Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Becomes, spongy or suppurate Gcm (186)
Discharges, from bones, thin watery, acrid foetid, with burning Fl.A. (126)
Feels, bones, as if scrapped Ph.A. (50)
Necrosis, of the bones of ears Fl.A. (126)
Necrosis,pf long bones Fl.A. (126)
Nodular, knotty condition in periosteum, that remains sore and slow to repair Rut (90)
Pain in bone, as if broken Thr (212)
Pain in bone, at night, as if periosteum would be broken off Klm (45)
Pain in long bones, between joints, better by motion Ph.A. (50)
Pain in bone, universal, but sp. where flesh is thin over bones Mr.S. (5)
Pain in bone, worse when warm, covers up, because he feels cold Mr.S. (5)
Results of a blow, periosteal trouble, where flesh is thin over bones Rut (90)
Soreness to touch, sp. bones Syp (210)
Soreness, great of periosteum, sp. shin bones, with tendency to eruption and ulceration Mng (194)