Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Anaemic, chlorotic Cl.C. (11)
Anaemic, dry thin tired Alm (97)
Anaemic, face burning, withont redness Sul (10)
Anaemic, face sallow Chn (7)
Anaemic, fontalles open Cl.P. (12)
Anaemic, headache, bursting with Nt.M. (79)
Anaemic, mucous membrane, great paleness Fr.M. (69)
Anaemic, odema face Phs (35)
Anaemic, odema lower lids Aps (23)
Anaemic, odema upper lids Kl.C. (21)
Anaemic, pale but flushed easily Fr.P. (65)
Anaemic, woman, weak flabby Am.C. (117)
Anaemic, worn out by hard work Hln (41)
Coffee, mixed with milk, complexion Car (217)
Dark, built thin Nt.A. (52)
Dark, dusky, besotted expression Bpt (57)
Dark, glands enlarged Iod (86)
Pale, Chlorotic Cl.C. (11)
Pale, cyanotic An.T. (47)
Pale, deathly, rings around eyes Bis (92)
Pale, during nausea Ipc (46)
Pale,earthy complexion Brb (72)
Pale, lax muscles with Pul (2), Sil (13)
Pale, puffed Cl.C. (11)
Pale, shunken Hys (18), Vr.A. (58)
Pale, waxy, nervous Nt.M. (79), Tub (116), Med (195)
Pallor, great, with pointed nose, pinched lips and coldness Cr.V. (8)
Pallor, great, sitting up or on rising Acn (14)
Pallor, whitish-blue, around Aet (119)
Pimples, chin, burning on touch Nt.S. (76)
Pimples, eruption, face, lips and nose Kl.S. (95)
Pimples, face and forehead Zn.P. (216)
Pimples, mouth, lips cheeks, face around Kl.M. (188)
Puffy, bloated and mottled Lac (20), Led (91)
Puffy, eye-lids under Phs (35)
Puffy, purplish Brn (3), Pul (2)
Puffy, smooth, lines of intellectual absent Sep (36)
Puffy, waxy Kl.C. (21)
Puffy, venous Pul (2)
Purple, blue lips Cup (59)
Purple, child seems to be chocking to death Cup (59)
Purple, dazed look Gls (56)
Purple, puffy venous Brn (3), Pul (2)
Red, alternates with paleness Fr.M. (69), Zin (31)
Red, bloated Opm (82)
Red, blushing on exertion Amil. Nit.
Red, dry Bel (17)
Red, lips vermilion like Sul (10)
Red, rosy, cheeks and end of nose Cap (114)
Red, turns pale on rising Acn (14)
Yellow, abdominal complaints with relieved by heat Nx.V. (1)
Yellow abdominal complaints with, not relieved by heat Brn (3)
Yellow, face, spotted with Sep (36)
Yellow, jaundiced with Plm (70)
Yellow, jaundice, without Cst (60)
Yellow, liver congestion due to Bel (17)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Bone, development irregular, soft part suffering from over fat Cl.C. (11)
Bone, formation defective Cl.C. (11)
Bone, lateral curvature with Sil (13)
Emaciation, craves cold place Iod (55)
Emaciation, craves salt things Nt.M. (79)
Emaciation, fatigued to work Tub (116), Mg.C. (78)
Emaciation, lean, sensitive to cold Pet (104)
Emaciation, legs, growing prostration Brm (167), Abr (151)
Emaciation, limbs, fontalles remaining open Cl.P. (12)
Emaciation, neck and downward Cl.P. (12)
Emaciation, neck skin lying in fold Srs (84)
Emaciation, parts upper, lower bloated Lyc (9)
Emaciation, yellowness all over with Plm (70)
Growth, child sickly Cl.P. (12), Sil (13)
Growth, dwarfish, head disproportionately large Brt (85)
Growth, fast, haggard looking Ph.A. (50)
Growth, fast, narrow chested Phs (35)
Late, development, children cannot remember Agr (146)
Late, development of womanhood, breast, menses etc. Cl.P. (12), Lyc (9)
Learning, doing thing slow, talking etc. in children Cl.P (12), Nt.M. (79)
Learning, school task slow, children Agr (146)
Learning, understanding slow, children Bt. M. (166)
Learning, walking slow, children Cl.P. (12), Cl.C. (11), Brt (55)
Obesic, cannot wear shoes, due to puffiness Pul (2)
Obesic, delayed menses, in women with Grp (62)
Obesic, soft part suffering with over growth Cl.C. (11)
Obesic, venous engorgement Pul (2)
Old looking, child, as if a little withered man Arg (68)
Old looking, infant, as if a little old man Brt (85)
Old looking, people, young but looks old Fl.A (126), Bfo (168)
Old looking, pinched face Sil (13)
Old looking, prematurly Amb (140)
Old looking, premature lines on face Lyc (9)
Scrofulous, glands swelling with Grp (62)
Stooped, difficult digesting milk Nt.C. (77)
Stooped, disposed to pthisis as if Med (195)
Stooped, standing, sitting, walking uncomfortable Sul (10)
Stooped, tall, slendour women Phs (35)
Veins, engorged, puffy, cannot wear shoes Pul (2)
Veins, fullness, all over body Ar.M. (162)
Withered, lads, dry cough and prolonged headache Lyc (9)
Womanhood, retarded Cl.P. (12), Lyc (9)
Worn out, dry thin, must sit down to rest Alm (97)
Worn out, nervous persons Ign (27)
Worn out, old people Eup (1/2)
Worn out women, by hard work Hln (41)

Eyes (Look)

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Besotted, dusky Bpt (57)
Blinking, eyes Car (217)
Cadaverous, cold breath, cold face and tongue Cr.V. (8)
Confused, besotted, drunkard like Bpt (57)
Dazed, dry mouth with Nx.M. (83)
Dazed, face purple, eyes engorged, pupil dilated Gls (56)
Dying, appears as if would die Vr.A. (58)
Look, expressionless, sickly Cr I. (127)
Look, fixed, away from light and on darker side of the room Str (19)
Look, fixed, into space, seems to notice or hear nothing Hlb (149), Vsp (214)
Look, greasy, shining Sel (33)
Look, sickly, haggard Kl.P. (189)
Look, sickly, suffering Kl.S. (95)
Look, sickly suffering, face drawn K.Si. (190)
Look, suspicious Lac (20)
Look, wild Vlr (219)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Anaemic, alternating with red face Fr.M. (69), Zin (31)
Anaemic, sallow face Chn (7)
Bloated, appearance about the eyes Fr.M. (69)
Blue, circles, around eyes Fr.P. (65), Zn.P (216)
Blue, pallor, whitish, around lips Aet (119)
Blue, ring around mouth Cin (87)
Blushing, easily dirty red Sul (10)
Chlorotic face Fr.P. (65)
Circles, bluish, around eyes Zn P. (216)
Circles, dark, under eyes Fr.P. (65), Kl.P. (189)
Discolouration, face, with bluish circle around eyes Zn.P. (216)
Drawn, face, sallow yellowness with Sl.I. (209)
Drunkard like, maudling, stumbling Lac (20)
Eruptions, on face, nose and lips Kl.S. (95), Nt.S. (76)
Eruption, warty, pigmented spots Nt.A. (52)
Fat, flabby face Cap (114)
Flushed, ashy grey Brm (167)
Flushed, easily Fr.P. (65)
Flushed, excitement, little by Fr.M. (69)
Flushed; eyes brilliant, with Cof (26)
Flushed, irritability, with Nx.V. (1)
Flushed, irritation, slight from Sul (10)
Flushed, alternating with anaemia Fr.M. (69), Zin (31)
Flushed, bright red, becoming blue Cts (43)
Flushed, stimulants from Fr.M. (69)
Flushed, stimulating, little food or drink Cr.V. (8)
Flushed, sudden, anaemia with Mez (145)
Forehead, wrinkled, sickly haggard Str (19)
Furrows, deep in forehead and face Lyc (9)
Haggard, sickly, forehead wrinkled Str (19), Sl.I (209)
Hippocratic, nose, contracted with Can (24), An.T. (47)
Jaundiced, face and eyes Hyd (105)
Jaws, chcwing, as if Pod (73), Mos (200)
Jaw, lower, lateral motion, continuous Brn (3)
Jaws, sucking motion Pod (73)
Jerking, face, chronic Mg.P. (81)
Lines, deep of pains, emaciation with Sl.A. (53)
Lines, deep of suffering on face Nt.A. (52)
Lips, pinched, nose pointed and drawn Cr.V. (8)
Lips , shrivelled, eyes shunken with An.T. (47)
Neuralgia, face Mg.P. (81)
Neuralgia, face and teeth, has to wrap at night Phs (35)
Nose, bores with finger, constant Cin (87)
Nose, contraccd. hippocratic face Can (24)
Nose, drawn and pointed, pinched lips Cr.V. (8)
Nose, drawn, wings Cin (84)
Nose, flapping nostrils Lyc (9)
Oedema, face, under eyes Iod (86)
Oedema, face, lower lid Aps (23)
Oedema, face, upper lid Kl.C. (21)
Oedema, face, whole of it Phs (35)
Old looking, in face, sp. child Ar.M. (162)
Pale, clayey, infants Bor (111)
Pale, earthy, alternating with redness Fr.P. (65)
Pale, earthy, with red circumscribed cheeks Ch.A. (177)
Pale, eyes, dark stains, before Ldf (191)
Pale, eyes, ring around Bis (92)
Pale, eye shunken with An.T. (47)
Pale, lips shrivelled with An.T. (47)
Pale, sickly haggard, forehead wrinkled Str (19)
Pale, sickly yellow, sallow Dlc (88), Thj (107)
Pale, shtmken face Cn.I. (127)
Pale, waxy, sickly Grp (62)
Pale, waxy, extreme sickly, history of bleeding Chn (7)
Pale, waxy, extreme sickly, without history of bleeding Mng (194)
Swallow, anaemic Chn (7)
Swallow, withered Iod (86)
Sensation, white of egg, dried on face Sl.A. (53), Alm (97)
Shining, greased, as if Nt.M (79), Sel (33), Thj (107)
Sickly, anaemic, waxy and tired Sil (13)
Sickly, dirty Kl.P. (189)
Sickly, dry lips, suffering expression Kl.M. (188)
Sickly, expression of long suffering Sl.A. (53)
Sickly, greasy, shining Sel (33)
Sickly, haggard Sl.I. (209)
Sickly, haggard, wrinkled forehead Str (19)
Sickly, wrinkled face Lyc (9)
Spots, purple Lac (20)
Spots, yellow Sep (36)
Sunken, eyes and nose, child as if would die Aet (119)
Sunken, face Cin (87)
Tension, sensation of, in face Sl. A (53), Mos (200)
Ticks and lizare, sp. of face muscle Car (217)
Veins of face, prominent Car (217)
Vesicles, mouth and forehead, sp. small child Bor (111)
Withered, a short of non-descript Kl.C. (21)
Withered, and each day looks older Zin (31)
Wrinkled, face, old misers Lyc (9)
Wrinkled, forehead, haggard sickly Str (19)
Wrinkled, looks older everyday Zin (31)