Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Air, cold, sensitive to  Chn (7), Lyc (9)
 Air, drafts of  Zn.P. (216)
 Air, drafts of, cannot have the windows open  Kl.C. (21)
 Air, drafts of, with aversion to open air  Kl.M. (188)
 Air, drafts of, cold, wants plently of clothing  Sql (143)
 Air, drafts of, cold, requires much clothing  Nt.C. (77)
 Air, drafts of, cold, warm or damp  Sel (33)
 Air, drafts of, takes cold easily  Hep (61), Cl.S. (66)
 Air, drafts of, least current  Nx.V. (1), Bel (17)
Med (195)
 Air, open, aggravating symptoms  Fr.P. (65)
 Air, of the sea, either ameliorates or aggravates  Car (217), Tub (16)
Med (195)
Nt.M. (79)
 Air, particularly night air  Nt.s. (76)
 All impressions, slight odours, noise, touch taste or insult  Phs (35), Cap (114),
Pet (104), Chm (25)
 All senses, sound, smell,taste, touch etc. painfully sensitive to  Ars (15), Stp (108)
 All things, over sensitive to  Kl.C. (21)
 AH things, persons and palces, nothing pleases  Hep (61)
 Both heat and cold, sensitive to  Cr.V. (8), Cst (60)
Cl.S. (66), Car (217)
As.I. (158)
Cr.S. (175)
 Both heat and cold, cannot stand but craves open air  Sul (10)
 Both heat and cold, can endure neither heat nor cold  Cst (60)
 Both heat and cold, chilled by cold and suffers from heat  Cr.V. (8)
 Bath heat and cold, every draft chills him and a warm room makes him sweat  Cr.V. (8)
 Both heat and cold, finds no comfortable place  Cr. V. (8)
 Both heat and cold, worse from  Mr.S. (5)
 Both heat and cold, unable to resist, requires much clothing and medium climate  Nt.C. (77)
 Both heat and cold, worse from heat of summer and cold of winter  Gr.P. (62), Cr.S. (175)
 Clothing, cannot wear anything, but silk and cotton  Sul (10)
 Clothing, cannot have the right type, aversion to  Pul (2)
 Clothing, extreme sensitive to  Cr.S. (175)
 Cold, sensitive to very much  Phs (35), Ars (15),
Chm (25)
 Cold sensitive to, and lack of vital heat  Kl.B. (23)
 Cold, sensitive to, yet desires open air  Mg.C. (78)
 Cold, in general, air, room or food  Sad (144)
 Cold, sensitive to, always chilly  Nt.A. (52)
 Cold, sensitive to, always shivering  Kl.C. (21)
 Cold, sensitive to, shivering, wants hot drinks and wrapped up  Sad (144)
 Cold, sensitive to, wants warm clothing  Clp (38), Grp (62)
 Cold sensitive to, wants unsual amount of clothing, great endurance to warm  Hep (61)
 Cold damp, wants to sit by fire all the time  Kl.C. (21)
 Cold damp, but better by dry cold  Sil (13)
 Cold draft, wants much of clothing  Nt.C. (77), Sql (143)
 Cold dry weather, sensitive to  Kalies (all)
 Cold sensitive to, sp. head must be covered  K.Si. (190)
 Cold sensitive to, with feverishness which is not true, and averse to clothing  Pul (2)
 Cold sensitive to the skin all over, cold, objects and touch of hand  Ldf (191)
 Cold sensitive to, yet the skin worse from heat  Psr (63)
 Cold, taking always and settling in eyes  Sul (10)
 Cold, taking always, settling in the eyes with weakness  ClP. (12), ClC. (11)
Dlc (88)
 Cold, taking always, settling in the nose and extending to chest  Nx.V. (1), Fr.P. (65)
Lyc (9)
 Cold, taking always, settling in the nose must use handkerchiefs all the time  Psr (63)
 Extremes of cold and heat, brings out symptoms  Sil (13), Syp (210)
 Extremes, too cold or too hot  Chl (71)
 Extremes, disturbed if temperature changes much, wants even temperature  Sul (10)
 Food, particularly strong ones  Nx.V. (1)
 Grass, newly mown, or drying weeds  Dlc (88)
 Heat, sensitive to  Iod (86)
 Heat, over sensitive to, has to be well shaded when walking in sun  Nt.C. (77)
 Influences, every conceivable  Cup (59)
 Influences, social  Pul (2)
 Influences, of the surroundings  Nx.V. (1), Cl.C. (11)
Chm (25)
 Jar, least, and noise  Bel (17), Coc (28)
 Jar, least, cannot have the bed cover touched  Bel (17)
 Light, sensitive to  Nx.V. (1), Bel(17)
 Medicines, sensitive to  Nx.V. (1)
 Medicines, extremely sensitive, prove every medicine given high  Nt.A. (52)
 Medicine, mildest dose of well selected remedy, disturb instead of cure  Cup (59)
 Music, sensitive to, feels to cry  Car (217), Nx.V. (1)
 Noise, sensitive to  Nx.V. (1), Bel (17)
Chn (7), Lyc (9)
Cof (26), Nt.A. (52)
 Noise, oversensitive to, motion in room, conversation of others, walking over floor  Lac (20)
 Noise and surroundings, extremely sensitive to music  Nt.P. (203), Nt.C. (77)
Zn.P. (216)
 Noise, opening of door, ringing of door bell  Cof (26), Nt.M. (79)
 Noise, voices in other room, sound of children  Nx.V. (1)
 Pain, over sensitive to  Hep (61), Chm (25)
 Persons, sensitive to  Chm (25)
 Persons, and places, nothing pleases  Hep (61)
 Persons, sp. look from strangers  Cin (87)
 Pressure, cannot endure about the hypochondria  Lac (20)
 Smell, aggravates symptoms  Chn (7), Cup (59)
 Smell, of the flowers  Sad (144)
 Smell, of the garlic  Sad (144)
 Smell, cannot endure strong smell  Lyc (9)
 Smell, over sensitive to filthy odour  Sul (10)
 Temperature, slight change in  Sil (13)
 Touch, sensitive to  Chn (7), Bel (17)
Hep (61)
 Touch, sensitive painfully, beyond comprehension  Cof (26)
 Touch, cannot have hair combed, scalp painful sensitive  Bel (17), Chn (7)
 Touch, gags sp. in throat, by merest touch  Nx.V. (1), Bel (17)
Med (195), Chn (7)
Hep (61)
 Touch, lightest or simplest, causes shivering, while hard pressure agrees  Kl.C. (21)
 Touch, of clothing painful, while hard pressure may agree  Lac (20)
 Touch, of the skin, merely with hand or finger unbearable  Lac (20)
 Touch, of the skin, painfully sensitive beyond comprehension  Cof (26)
 Uncovering, is grateful  Cl.S. (66)
 Uncovering, worse by  Hep (61)
 Warm, atmosphere, hand and spine symptoms when heated  Lyc (9)
 Warm, room sensitive to, desired open air, which is grateful  Grp (62)
 Warmth, of room drives him to despair  Sul (10)
 Weather change, atmospheric  Bn.A. (129)
 Weather change, electrical imbalance  Phs (35)
 Weather change, to cold  Cl.C. (11), Cl.P. (12)
 Weather change, cold to milder  Lac (20)
 Weather change, too cold or too warm  Chl (71)
 Weather change, damp cold, better dry cold  Sil (13)
 Weather change, dry heat to damp cold  Dlc (88)
 Weather change, each and every  Dlc (88), Tub (116)
Kl.C. (21)
Nt.M. (79)
 Weather change, warm to cold  Cl.P. (12), Cl.C. (11)
C.Si. (174)
 Weather change, to wet  Zn.P. (216)
 Weather change, worse stormy, in patients with suppressed eruption  Mez (145), Tub (116)
 Weather change, worse summer and sun, better winter  Sl.I. (209)
 Weather change, worse in winter, better in summer  C.Si. (174)
 Weather change, worse slight variation in temperatue  Sil (13)
 Wine, sensitive to, also wind  Zn.P. (216)