Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 After every stool, leucorrhoea  Mg.M. (80)
 After every urine, leucorrhoea  Am.M. (118)
 Back, lameness in, while walking  Aes (30)
 Back-ache with, leucorrhoea  Mr.A. (51)
 Bleeding frequently, with leucorrhoea  Arg (68)
 Burning, and itching with  CLP. (12), Cl.C. (11)
 Burning, and smarting about vulva  Krs (93)
 Burning, acrid copious, young girls, after menses  KI.P. (189)
 Confinement in, lochia profuse, and lasts too long  Clm (7)
 Day and night, in gushes  Grp (62)
 Dryness, and smarting with  Nt.M. (79)
 Excoriates the parts raw  Agr (146), Fl.A. (126)
 Excoriates the vagina  Sul (10)
 Girls, little of the  Sep (36), Cn.S. (128)
 Girls, little of the, before puberty  Cl.C. (11), Clp (38)
 Girls, little of the, of syphitic family history  Syp (210)
 Girls, little of the, with flow acrid, causing, burning, itching and much trouble  Mr.S. (5)
 Girls, little of the, with much weakness  Cl.C. (11), Clp (38)
 Girls, young of the, after mense, flow acrid, copious and burning  Kl.P. (189)
 Itching, from leucorrhoea  Kl.P. (189)
 Itching, the parts coming in contact  Kl.P. (189)
 Linen, eats holes in  Iod (86)
 Linen, stains yellow  Krs (93), Cr.A. (55)
 Menses, after  KI. P. (189) Zn.P. (216), C.Si. (174)
 Menses, about a week before  Brt (85)
 Menses, before  C.Si. (174), Fr.P. (65)
 Menses, between  Cl.C. (11), Coc (28)
 Menses, in place of, leucorrhoea  Chn (7), Sil (13) Grp (62), Coc (28) Nx.M. (83)
 Menses, not yet started when  Cl.C. (11), Clp (38)
 Menses, ten days after  Con (29)
 Night, by warmth of bed  Syp (210)
 Obstinate leucorrhoea  Med (195)
 Patient is relieved, if a leucorrhoea comes on  Ars (15)
 Pain, back-ache with  Mr.A. (51)
 Pain, bladder in the, also uterus  Cl.P. (12)
 Pain, bearing down  Sep (36)
  Pain, cutting, preceded by  Sil (13)
 Pain, cutting, during urination  Sil (13)
 Pain, pressing, in the hips, with lameness in back while walking  Aes (30)
 Pain, sacrum in the  Grt (185)
 Pain, shooting, from navel into pelvis  (Palladium)
 Prolapsus recti with  Pod (73)
 Puberty, before, leucorrhoea  CI.C. (11), Clp (38)
 Rawness, of the part, causes patient difficult to walk  Agr (146), Fl.A. (126)
 Sensation of warm water running down  Bor (111)
 Smarting of the part  Krs (93), Nt.M. (79)
 Soreness, and aphthous with  Cr.V. (8)
 Soreness, of the thigh, due to leucorrhoea  Iod (86)
 Spasm, uterine, following  Mg.M. (80)
 Swelling, and induration of the cervix with  Iod (86)
 Ulcer, cervix-uteri with  Arg (68), Hln (41)
 Urinary, symptoms with  Brb (72)
 Uterine, spasm following with  Mg.M. (80)
 Weakness, albumen in discharge with  Alm (97)
 Weakness, can scarcely able to stand  Coc (28)
 Weakness, sp. of little girls  Cl.C. (11), Clp (38)
 Weakness, unbearable, to the patient  Stn (32)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Acrid, bloody copious  As.I. (158)
 Acrid, bloody, yellow or white, after menses  Zn.P. (216)
 Acrid, burning, copious, in young girls, after menses  Kl.P. (189)
 Acrid, copious, creamy or honey coloured  Nt.P. (203)
 Acrid, greenish, purulent  Nt.S. (76)
 Acrid, watery  Syp (210)
 Fxcoriating, before menses  Fr.P. (65)
 Excoriating, copious, parts raw  Agr (146), Fl.A. (126)
 Excoriating, copious, parts raw, sore, itching and inflamed  Mr.S. (5)
 Excoriating, linen, eats holes in  Iod (86)
 Excoriating, linen, staining yellow  Krs (93), Cr.A. (55)
 Excoriating, parts sore and aphthous  Cr.V. (8)
 Excoriating, pains, spasmodic with  Stp (108)
 Excoriating, profuse, coming in gushes  Grp (62)
 Excoriating, purulent, yellow-green  Pul (2), Ign (27)
 Excoriating, running down the thighs  Ars (15)
 Excoriating, vagina, specially of  Sul (10)
 Excoriating, watery yellowish  Lil (193)
 Worse, after every stool  Mg.M. (80)
 Worse, after every urine  Am.M. (118)
 Worse, after menses  Kl.P. (189), Zn.P. (216)
 Worse, before menses  Bfo (168), Fr.P. (65) Br.I. (164)
 Worse, before or after menses   C.Si. (174)
 Worse, nights, during  Syp (210)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Bloody, after menses, white or yellow  Zn. P. (216)
 Bloody, before menses  Bfo (168), Br.I. (164)
 Bloody, coloured  (Murex)
 Bloody, offensive  Kl.P. (189) Cl.A. (171), (Kali-Ars)
 Bloody, or slimy thick  Iod (86)
 Bloody, watery, purulent  Sil (13)
 Bluish-gray tinge  Amb (140)
 Brownish colour  Am.M. (118)
 Brown, offensive, acrid, copious  (Kali-Ars)
 Clear mucous  Sin (32), Amb (140)
 Creamy, after menses  Nt.P. (203)
 Gray, bluish, tinge  Amb (140)
 Greenish colour  Thj (107), Nt.A. (52)
 Honey coloured, after menses  Nt.P. (203)
 Milky white  Fr.P. (55), Fr.M. (69) Sep (36), Cl.C. (11)
Sil (13)
 Milky white, viscid, and excoriating  Kl.M. (188)
 Transparent  Alm (97), Pod (73)
 Transparent, thick, copious  Ar.S. (163)
 White, albuminous  Pul (2)
 White, of an egg like  ClP. (12), Mez (145)
 White, milky, viscid  Kl.M. (188)
 White, milky  CI.C. (11), Sil (13) Sep (36), Fr.P. (65)
Fr.M. (69)
 White, thick, persistent  Brt (85), Arm (67)
 White, or yellow, offensive  Grp (62)
 Yellow coloured  Cl.C. (11), Nt.C. (77) Arg (68), Mr.C. (6)
 Yellow, copious, thick  Ar.S. (163) Ar.M. (162)
 Yellow, corroding thick  Ars (15)
 Yellow, purulent  Ldf (191)
 Yellow, ropy  Kl.B. (22)
 Yellow, thick, copious day and night  CI.C. (11), Grp (62)
 Yellow, viscid, thick  Hyd (105)
 Yellowish-green  Sep (3(5), Stn (32) Syp (210)
 Yellowish-white, or white, thin viscid, offensive  Grp (62)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Albuminous, lumpy  Am.M. (118)
 Albuminous, starchy-like, and hot copious  Fr.I. (184)
 Albuminous, stringy  Hyd (105)
 Albuminous, ropy  Kl.B. (22)
 Albuminous, tenacious  Alm (97)
 Copious, before and after menses  C.Si. (174)
 Coming, in gushes, day and night  Grp (62)
 Day and night, copious, thick  Cl.C. (11)
 Runs down the heels  Alm (97)
 Runs down the thighs, excoriating  Ars (15)
 Running down, warm water as if  Bor (111)
 Tenacious, discharge, transparent  Alm (97)
 Thin watery (hydrosalpinx), acrid  Syp (210)
 Thin watery, bloody  Sil (13)
 Thin watery, containing little lumps  An.C. (4)
 Thin watery, excoriating Fr.P. (65), Lil (193)
 Thin watery, excoriating, running down the thighs  Ars (15)
 Thin watery, greenish  Nt.A. (52), Asf (125)
 Thick, bloody, slimy  Iod (86)
 Thick, copious, transparent  Ar.S. (163)
 Thick, copious, yellow, day and night  Cl.C. (11)
 Thick, corroding yellow  Ars (15)
 Thick, lumpy  Am.M. (118)
 Thick, pus like  (Kali-ferrocyanatum)
 Thick, purulent, corrosive  Ign (27)
 Thick, slimmy or bloody  Iod (86)
 Thick, starch-like, hot copious  Fr.I. (184)
 Thick, stringy  Hyd (105)
 Thick, ropy, yellow  Kl.B. (22)
 Thick, viscid,yellow  Hyd (105)
 Thick, white  Arm (67)
 Thick, whitish, persistent  Brt (85)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Bad odour from  Hln (14)
 Putrid odours  Krs (93), Ign (27)
 Offensive, bloody  Kl.P. (189), Cl.A. (171)
 Offensive, gangrene like  Bfo (168)
 Offensive, horribly  Hep (61), Kl.P (189) Ag.M (157)
 Offensive, horribly, copious, thin, brown and acrid  (Kali-Ars.)
 Offensive, somewhat  Sep (36)
 Offensive, thin, viscid, white or yellowish  Grp (62)
 Offensive, very much  Krs (93)