Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Anus, of the Al. P. (155)
Anus, of the, painless Cl. S. (66)
Anus, near or about the Cl. P. (12), Sil (13)
Mr. S. (5)
Axilla, of the Cl.S. (66), C. Si. (174).
Ph.A. (50),K.Si. (190)
Axillary glands and parotids of the Rhs (16)
Back, sp. back of neck and between shoulders Trn (211)
Bones, affecting the (Calc-hypo. & Angustura)
Breast, mammary glands Phs (35), Sil (13)
Breast, surrounded by lumps or nodules Con (29)
Breast, of the, threatened abscess Sil (13)
Ear, about and below Cap (114)
Ear, small boils and pustules in external auditory canal Pc.A.(54)
Gums, and face about, better by warmth Sil (13)
Gums, and about caries , mastoid abscess Cap (114)
Gums and teeth about Fl.A. (126), Lac (20)
Gums, of the, frequently recurring Cst (60)
Hip joints, of the Cr.V. (8), Str (19)
Liver, of the Lac(20)
Lungs, in the Cr.V. (8), Lac. (20),
C.Si. (174), K.Si. (190)
Muscle, deep of the, neck, thigh, abdomen etc. Cl. C. (11)
Skin, below the Lyc (9)
Spine, of the Cr.V. (8), Str (19)
Vulva, about in women Mr. S. (5), Sil (13)
Vulva, about in women, worse walking, appears few days before period and subsides automatically after period Mr. S. (5)



Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Relief, by hot compress Hep (61)
Relief, by hot compress but worse by cold Sil (13)
Relief by warmth Hep (61), Sil (13)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Worse, by cold Sil (13)
Worse, by hot compress Lyc (9)
Worse, by hot poultice Mr. S. (5)
Worse, menstrual period Mr. S. (5)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Already, pus is formed Mr. S. (5)
Beginning of inflammation Bel (17)
Beginning of suppuration Hep (61), (Myristica)
Burning, violent with Ars (15), Pyr (206)
Continual, discharge of pus Sil (13), Cl. S. (66)
Copious, discharge of yellow pus Phs (35)
Hastens, suppuration of  Sul (10), Sil (13)
No, pain with Sil (13)
Not, much pain with Mr. S. (5)
Pain, great when flow from an open abscess becomes scanty  Pyr (206)
Pain, throbbing with sensitiveness Bel (17)
Pain, throbbing severely, and sensitive to touch, highly Hep (61)
Pus, already formed Mr. S. (5)
Pus, continues to discharge Sil (13), Cl.S. (66)
Pus degenerated Lac (20)
Pus thick, butter like, smells rotten cheese Hep (61)
Pus thick, greenish, yellow C. Si.(174)
Pus thick, odourless, mixed with blood Cl. S. (66)
Pus, thin, dark and offensive Lac (20)
Pus, thin, mixed with blood Sil (13)
Sensitive, to touch Bel (17), Hep (61)
Slow, to heal, continuous, discharge of yellow pus Cl. S. (66)
Slow, prolonged pus formation, without tendency to repair Mr. S. (5)
To hasten, suppuration of abscess Sul (10), Sil (13)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
At the menstrual period in women, boils and abscesses, breaking afterflow Mr. S. (5)
Boils, after itch Psr (63)
Boils, and bed sores Sl. A.(53)
Boils, big, attacking bones (Calc hypophos)
Boils, bluish, burning Ars (15), (Tarantula)
Boils, little, multiple, like eruption on face and head Dlc (88)
Boils, small, summer, one after another painful Arn (101), Srs (84)
Boils, where the skin is comparatively thin (Calc-pic)
Carbuncles, back, neck and between shoulders Trn (211)
Carbuncle, blackish, or purple, swollen Lac (20)
Carbuncle, bluish, affected part in Cr. V. (8)
Carbuncle, burning pain, intense with Ars(15) (Anthracinum)
Carbuncle( dark red, intense pain Rhs (16)
Carbuncle, diarrhoea and prostration Trn (211)
Carbuncle, discharge, offensive Cr. V. (8)
Carbuncle, fever with, prostration Trn (211)
Cold abscesses, proceeding from glands or cellular tissue Sil (13)
Fistular abscess Sil (13)
Recurrent, abscess formation N. Si. (204)
Repeated, swelling,’ and abscess formation, without any heat Mr. S. (5)
Slow to heal, continuous discharge of yellow pus Cl. S. (66)
Slow, prolonged pus formation, without tendency to repair Mr. S. (5)
Summer boils, small painful Arn (101), Srs (84)
Tendency to abscess formation, after a prolonged fever Ph.A.(50)