Aggravation by

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Air, cold, exposure from  Bel (17), Cl.C. (11)
 Air, cold from  Sil (13)
 Air, damp from  Thj (107)
 Air, draught from  Mr.S. (5)
 Air, when strikes the head  Chn (7)
 Anger, or chagrin, mental  Nx.V. (1)
 Ascending, steps  Zn.P. (216)
 Cold from, pulsating  Chn (7)
 Coughing, from  Fr.M. (69)
 Daylight, during  Cl.C. (11), CLP. (12)
 Draught from, violent  Mr.S. (5)
 Eating after  Brn (3), Zn.P. (216)
 Eating by  Brn (3), Cts (43)
 Evening, after dinner  CI.S. (66)
 Evening, and morning, with nausea  Sep (36)
 Exertion, bring on headache  Vlr (213)
 Exertion, mental CIS. (66), Sil (13)
 Exertion, mental labour  Sep (36)
 Exertion, mental, slightest  Pc.A. (54), Tub (116)
 Exertion, mental, excessive  Cof (26)
 Exertion, mental, unable to think  Nt.C.(77)
 Exertion, mental, pain in forehead  Nt . P. (203)
 Exertion, physical, least jar  Bel (17), Fr.P. (65) Pul (2), Chn (7), Sil (13)
 Exertion, physical, jarring of foot steps even  Sil (13)
 Eyes, motion of Fr.P. (65), Bel (17) Pul (2), Chn (7), Sil (13)
 Eyes, use of for fine work  Lcn (94)
 Fasting, from  Sl.L (209)
 Hair, binding up, from  Zn.P. (216), SI.I. (209)
 Head, bending backward  Gin (121)
 Head, bending forward  Brn (3)
 Head, bending downward, stooping  Bel (17), Pul (2)
 Head, shaking by  CIS. (66)
 Heated, becoming by  SI.I. (209)
 Heat, exposure to, a sunlight  Vlr (213)
 Heat, general from  Sil (13)
 Heat, of sun  CI.S. (66), SI.I. (209), Spg (44), Nt.M. (79)
 Light from  Brn (3), Med (195)
 Light, from and noise  Cof (26), Cts (43), Ars (15), Ldf (191)
 Light, from, also talking and motion  Ph.A. (50)
 Light, of sun, with increasing brightness  Kim (45)
 Light, strong from  Cts (43)
 Light, worse day time, driven to dark room and forced to lie down  Sng (49)
 Lying down after  Brn (3), Pul (2). Lyc (9)
 Lying down by  Lyc (9)
 Menses, before and during  CI.S. (66), SI.I. (209), Zn.P. (216)
 Morning, and evening, with nausea  Sep (36)
 Morning, on waking  CI.S. (66), Lac (20)
 Morning, on waking, wears off withexertion in  Naj (201)
 Morning, on waking, in bed, violent  Rhd (89)
 Motion, from Thr (212)
 Motion, beginning to, better by continued  Sep (36)
 Motion, continued rapid  Phs (35)
 Motion, jarring, walking, sneezing  Sad (144)
 Motion, jarring and sound from  KI.P. (189)
 Motion, talking and light  Ph.A. (50)
 Motion, slightest even of the eyes  Bel (17), Pul (2) Chn (7), Sil (13), Fr.P. (65)
 Night, during  Chn (7), Sil (13)
 Night, from change of weather, dull, occipital  Bn.A. (129)
 Nose, when open, so that can breath through  Kl.C. (21)
Noise, from  Cl.S. (66), Zn.P. (216) Thr (212)
 Noise, and light from Cof (26), Cts (43), Ars (15)
 Noise, conversation, of and light  Ldf (191)
 Noise of wagon  Nt.A. (52)
 Odour, strong from  Sel (33)
 Reading, by  Cl.S. (66)
 Rising up, in bed  Mr.A. (51)
 Room, close, warm from  Brn (3), Lyc (9), Grp (62)
 Sitting, when, after lying down  Brn (2), Pul (2), Lyc (9)
 Sounds, from hearing voices, talking  Cts (43)
 Stimulants, taking after  Sel (33)
 Stooping from  Bel (17), Pul (2), CIS. (66)
 Talking from  CI.S. (66), Zn.P. (216), Sl.I. (209), Thr (212)
 Talked to, from  Ph.A. (50)
 Touch by  Chn (7)
 Uncovering the head  Kl.P. (189)
 Warm drinks from Thr (212)
 Warmth of bed  Lyc (9)
 Warm room from  Brn (5), Lyc (9), Grp (62), KI.I. (187) Sl.I. (209)
 Warm room, but relief in cold room  Mr.S. (5)
 Warm, wrap on body  Brn (3), Lyc (9), SI.I. (209)
 Walking from  CI S. (66)
 Washing from  CIS. (66)
 Wrapping up head, brings on headache  Slil. (209)

Amelioration by

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Air, cold open from  Fr.P. (65), Pul (2), Lyc (9)
 Air, open from  Grp (62), SI.I. (209) Zn.P. (216)
 Air, open from walking in  KI.I. (187)
 Catarrh, but worse coryza  Lyc (9)
 Cold, air in  Pul (2), Lyc (9)
 Cold, air relieved by, blinding pain  Fr.P. (65)
Cold, application from  SI.I. (209)
 Cold, water washing by  Cl.P. (12)
 Dark, lying quiet in  Brn (3), Cl.C. (11), Cl.P. (12)
 Dark room in, lying  Brn (3), Kl. P. (189), Ars (15), Ldf (191), Sil (13)
 Eating by  Lrc (192), Lyc (9)
 Eating while, but worse soon after  Ign (27)
 Flatus, passing of  Sng (49)
 Gouty, extremities by  Lyc (9)
 Head, high, lying with  Ars (15), Cap (114)
 Head, holding in upright position, relieves dull pressure in occiput  Spn (115)
 Heat by  Ign (27)
 Heat in warm room  Chn (7)
 Heat, very hot application  Cl.C. (11)
Lying, down on back and shun light  Kl.P. (189)
 Lying, down in a dark room in perfect rest  Ldf(191)
 Lying, down upon painful side  Ign 127)
 Lying, quiet, perfectly in bed  Brn (3) Nx.V. (I)
 Lying, quiet, perfectly on bed, with bursting headache  Brn (3)
 Lying, quiet perfectly on bed, in dark  Brn (3), Cl.C. (11), CI.P. (12)
 Lying, quiet perfectly on bed, with throbbing or bursting  Aim (97), Brn (3)
 Lying, with head high  Cap (114)
 Lying, with head on two pillows  Ars (15)
 Motion by  Sl.I.(209)
 Motion, cold air in  Phi (2), Lyc (9)
 Moving about by  Rhd (89)
 Moving, walking in open air  Kl.I. (187)
 Moving walking slowly about  Mr.A. (51)
 Moving, walking slowly about in open air  Pul (2)
 Nose, by flow of  Die (88)
 Passing, of flatus by  Sng (49)
 Passing, of sweat by  Sep (36)
 Passing, of urine, profuse by  Ign (27), Gls (56), Ph.A. (50), Lyc (9), Sil (13)
 Pressure by  Fr.M. (69), Zn.P. (216)
 Pressure, careful by  Bel (17)
 Pressure, strong, from  Chn (7), Pul (2), Mg.M. (80)
 Pressure, strong from, pain coming in terrific shock  Sep (36)
 Pressure, binding up tightly  Ldf(191)
 Pressure, tying up a bandage tight around head  Mg.M. (80)
 Pressure, tying up, wants cold open air  Pul (2)
 Pressure, tying up with feeling of expansion  Arg (68)
 Pressure, tying up, with oedema  Aps (23)
 Riding, in a carriage  Nt.A. (52)
 Room, dark in  Brn (3), K1.P. (189)
 Room, warm in  Chn (7)
 Sleep by  Phs (35)
 Sweat by  Sep (36)
 Urine, profuse flow of, blindness preceded  GIs (56)
 Urine, profuse flow of driving to delirium  Vr.A. (58)
 Urine, profuse flow of, hysterical  Ign (27), FLA. (126)
 Urine, profuse flow of, red sand in  Lyc (9)
 Urine, profuse flow of, sexual excess  Ph.A. (50)
 Urine, profuse flow of, spinal type  Sil (13)
 Walking, in open air  Kl.I. (187)
 Walking, slowly about  Mr.A. (51)
 Washing, in cold water  CLP. (12)
 Wrapping up the head  Kl.I. (187), Sil (13), Mg.M. (80), Rhd (89)
 Wrapping up the head, warmly  Sil (13)

Associated with

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Acute complaints, congestions or inflammations  Brn (3)
 Blindness, preceded by  GIs (56)
 Blindness, preceded in small spots  KI.B. (22)
 Cardiac symptoms with  Lac (20)
 Catarrhal condition with,  Lyc (9)
 Catarrhal condition with, violent  KI.B. (22)
 Coldness with, great exhaustion  Vr.A. (58)
 Coryza, from least current of air  Nx.V. (1)
 Coryza, fluent in open air, better with stuff nose in warm room  Kl.C. (21)
 Coryza, with pain in frontal sinuses above eyes, worse sneezing, jarring walking  Sad (144)
 Dry nose and neuralgic pains  Dlc(88)
 Epileptic attack, before and after  Cin (87)
 Faintness caused by headache  Hep (61), Mez (145)
 Heat, much in head  Mr.S. (5)
 Hunger, attended or preceded by  Phs (35)
 Hunger, great with  Lyc (9), Phs (35)
 Hunger, old chronic, better by eating  Lyc (9), Psr (63)
 Joyousness and singing with headache  Thr (212)
 Menses, apt to occur during  Cl.P (12), Nt.M. (79)
 Mucous, viscid with  N.As. (202)
 Nausea and vomiting, aversion extreme to food  Clm (109)
 Nausea and vomiting, during day  Cl.C. (11)
 Nausea and vomiting, gastric or hepatic origin  Irs (48)
 Nausea and vomiting, riding car or boat  Coc (28)
 Nausea and vomiting, urine profuse flow  Ldf (191)
Nausea and vomiting, wants dark room  Sng (49)
  Pains, neuralgic and dry nose with  Dlc(88)
 Sensation, bruised sore feeling  Arn (101)
 Sensation, expansion of head  Arg (68)
 Sensation, flickering before eyes  Cyc 136)
 Tongue, gray coated with  Kl.C. (21)
 Urine, copious pale with Ldf (191)
 Urine, profuse flow of  Srs (84), Bn.A (129)
 Vision, blurred, preceded by  Irs (48), Ldf (191)
 Vision, dim before headache  Ldf (191), KI.B. (22)
Vomiting, bile and blood, great exhaustion with and coldness  Vr.A. (58)
  Vomiting, face red and urine scanty  Phs (35)
 Vomiting, with nausea and periodic headache  CI.S. (66)

Caused by

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Air, least current, causes headache with coryza  Nx.V. (1)
 Anaemia, sp. of school girls  Cl.P. (12), Nt.M. (79)
 Catarrhal, congestive  Acn (14), BeI (17),
Gln (121), Cl.S. (66),
Kl.C. (21)
 Congestion, of the head  Bel (17), Gin (121), Mel (122)
 Congestive, forehead covered with coldsweat  Kl.C. (21)
 Dietic irregularity due to, worse by eating  Cts (43)
 Drinking milk from  Ldf(191)
 Eye strain, due to overuse  Cl.P. (12), Nt.M. (79)
 Eye strain, with asthenopia, finer work  Rut (90), Arg (68)
 Exertion, mental due to  Nt.C. (77), Nt.S. (76), Phs (35)
 Exertion, physical due to  Cl.P. (12)
 Exertion, physical, night watching from  Nx.V. (I)
 Exertion, school, going, sp. girls  Cl.P. (12), Nt.M. (79)
 Exposure, cold air to  Bel (17), Cl.C. (11)
 Exposure, cold bath to  An.C. (4)
 Exposure, least current of air  Nx.V. (1)
 Exposure, sudden due to  Acn (14)
 Exposure, sun to  Gin (121), Lac (20)
 Fear, due to  Pit (34)
 Gastric trouble due to  Nx.V. (1), Pul (2), Tub (116)
 Gastric and hepatic  Lyc (9), Irs (48)
 Gastric and rheumatic  Ipc (46)
 Hepatic troubles due to  Lyc (9), Irs (48)
 Loss of animal fluid due to  Chn (7)
 Night watching due to  Nx.V. (1)
 Sexual, excitement due to  Pit (34)
 Sexual, excess due to  Chn (7)
 Suppression of catarrh  Acn (14)
 Suppression of discharge from any part  Mr.S. (5)
 Suppression of gonorrhoea or syphilitic eruption  Srs (84)
 Sycotic origin of  Thj (107)
 Uncovering, the head by  Kl.P. (189)
 Vexation, due to  Pit (34)
 Wrapping, up the head  SI.I.(209)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Back of the head (occiput)  Cl.C. (11), Pet (104)
 Back of the head and in the neck  Cl.C. (11), Nt.M. (79) Sil (13), Pc.A. (54)
 Back of the head beginning.and spreading to the top  Ph.A. (50)
 Back of the head beginning and extending forward, settles over left eye  Spg (44)
 Back of the head beginning and settles over the right eye  Sng (49), Sil (13)
 Back of the head settling, and shooting down the neck  Act (39)
 Back of the head (occipital) dull, during night, from change of weather  Bn.A. (129)
 Base of the brain, at the  GIs (56)
 Constant, almost, over eyes forehead and root of nose  Nt.C. (77)
 Eyes, above and down to nose  Cl.C. (11)
 Eyes, above in frontal sinuses with coryza  Sad (144)
 Eyes, over, settling, beginning from back of head  Spg (44), Sng (49), Sil (13)
 Eyes, over left, pulsating, across forehead  Thr (212)
 Eyes, over left, stinging, walking in heat of sun  Sel (13)
 Eyes over right, worse lying, violent  Rnc (207)
 Eyes, over and through frontal region  Ldf (191)
 Eyes, over and forehead  CLP. (12)
 Face, head and neck, everyday 6 P.M. to 4 A.M.  Gcm (186)
 Forehead above eyes, sp. morning  Zn.P. (216)
 Forehead and eyes  CLP. (12)
 Forehead and nose root of  Rhs (16), Stc (98)
 Forehead and temples (sides) sensitive to jar and sound  Kl.P. (189)
 Forehead and vertex  Rnc (207)
 Nose, root of from, extends to forehead  Mr.S. (5), Hep (61) Mez (145)
 Nose, root of and forehead  Rhs (10), Stc (98)
 Nose, root of and forehead with viscid mucous  N.As. (202)
 Nose root of, forehead and over eyes almost constant  Nt.C. (77)
 Scapula, between and sacrum, violent  CL A. (171)
 Side of the head, one sided,not lain on, pain moves to  CL A. (171)
 Side of the head, one sided, preceding menses  Pul (2)
 Side of the head, one sided, and through to temples  Pul (2)
 Side of the head, through as if crushed in a vice  Kl.I. (187)
 Sides of the head, through, as if in the bones  Mez (145)
 Temples (flat parts between forehead and ear) through and then vertically, like an inverted ‘T’  Syp (210)
Vertex and in forehead, pressing  Rnc (207)
 Vertex on, with heart troubles  Cts (43)
 Vertex on, worse by awaking  Lac (20)
 Vertex on, worse by least jar  Gin (121)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 As if, a board strapped on the forehead  Rhs (16), Dlc (88)
 As if, brain moving in waves  Gin (121)
 As if, brain were loose on walking  Cit (64)
 As if, eye-ball, too large  Spg (44)
 As if, hammer, a little, pulsating  Lac (20)
 As if, head would fly to pieces, better by lying with head high  Cap (114)
 As if, head would burst  Brn (3), Lyc (9)
 As if, head, top of, would fly off  Act (39)
 As if, nail driven to, all over  Nx.V. (1), Anc (96)
 As if, nail driven to, one side  Cof (26)
 As if, nail driven to, hysteric, subjects  Ign (27)
 Bursting headache  Brn (3), Lyc (9), Spg (44), Act (39)
 Bursting headache with much heat and vise like pressure  Mr.S. (5)
 Cannot lift head from pillow  Cr.V. (8), Opm (82)
 Compelled to lie down  CI.S. (66)
 Compelled to sit up in bed and keep still  Spn (115)
 Compelled to sit up in bed, with both hands pressing upon the head with all power, until exhausted  Gln (121)
 Compelled to sit upright with great pressure  Phs (35)
 Congestive with much heat in head  Pul (2), Sul (10)
 Chronic, periodic headache  CI.S. (66)
 Chronic, rheumatic, from suppression of discharge from any part  Mr.S. (5)
 Dull, occipital, coming in night from change of weather  Bn.A. (129)
 Faintness, caused by headache  Hep (61), Mez (145)
 Feeling, ball in forehead and hollowness in occiput  Stp (108)
Feeling, brain were loose on walking  Cit (64)
 Feeling, head would fly off, better lying with head high  Cap (114)
 Feeling, little headache seems enormous  Chm (25)
Hair, must let hang down as if pulled  Phs (35)
 Hammering, as if a little with, pulsating  Lac (20)
 Hammering, flushed by little exertion  Fr.P. (65), Fr.M. (69)
 Heavy pain like weight on vertex and better by pressure  Cts (43)
 Menses during, apt to occur  CLP. (12), Nt.M. (79)
 Menses, suppressed while  Pul (2)
Nails as if driven into brain  Cof (26), Nx.V. (1), Ign (27), Anc (96)
 Neuralgia of head, wandering sudden sharp pain  Med (195)
 Periodic, accompanying menses suppressed  Pul (2)
 Periodic, coryza, cough or eruption alternating with  Psr (63)
 Periodic or chronic, inveterate  Cl.S. (66)
 Periodic, chronic, profuse head sweat with  Sil (13)
 Periodic, chronic, most voilent in 1-2 weeks  Tub (116)
 Periodic, every day  Zn.P. (216)
 Periodic, every day, 6 P.M. to 4 A.M.  Gcm (186)
 Periodic, every day, if sun comes out, but not in cloudy day  Klm (45)
 Periodic, every two weeks  Ars (15), Sng (49)
 Periodic, sick, with nausea and vomiting  Cl.S. (66)
 Periodic, sundays, coming only  Sul (10)
 Periodic, weekly  Ldf (191)
 Periodic, weekly or in three days beginning in the morning Sng (49)
 Periodic, weekly or in two weeks  Gls (56), Sul (10), Lyc (9), Sil (13), Prs (63)
Periodic, weekly or in two weeks, most violent  Tub (116)
 Periodic, with menses  Pul (2), Cl.P.(12) Nt.M. (79)
 Periodic, with mental exertion  N.As. (202)
 Periodic, with nausea and vomiting  CI.S. (66)
 Pulsating, as if a little hammer  Lac (20), Nt.M. (79)
 Pulsating, across forehead and over left eye  Thr (212)
 Pulsating, can be felt with fingers  Chn (7)
 Pulsating, forehead and temples, sensitive to jar and sound  Kl.P. (189)
 Pulsating, sides of head, worse coughing or on motion  Ar.S. (163)
 Pressure, vise like troublesome and much heat on head  Mr.S. (5)
 Rheumatic, chronic headache from suppression of discharges  Mr.S. (5)
 Rheumatic, violent headache in the morning in bed  Rhd (89)
 School, sp. girls, headache  CLP. (12), Nt M. (79)
 Students headache, returning with every effort  Pc.A. (54)
 Stinging, violent over left eye, when walking in heat of sun  Set (33)
 Sun heat when walking in  Sel (33)
 Tearing over eyes, with slacked discharge  Cl.C. (11)
 Throbbing, as if brain moving in waves  Gln (121)
 Throbbing, apt to occur with menses  CLP (12), Nt.M. (79)
 Throbbing, congestive, blood mounts to head  Phs (35)
 Throbbing, deep in the head, sp. in the right side  Car (217)
 Throbbing eyes shunken, dark rings with  Chn (7)
 Throbbing, face glowing red  Mel (122)
 Throbbing, face puffed red, carotid visibly throbbing  Bel (17)