Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Dryness, extreme, with stool coated, with mucous  Grp (62)
 Dryness, extreme, with stool crumbling, sheep-like  Mg.M. (80)
 Dryness, extreme, with stool hard black balls  Opm (82)
 Dryness, extreme, with stool hard, dry  Brn (3)
 Dryness, extreme, with stool hard, difficult  Nt.M. (79)
 Dryness, extreme, with stool, hard long, dog-like  Phs (35)
 Dryness, extreme, with stool, large  Vr.A.(58)
 Dryness, with sensation of smarting and soreness  Alm (97)
 Dryness, with sensation of splinters inside  (Ratanhia)
 Dryness, with sensation of sticks  Aes (30), (Collinsonia)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 As if, foreign substance inside  Sul (10)
 As if, plug inside  Anc (96)
 As if, sitting on a ball  (Chimaphilla)
 As if, splinter inside  Nt.A. (52)
 As if, sticks, full of  Aes (30), (Collinsonia)
 Burning, in rectum  Trn (211)
 Burning, in rectum, during stool  Sl.A. (53)
 Constriction, of the rectum  Lyc (9)
 Desire for stool, constant  Als (74)
 Desire for stool, frequent ineffectual  Nx.V. (1), Cst (60)
 Irritation, in rectum  (Erigeron)
 Paralysis, of rectum and sphincter ani  Bt.M. (166)
 Tenesmus, in the rectum  Coc (28), Stp (108)
Symptom Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Fissure, bleeding with  Fr.P. (65), ClP. (12)
 Fissure, burning and stitching  ClP. (12)
 Fissure, condylomatous eruptions with  Thj (107)
 Fissure, dry and cracked, bleeding  Nt.A. (52), Nt.M. (79)
Grp (62), Phs (35)
 Fissure, eczematus eruption with  Grp (62)
 Fissure, itching and burning with  Nt.A. (52)
 Fissure, itching and stitching with  Sul (10), Cst (60)
 Fissure, moisture, oozing with  Cr.V. (8), Sil (13)
 Fissure, mucous membrane, thickened with and swelling  Alm (97)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Aliments, from closing fistulous opening by operation or ointment  Brb (72), Bfo (168)
 Amelioration, by cold  Fl.A. (126)
 Burning, like fire, before and after stool  Brb (72), (Ratanhia)
 Burning, like fire, highly sensitive, result of operation or closing old ulcer  Kl.C. (21)
 Fistula in ano  Car (217), Ar.M. (162)
C.Si. (174)
 Fistula, opening with indurated walls  Cst (60)
 Lung symptoms, as a result of operation  ClP. (12), Sil (13)
 for removal of fistula  Thj (107)
 Moist, always, the anus, with pus  (Paenia)
 Old fistulous opening, healed with indurated margin  Sil (13)
 Painful, very, burning and turning to boils  Hep (61), (Myristica)
 Pus, anus moist always with  (Paenia)
 Pus, offensive, worse walking and during stool, better by warmth  Sil (13)
 Sensitive, highly, and burning like fire, due to suppression or closing old ulcer or fistula  Kl.C. (21)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Bleeding, at stool, excoriation  Ar.M. (162)
 Bleeding, and red like flower of plant  (Paenia)
 Bleeding, blue piles  Als (74), Lyc (9)
Mr.A. (51)
 Bleeding, back pains with  Bel (17)
 Bleeding, condylomata of anus with  Mil (199)
 Bleeding from piles  Mil (199), (Erigeron) (Collinsonia)
 Bleeding, Protruding and painful  Cl.P. (12)
 Bleeding, protruded like bunch of grapes, better by cold washing  Als (74)
 Bleeding, sensitive very, better by hot application  Mr.A. (51)
 Bleeding, small but much blood  Lyc (9)
 Burning, as if fire in anus  Ars (15), Kl.C. (21)
 Burning, back pain with  Sul (10)
 Burning, fire-like, temporary relief by sitting in cold water  Kl.C. (21)
 Burning, haemorrhoids protruding with  Lil (193)
 Burning, worse by sitting  Grp (62)
 Itching and creeping, relieved after stool  Nx.V. (l), Tub (116)
 Itching and creeping, worse after stool  Ign (27)
 Oozing of mucous, inflamed piles with offensive moisture  Kl.P. (189)
 Oozing of mucous, occasional  Sep (36)
 Oozing of mucous, staining the linen  An.C. (4)
 Pains, violent, better by slow motion  Pul (2)
 Pains, violent, better by heat  Cl.P. (12)
 Pains, violent, burning like coals of fire  Ars (15), Kl.C. (21)
 Pains, violent, relieved by lying on back  Am.C. (117)
 Pains, violent, sticking  Aes (30)
 Pains, violent, suffering 3/4 hrs. after every stool, screams  (Paeony)
 Pains, violent, tearing  Aes (30)
 Pains, violent, worse lying  Pul (2)
 Pains, violent, worse standing or walking  Cl.P. (12)
 Pains, violent, worse touch by  Cl.P. (12)
 Sensation, as if plug in rectum, internal piles  Anc (96)
 Sensation, as if splinters, pricking the folds  Aes (30)
 Sensation, as if sticks in the rectum  (Collinsonia)
 Sensation, stitching upward, protruded  Lac (20)
 Sensation, stitching upward, protruded with scanty mense  Pul (2)
 Soreness, and raw, worse on walking  Cst (60)
 Soreness, bleeding at stool, excoriation  Ar.M. (162)
 Soreness, bleeding with  Mil (199)
 Soreness, bleeding, back pains with  Bel (17)
 Soreness, bleeding, condylomata with  Mil (199)
 Soreness, bleeding, crack, protruded  Nt.A. (52)
 Soreness, bleeding, protruded and painful  Cl.P. (12)
 Soreness, extreme sensitive to touch, large dark and purple  Mr.A. (51)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Prolapsus, Standing  Arn (101)
 Prolapsus, while stooping or lifting  Rut (90)
 Prolapsus, while urging for stool  Ign (27)
 Prolapsus, while urinating  Mr.A. (51)
 Prolapsus, with diarrhoea  Pod (73)
 Prolapsus, with prostration  Stn (32)
 Protrusion, bleeding painful  Cl.P. (12)
 Protrusion, cracked bleeding  Nt.A. (52)
 Protrusion, for itches  Pod (73)
 Protrusion, haemorrhoids with burning  Lil (193)
 Protrusion, stitching upward, scanty mense  Pul (2), Lac (20)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Canine hunger, pale face (round worm)  Cin (87)
 Child, feverish, cannot sleep  Acn (14)
 Child, starts and screams, hacking cough  Ter (130)
 Colic, better by pressure, sweet taste (thread worm)  Stn (32)
 Colic, about navel, nauseated (thread worm)  Spg (44)
 Colic, nausea and vomiting with  Sab (40)
 Convulsions, from worms  Cup (59), (Indigo)
 Grinding teeth, with canine hunger  Cin (87)
 Tape worms  Sul (10), Sil (13)
ClP. (12), Cl.C. (11)
 Troublesome itching and tingling in anus  (Tenucrium-marum)
 Worms of all sorts  Sad (144)