Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Burning, blisters on lower lip  Grp (62)
 Burning, pains, upper lip, swelling with  Cl.P. (12)
 Burning, pain, in the lips  Ar.S. (163)
 Cracked, crusts, sore on lips  KI P. (189)
 Cracked, general, excessive dryness with  Brn (3), Ars (15)
 Cracked, middle in the, painful fissure  Nt.M. (79)
 Cracked, specially corners  An.C. (4), Sil (13) Nt.A. (52), N.As. (202)
 Cracked, with eczematous condition  Grp (62)
 Cracked, with sore crusty nostrils  An.C. (4), Sil (13)
 Clacked, with ulceration, scabby  Nt.A. (52)
 Corners of lips, cracked and indurated  N.As. (202)
 Corners of lips, and mouth red and raw  Krs (93)
 Colour, bluish with heart trouble  Dig (42)
 Colour, deathly pale rings around eyes  Fr.P. (65), Bis (92)
 Colour, raw and red, the corners of lips and mouth  Krs (93)
 Colour, red as vermilion  Sul (10), Tub (116) Psr (63)
 Colour, red even purple, during fever  Tub (116)
 Colour, red, rawness with corners of lip and mouth  Krs (93)
 Colour, yellow, jaundiced  Plm (70)
 Dry and burning has to wet constantly  Cul (182)
 Dry, cracked lips  Brn (3), Zn.P. (216)
 Dry, parched and bleeding  Brn (3), Rhs (16) Phs (35)
 Dry, shrivelled, looks like leather  Zin (31)
 Eruption, eczematous, on lips  Grp (62)
 Eruption, fever blisters in mouth and lips  Rhs (16)
 Eruption, pearl-like blisters around mouth, sp. in fever  Nt.M. (79)
 Eruption, vericosites in mouth and throat  Thj (107)
 Eruption vesicles, on lips  Kl.P. (189)
 Eruption vesicles, in mouth burning  Sul (10)
 Fissure, deep painful middle of lips  Nt.M. (79)
 Fissured lips and ulcerated  Syp (210)
 Fissured lips easily and peels off  Sil (13)
 Induration, on lips that cracks and bleeds  Sep (36)
 Induration, comers of lips, that cracked  N.As. (202)
 Rawness, corners of lips, with redness  Krs (93)
 Thickening, of the lips  Cl.C. (11), Nt.M. (79)
 Tingling, of the lips  Nt.M. (79)
 Twitching of the lips  Ipc (46)
 Ulcerated, lips with scabbiness  Nt.A. (52)
 Ulcerated, lips, fissured with  Syp (210)
 Ulcers, lips and corner of mouth, small  Zn.P. (216)
 Vesicles, on the lips  Kl.P. (189)
 Wetting, of the lips, constantly, due to dryness and burning  Cul (182)