Agree Well

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Cold drinks Pul (2), Sil (13)
Cold foods Pul (2)
Cold tea Sil (13)
Eggs Cl.C. (11)
Ice-cold water Pul (2), Sil (13)
Ice-cream Sil (13)
Lemons, or lime juice Bel (17)
Warm drinks Brn (5), Lyc (9)
Warm foods Lyc (9)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Acids and acid fruits An.T. (47)
Bread Cst (60), Nt.M. (79)
Coffee Cst (60)
Cold drinks Lyc (9), Rhs (16), Fr.P. (55), Cl.P. (12). Sil (13)
Cold foods Lyc (9)
Fish Chn (7)
Fruits Chn (7), Cl.P. (12)
Fruits, acid An.T. (47)
Ice-cold drinks Brn (3)
Ice-cream Pul (2), Cl.P. (12)
Lemonades, juice, etc. higly seasoned food articles Pul (2)
Meat Nx.V. (1)
Medicine, tonic Nx.V. (1)
Milk  Pul (2), Sil (13), Nt.C. (77), Nx.V. (1), Chn (7), Cl.C. (11)
Milk, disagrees and comes up sour Mr.S. (5)
Milk, mother’s  Sil (13), Nt.C. (77)
Onions Thj (107)
Oysters Brn (3), Lyc (9)
Potatoes Alm (97)
Salads Brn (3)
Salts Alm (97)
Sour things Fr.P. (65), Chn (7)
Spirituous liquor Alm (97)
Starch, sp. Potato Alm (97)
Sweets Mr.S. (5)
Vinegar, pepper Alm (97)
Warm drinks Sil (13), Brt (85)
Warm foods Pul (2), Sil (13)
Wine Chn (7)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Appetite, ravenous Cl.S. (66)
Appetite,ravenous even after eating Med (195)
Appetite, ravenous or increased but goes, on the sight of food Kl.P. (189)
Appetite, ravenous, to relieve a feeling of burning gnawing in stomach Grp (62)
Appetite, ravenous, with diarrhoea Sl.I (209)
Appetite, ravenous, without relish of food Fr.P. (65)
Hunger, at 5 A.M. and 11 P.M. has to get up and eat Nt.C. (77)
Hunger, better after eating lod (86)
Hunger, better by eating, but soon hungry again Phs (35)
Hunger, but knows not for what Mg.M. (80)
Hunger, cannot go without eating, becomes faint and weak Sul (10)
Hunger, canine, alternately loss of appetite Cin (87), Chn (7) Fr.M. (69)
Hunger, canine, but loathes the sight of food Chn (7)
Hunger, canine, in worm troubles Cin (87)
Hunger, canine, eats everything around hastily Pit (34)
Hunger, canine, eating always, with temporary relief only, not lasts long Fl.A. (126)
Hunger, eating soon after, from nervous weakness Kl.P. (189)
 Hunger, emptiness after eating as if, still hungry Lrc (192)
Hunger, gnawing, seldom satisfied Sep (36)
Hunger, gnawing, inspite of nausea and vomiting Vr.A. (58)
Hunger, morbid or loathing for food Sad (144)
Hunger, must get up at night to eat Tub (116)
Hunger, nervous, pregnant women, must get up at night and eat crackers Psr (63)
Hunger, ravenous, followed by nausea Mg.M. (80)
Hunger, stool after, drives him to eat but cannot eat without pain Pet (104)
Hunger violent, but very soon after, hunger returns Phs (35)
Hunger, voraceous, with nausea Vlr (213)
Hunger, worse after eating Nt.M. (79)

Loss of

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Alternately, canine hunger with Cin (87), Chn (7). Fr.M. (69)
Appetite, entirely gone Fr.P (65), Cl.S. (66)
Aversion, all foods to Tub (116)
Aversion, food, deadly loathing with An.T. (47)
Aversion, foods emaciation with Sl.I. (209)
Aversion, foods, just eaten Nx.V. (1), Cl.P. (12), Cl.C. (11)
Aversion, foods,sight even causes nausea and sickness Mos (200)
Aversion, foods, sight or smell even loathes Clm (109)
Aversion, foods,smell or thought even Pod (73)
Aversion, foods, stomach having ail gone feeling Kl.C. (21)
Aversion, foods,taking a mouthful, however, recalls appetite and makes a good meal Sad (144)
Aversion, foods, violent thrist with Col (103)
Breakfast, no appetite for Ch A. (177)
Breakfast, poor eater Sul (10)
Eats less, drinks much Fr.P. (65), Sul (10), Dig (42)
Faints, during meals Mos (200)
Fullness, after eating, even so little Lyc (9), Kl.S. (95)
Liver troubles, yellowness with Chl (71)
Loathing of food Chn (7), C/m (109) An.T. (47), Kl.M. (188)
Loss of appetite or desire for foods Fr.P. (65), Pul (2), Brn (3)
Loss of appetite, or perverted appetite Syp (210)
Satiety after first mouthful Lyc (9), Cyc (136)
Sits down hungry, but appetite vanishes with sight of food Cst (60)
Sinking, empty hungry feeling, loathing Hyd (105)
Thirst, violent with Dig (42)
Wants nothing but cold water only Sul (10)
Weakness, progressive with Sl.A. (53)