Associated with

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Kidney, troubles with Brb (72), Ter (130)
Piles, troubles with Nx.V. (I), Aes (30)
Menses, during, pain in back Fr.P. (65), K.Si. (190)
Menses, during, pain in back and lumbar region Kl.S. (95)
Menses, during, pain in lumbar region SIX (209)
Menstrual troubles with Pul (2), Cl.P. (12), Kl.C. (21)
Sexual excess, due to Stp (108), Zin (31)
Urine, scanty when, pain in back and joints Bn.A. (129)
Uterine, troubles with Nt.M. (79)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Back and down the thighs, violent aching, relief by change of position Ox.A. (205), Rhs (16)
Back, and up to head, shooting pain Ox.A. (205)
Back, and nape, lame aching Kl.P. (189)
Back, hips, and thighs, during night Syp (210)
Back, and sacrum (composite triangular bone forming back of pelvis) Nx.V. (1), Cst (60)
Back, spinal column and lower limbs with sensitiveness Agr (146)
Back, extending to calves, with weariness Arg (68)
Back, extending to limbs, as if broken Eup (112)
Back, extending to lower limbs, with sensitiveness Agr (146)
Back, extending to hips Brb (72), Kl.C. (21)
Back, extending to hips (upper part of thigh bone) and sacrum Aes (30)
Back, extended to hip joint, like hip joint disease Cl.C. (11), Crd (176)
Back, from nipple to scapula Ctl (181)
Back, through right breast (Phellandrium)
Cervical region (of the neck, between shoulder) tearing pain Zn.P. (216), Fr.P. (65)
Hip-joint pain, worse rising, stooping or motion Crd (176), Cl.C. (11)
Kidney region of, worse after urinating Syp (210)
Loin, from to coccyx (small triangular bone, ending spinal column) worsed by sitting or kneeling Sep (36)
Loin (both sides of spine, between false ribs and hip-bone), and occiput (back of head), morning on waking Kl.P. (189)
Loin, and occiput, morning on waking, better by lying on back and passing off after rising Kl.P. (189)
Lumbar (of or in the loin) region pain in (lumbago) Sl.A. (53)
Lumbar, also sacrum, during menses CLP. (12), SLI. (209)
Lumbar, or sacrum, during menses, on motion, rising from sitting, or sitting, better walking Zn.P. (216), Rhs (16)
Lumbar, compels patient to get up early Stp (108)
Lumbar, crampy pain over hips with Led (91)
Lumbar, curvature in spine due to, difficult to sit Cl.S. (66)
Lumbar, extending pain to sacrum Cl.F. (172)
Lumbar, from suppressed gonorrhoea Med (195)
Lumbar, pain shooting, down to buttocks Kl.C. (21)
Lumbar, stiffness with, in the region Sul (10)
Lumbar, weakness great in Zn.P. (216)
Lumbar, weak, and stiff back, worse sitting Ar.S. (163)
Lumbar, with sciatica Med (195)
Lumbar (lumbago) worse attempting to rise Fr.P. (65), Phs (16)
Lumbar, violent pain Trn (211)
Sacrum, pain in, worse while sitting Syp (210)
Scapula, along inner margin, of the left Rnc (207)
Scapula, between, drawing pain Zn.P. (216), Gem (186)
Scapula, in the, stitching pain Zn.P. (216)
Scapula, in the, pain, morning on waking Kl.P. (189)
Scapula, under, violent, pain, worse from motion Trn (211)
Shoulder, and hips, limbs, rheumatic condition Chl (71)
Shoulder, between in the cervical region, pain in, also lumbar Fr.P. (65)
Shoulder, between, cervical regions, tearing pain Zn.P. (216)
Shoulder blade, pain in Trn (211)
Shoulder, joints, stitching pain, on lifting the arm Sl.A. (53)
Shoulder, joint, rheumatic pain, extending down to arms, worse from motion Mg.M. (80)
Shoulder, joints, pain in, sp. on raising them Alm (97), Nt.A. (52)
Shoulder, joint, cannot raise arm after exposure to cold Sng (49)
Shoulder, and arm, sp. left, with stiffness and numbness Rhs (16)
Shoulder, and arm, sp. right, with numbness Pht (120)
Shoulder, rheumatism of deltoid, painful on raising arm Kl.P. (189), Sng (49), Syp (210)
Small of back (hinder part of waist) amelioration of pain by walking Vlr (213)
Small of back, benumbing pain, better after stool Ox.A. (205)
Small of back, burning pain, intense Ldf (191)
Small of back, compelling her to lie on the right, during night Nt.S. (76)
Small of back, contractive pain, burning and stitching Mg.M. (80)
Small of back, from retaining urine Nt.S. (76)
Small of back, lightning like pain, must get out of bed and sit up Kl.M. (188)
Small of back, pain extending to feet, lightning like Kl.M. (188)
Small of back, pain when sitting and ceases when rising Cyc (136)
Small of back, tired feeling with Mr.A. (51)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
After, seminal emission Sel (33)
After, urinating Syp (210)
At 4-8 P.M. Lyc (9)
At night Fr.P. (65), Syp (210), Nt.S. (76), Nt.A. (52)
At morning  Sel (33)
At morning, waking up Kl.P. (189), Rhs (16), Cl.P. (12)
Beginning to move Rhs (16), Med (195)
Breathing on Kl.S. (95)
Chilly, during Zn.P. (216)
Cold, stormy whether in Cl.P. (12), Rhs (16)
Menses, before Zn.P. (216)
Menses, before and during Kl.C. (21)
Menses, during Fr.P. (65), Kl.S. (95) Sl.I. (209)
Menstrual trouble with Pul (2), Cl.P. (12), Kl.C. (21)
Motion, during Ipc (46), Zn.P. (216), Trn (211), Crd (176)
Rising, attempting to Fr.P. (65), Rhs (16)
Rising from a seat Sul (10), Hyd (105) Cst (60), Fr.P. (65) Zn.P. (216)
Rising, stooping, motion Crd (176)
Sitting while Zn.P. (216), Fr.P. (65) Cyc (136), Zin (31) Syp (210)
Sitting or kneeling Sep (36)
Sitting or standing still Nx.V. (1), Phs (35)
Standing while Zn.P. (216)
Standing or sitting still Nx.V. (1), Phs (35)
Standing, sitting or lying while Nx.V. (1)
Stooping while Agr (146), Crd (176)
Stooping or walking Aes (30)
Turning or twisting by Nx.V. (1)
Walking by Aes (30)
Warm room in Kl.S. (95)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
After passing stool Ox.A. (205)
Change of position by Ox.A. (205)
Continued motion by Rhs (16)
Drawing, shoulders by Cyc (136)
Emission of flow by Zin (31)
Head, let going back by Nx.V. (1)
Lying on abdomen by Nt.A. (52)
Lying on back by Rhs (16), Nt.M. (79) Kl.P. (189)
Lying on right by Nt.S. (76)
Motion, continued by Rhs (16)
Motion, gentle by Kl.P. (189)
Moving, in open air Pul (2), Lyc (9)
Rising, after waking in morning Kl.P. (189)
Rising from sitting Cyc (136)
Walking by Nx.V. (1), Zn.P. (216) Kl.S. (95), Vlr (213)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
As if, back would break Bel (17), Kl.C. (21)
As if, back and legs must give out Kl.C. (21)
As if, held in one position for long Zin (31)
As if, hoop around
As if, hot iron thrust into
Anc (96)
Alm (97)
As if, would lie down on street, so badly aching Kl.C. (21)
As if, vigor, all forced out, by pain Kl.C. (21)
Burning pain, intense, in small of back Ldf (191)
Burning pain, between scapula, on rising or beginning to move, stiffness in back with Med (195)
Burning pain, between scapula, seems to coming from spine Phs (35)
Burning pain, between scapula, worse when rising from a seat Sul (10), Cst (60), Zn.P. (216)
Burning pain, between scapula, worse 4-8 P.M. Lyc (9)
Bruised pain with Brb (72)
Cannot sit erect, has to slide down in a chair, or lie down Pc.A. (54)
Cannot sit erect, without a chair back to lean against Kl.P. (189)
Cannot sit erect, has to let the head go back, for relief Nx.V. (1)
Cannot stand erect, rising from a sit, has to move about bent, before he can straighten up the back Hyd (105), Sul (10)
Cannot stand erect, rising from a sit must use the arms of the chair Hyd (105)
Cannot stand, or sit still, turns and twists without relief Nx.V. (1)
Compelled, to lie on abdomen, for pain in back at night Nt.A. (52)
Compelled, to lie on right side for pain in small of back Nt.S. (76)
Compelled, to sit up to turn over bed Nx.V. (1)
Compelled, to sit up, getting out of bed, by lightning like pain Kl.M. (188)
Constant, dull pain Aes (30)
Crampy, between scapula Ipc (46)
Drawing pains Med (195)
Drawing tension in muscles Nx.V. (1)
Excruciating pain Ctl (181)
Lame, backache Ph.A. (50)
Lameness Sel (33), Hln (41)
Lameness, and stiffness, whole back, ameliorated by gentle motion Kl.P.(189)
Lightning like pain, in small of back to feet, must get out of bed to sit up Kl.M. (188)
Shooting pain, back and up to head Ox.A. (205)
Sticking pain with (Phellandrium)
Stiffness, painful Cst (60), Sul (10)
Stiffness with Fr.P. (65), Zn.P. (216 Rhs (16), Kl.P. (189), Med (195)
Stiffness, rheumatic and lameness Syp (210)
Stitching pain, in back, between scapula on breathing Kl.M. (188)
Stitching pain, in shoulder joint on lifting arm Sl.A. (53)
Tearing, pain in the cervical region Zn.P. (216)
Tearing, stiffness in neck and back with Fr.P. (65)
Tired aching in the small of back Mr.A. (51)
Tired aching, cannot stand or sit still Nx.V. (1), Phs (35)
Tired aching, desires to lie down Pc.A. (54)
Tired aching, desires to travel Tub (116)
Tired aching, worse when sitting Zin(31)