Symptom Abbreviation(Drug No.)
 Acute, violent attack, of nose, throat, trachea and larynx  Sad (144)
 Bleeds,easily, mucous membranes  C.Si. (174)
 Bleeds, easily, mucous membranes internally  Arn (101)
 Burning sensation, in all mucous membranes  Alm (97)
 Catarrh, of all mucous membranes excoriates  Sal (10)
 Catarrhal condition, with watery mucous and bleeding  Cr.V. (8)
 Catarrhal inflammation, of mucous membranes  Mr.S (5)
 Coldness, of mucous membrane, of nose, as if from cold air  Brm (167)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, acrid, from nose, eyes etc.  Fl.A. (126)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, bloody  Ars (15), Cr.V. (8)
Can (24)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, catarrhal  Sul (10), Mr.S (5)
Cr.V. (8)
 Discharge from mucous membranes,
catarrhal, from suppression of ulcers
 Ars (15), Sul (10)
Cl.P. (12), Cl.C. (11)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, cold  Vr.A. (58)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, gluey, copious thick tough  Cst (60)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, milky  Sep (36)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, milky and viscid  Kl.M. (188)
 Discharges, mucous membranes coated by something like milk  Lcn (94)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, offensive, excoriating, thin bloody  Nt.A. (52)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, offensive, thick yellow purulent  Nt.C. (77)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, ropy, copious  Kl.B. (22)
 Discharges from mucous membranes, copy, viscid yellow, sometimes white  Hyd (105)
 Dryness, of mucous membranes  Brn (3), Nt.M. (79)
 Dryness, of mucocs membranes, extreme  Wth(215)
 Flow increased from all mucous membranes  Sl.I. (209)
 Inflammation, catarrhal of mucous membranes  Mr.S. (5)
 Inflammation, easy, producing red patches and ulcers  Ars (15)
 Itching, of mucous membranes and raw by constant rubbing  Cis(178)
 Oozing involuntarily, fluid like bloody serum  Cr.V. (8)
 Pale, all mucous membranes are  Phs (35)
 Raw, by rubbing, mucous membranes  Cis(178)
 Raw, red and smarting  Krs (93)
 Redness, of the mucous membranes at the orifices  Sul (10)
 Remains, in raised position, if pinched up with finger, the mucous membrane of lip etc.  Cap(114)
 Thickening of the mucous membranes  Iod (86)
 Ulcer, in mucous membrane, anywhere  Pht (120)
 Ulceration, sp. upon mucous membranes  Cr.V (8), Arg (68)
 Ulceration, spreading with lardaceous base, on the tongue and lips  Cap (114)