatus with : Cr. V. (8)
Incarcerated, with restlessness and changing place : Ars (15)
Strangulated, deathly nausea with : (Tabacum)
Strangulated, pain around navel with : Plm (70)
Strangulated, vomiting of faecal with : Opm (82)
Umbilical, with weakness in cervical muscles : Coc (28)
Umbilical, with weakness in inguinal canal, worse in the morning : Nx. V. (1)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Abscess, formed in liver Lac (20)
Abscess, as if forming in liver, pains Lrc (192)
Gall-stone colic, with red face and sensitiveness Bel (17)
Gall-stone colic, with dizziness Crd (175)
Gall-stone colic, with renal disease Brb (72)
Pain, pressing, sensitive to touch Cr. V. (8)
Pain, shooting to different directions Brn (3), Brb (72)
Rhs (16), Chl (71)
Pain, stitching in the region of liver Brn (3), Brb (72)
Vlr (213), Kl.P. (189) Ox. A. (205)
Sensitive, to touch with Chn (7), Cr. V. (8) Dig (42)
Soreness, in the region of liver Nt. S. (76), Grp (62)
Soreness, worse lying on the right side Mr. S. (5)
Soreness, worse lying on the left side Nt. S. (76)
Kl.P. (189), Pet (104).
Crd (175), Mg.M. (80)
Soreness, worse by motion on eating Cl. P. (12)
Swelling, with distress and weight Grp (62)
Swelling, with tenderness on pressure Rhs (16)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Contracted, pancreas Iod (86)
Enlarged, pancreas Cl.I. (173)
Fatty degeneration of pancreas Phs (35)
Inflammation of the pancreas Irs (48)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Catchy, sensation in spleen, worse by motion Kl. P. (189)
Dropsy from, enlarged spleen Ars (15), Fr. M (69)
Enlarged spleen, with dropsy Fr. M. (69), Ars (15)
Enlarged spleen with hardness Iod (86)
Enlarged spleen, with soreness to touch Phs (35)
Pain,cutting in the region of spleen Cl.  P. (12)
Pain, in the region of spleen (Ceanothus)
Pain, sharp in the region of spleen Hyd(105)
Pain, stitching in the region of spleen Kl. P. (189)
Swelling, worse damp weather or place in Chn (7),(Aranea)
Worse, pain, by motion Kl. P. (189)
Worse, swelling, in damp weather or place Chn (7)