Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Abscess, form under skin, and becomes little discharging cavities, with fistulous openings  Sul (10)
 Affected easily, the skin, by atmosphere  Sul (10)
 Appearnce, skin, beef-like or shrivelled  Iod (86)
 Appearance, skin, rough, nodular all over  Kl.I. (187)
 Appearance, skin, withered, dry  Nt.M. (79), Sec (37)
 Beef-like or shrivelled skin  Iod (86)
 Bleeds, easily, an injury to skin  Cr.V. (8)
 Bleeds, water, the cut finger  Nt.M. (79)
 Chaffing, easily, followed by ulceration  Sl.A. (53)
 Chalky, scabs on head, extends to eyebrows and nape of neck  Mez (145)
 Coldness, objective, the skin  Zn.P. (216)
 Cracks, easily, the skin  Zn.P. (216)
 Crust, dries into and disappears, and new crop appears  Mez (145)
 Crusts, turn white, chalk-like, thick tough and leathery  Mez (145)
 Crusts, when present, child tears with fingers, at the eruption  Mez (145)
 Crusts, thick white pus collecting under and glues hair together  Mez (145)
 Crusty, eruption on skin, that have not been vesicular  Nt.C. (77)
 Dryness, of the skin  Cl.S. (66), C.Si. (174)
 Dryness, with burning  Zn.P. (216)
 Hands, dry, hard and horny  Sul (10)
 Hands, hard, fissured, hot, bleeding  Grp (62)
 Hand and fingers, cracked, sp. in winter, after washing  Cl.S. (66), C.Si. (174)
 Hands, are constantly chapped  A.Si. (156), Sl.A. (53)
 Inactivity, of the skin  Sl.I. (209) Nt.P. (203)
 Incrustation, little, here and there, with no tendency to heal  Fl.A. (126)
 Indurations, that last for years  Sul (10)
 Inflamed skin is hard  Mr.S. (5)
 Injury, every, festers  Grp (62)
 Injury, to skin bleeds easily  Cr.V. (8)
 Injury to finger, bleeds water  Nt.M. (79)
 Injury to skin, suppurates and ulcerates easily  Sul (10), Hep (61)
 Moist, places, between fingers  Grp (62)
 Moist, skin, after scratching  K.Si. (190)
C.Si. (174), Pet (104)
Psr (63), Nt.S. (76)
 Moist, most eruption, with copious oozing  Mr.S. (5)
 Moles, warts or naevi, multiple, repeated, sp. red  Car (217)
 Nodular, rough manifestation all over skin  Kl.I. (187)
 Patches, with increased sensation  Bfo (168)
 Patches, with loss of sensation  Bfo (168)
 Suppuration and ulceration easily  Sul (10), Hep (61)
 Suppurates, small wounds, continue to  Sul(10)
 Suppression, of eruption by ointment after  Sl.I. (209)
 Ulceration and eruption, finger-tips  Nt.C. (77)
 Ulceration and suppuration easily  Sul (10), Hep (61)
 Withered, wrinkled, unhealthy, emaciated  Sec (37)
 Withered, shrunken dry skin  Nt.M. (79)
Eczema Dry
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Dry, and scaly, appears every winter  Psr (63)
 Dry, and scaly, large scales peeling off  Ars (15)
 Dry, and scaly, chapped and rough  Nt.C. (77)
 Dry, itching, obstinate, when sulph and arsenicum fails  Trn (211)
 Itching, followed by burning  Sul (10), Ars (15)
 Itching, followed by soreness  Crt (75)
 Itching, followed by tingling  Sel(33)
 Scaly, eruption on scalp  Grp (62)
 Scabs, behind ears  Sil (13), Grp (62)
 Thick crust on scalp (capitis), descending downward  Cl.C. (11), Dlc (88)
 Thick crust on scalp, looks like raw beaf, worse by warm covering  Psr (63)
 Thick crust on scalp, pustules running together  Cit (64)
 Thick crust on scalp, with pus inside  Mez (145)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Bends of joints, raw, inflamed  Nt.M. (79)
 Breeding, lice  Lyc (9)
 Breeding, vermins  Oln (124), Stp (108)
 Chest, middle of, eczema  Car (217)
 Deep seated pus with  (Vinca-minor)
 Ears, behind the  Grp (62)
 Face around, and down to neck  K.Si. (190)
 Genitals, of the  Rhs (16), Pet (104)
 Hands, sp. of the, with soreness  Rnc (207), Clc (179)
 Intense, itching with redness and perspiring  (Hydrocotyle)
 Scalp upon, crust, moist  Brt (85), Bt.M. (166)
 Scalp upon, eruption moist, sticky  Grp (62)
 Scalp upon, oozing a glutinous fluid  Grp (62)
 Scapula, between the, eczema  Car (217)
 Secretion of, acrid moisture, forming new vesicles, from its contact  Stp (108)
 Secretion of acrid moisture, sp. bends of joints  Nt. M. (79)
 Secretion of acrid moisture, new crops come under old crops  Psr (63)
 Secretion of acrid moisture, eruption crusts and mingles  Psr (63)
 Secretion of moisture, behind ears  Lyc (9), Grp (62)
 Secretion, moisture, watery  Psr (63)
 Secretion, moisture of the skin, after scratching  K.Si. (190)
 Secretion, more watery than viscid  Nt.S. (76)
 Secretion, thin watery oozing  Nt.S.(76), Pet (104)
 Secretion, watery yellow, burning and itching with  Kl.S. (95)
 Secretion, thin, honey coloured  Nt.P. (203)
 Secretion, thick, honey-like fluid  Grp (62)
 Secretion, thick pus, oozing scabs  Lyc (9), Pet (104)
 Secretion, thick pus, deep seated  (Vinca-minor)
 Secretion, thick pus, full of, with boils  (Arundo)
 Sensation, painful to rub  Oln (124)
 Sensation, soreness, sp. on hands  Rnc (207), Cle (179)
 Sensation, rawness and excoriation  Rhs (16)
 Smelling, carrion like  Psr (63)
 Smelling, like rotten meat  Psr (63)
 Smelling, filthy, with gland troubles  (Arctium-lappa)
 Smelling, filthy, with pus deep seated  (Vinca-minor)
 Smelling, filthy, with,offensive urine  (Viola-tric)
 Smelling, filthy, with vesicles upon red patches  Rhs (16)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Better in summer, worse winter  Pet (104), Psr (63)
Als (74)
 Worse, at full moon, better at waning moon  Cle (179)
 Worse, by cold air  Ars (15), Crt (75)
Tub (116)
 Vorse, by heat  Sul (10), An.C. (4)
 Worse, in winter, better in summer  Pet (104), Psr (63)
Als (74)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Appears slowly, the eruptions  Zin (31)
 Blister-like, little, burns like fire, even if touched  Can (24)
 Confluent eruption  Ph.A. (50)
 Clustery eruption  Stp (108)
 Dandruff-like eruption  Mg.C. (78)
 Dry obstinate eruptions, on genitals and perinium  Pet (104)
 Dry, scaly, eruption  Phs (35)
 Dry, cutaneous, eruption, upon body, very scaly  Fl.A. (126)
 Grape-like eruption  Cl.C. (11)
 Herpetic eruption  Sep (36), Syp (210)
Grp (62)
 Horny eruption  An.C. (4)
 Horny, hard, dry hands  Sul (10)
 Itching, and prickling eruption  Sl.A. (53)
 Itching, eruption, cannot rest but scratches skin off, when parts become moist, rough, raw and bloody  Pet (104)
 Itching, scratches, until moisture oozes forth  Pet (104)
 Itching, skin raw by constant scratching  Cis (178)
 Itching, without visible eruptions  Grp (62), Spn (115)
 Knotty red eruption, on left side of neck and middle of chest  Nt.S. (76)
 Minute eruptions  Hep (61)
 Multiple red moles  Car (217)
 Nodular eruptions  Tub (116)
 Oozing, moisture  Psr (63), Mr.S. (5)
Pet (104), Nt.S. (76)
Nt.M. (79)
 Oozing, a glutinous fluid  Grp (63)
 Papular eruption  Psr (63)
 Pimples, and papules  Psr (63)
 Pimples, on face and forehead  Zn.P. (216)
 Pimples, around mouth, lips, cheeks and face  Kl.M. (188)
 Pimples, and vesicles, on face  Nt.S. (76)
 Pimples, and rash, upon face, before menses  Dlc (88)
 Pock-like eruptions  An.T. (47)
 Pustular eruption  Sep (36)
 Pustular eruption, on genitals  Crt (75)
 Sandy, eruption  Ars (15)
 Scaly, cutaneous eruption, very much  Fl.A. (126)
 Scaly, dry eruption  Phs (35)
 Scaly, dry, dandruff-like  Mg.C. (78)
 Scaly, little eruptions  Lyc (9), Psr (63)
 Scaly, and squamous, great itching and oozing watery fluid  Nt.M. (79)
 Scales, forms and peels off, leaving an oozing surface  Nt.M. (79)
 Scales, thin white  N.As. (202)
 Vesicles and pimples, on the face  Nt.S. (76)
 Vesicular eruption  Rhs (16), Dlc (88)
Psr (63)
 Vesicles, burning, itching and stinging, small ones  Pet (104)
 Vesicles, in axillae and tip of nose  Sep (36)
 Vesicles, dark, blue upon skin  Rnc (207)
 Vesicular, with great, itching, stinging and crawling  Cis (178)
 Vesicular, upon genital organs  Crt (75)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Between, fingers, bends of joint, sp. of fingers, or hands, itching of  Ph.A. (50), Sel (33)
 Blotches, itching of  Grp (62)
 Burning, and stitching, with itch  Sl.I. (209)
 Burning, intense, followed by scratching with redness of orifices  Sul (10)
 Burning, intense, followed by scratching with restlessness  Ars (15)
 Burning, intense, followed by scratching with tetters, humid  Sep (36)
 Changes places, after itching  Mez (145)
 Cold, parts become, after scratching  Mez (145)
 Constant state of irritation, itching, biting, tingling, the outer surface of body  Mez (145)
 Constant scratching, causing rawness  Cis (178), Dlc (88)
Pet (104), Psr (63)
 Constant scratching, while healing takes place, rough and scaly  Psr (63)
 Corrosive, itching, of glan and scrotum  Crt (75)
 Great, itching, of the skin  Nt.M. (79)
 Pricking, and itching with eruption  Sl.A. (53)
 Violent itching of calves  Thr (212)
 Violent itching, even nothing seen when, patient rubs and scratching until raw and burning  Mez (145)
 Voluptuous itching, with dry and scaly skin  Psr (63), Lyc (9)
 Voluptuous itching, pustules with lymph  Sil (13)
 Voluptuous itching, with suppurating vesicles  Mr.S. (5)
 Voluptuous itching, without pus formation  Oln (124)
 Voluptuous itching, without visible eruption  Krs (93)
 Warm, as soon as, in bed or Warm room itching begins  Mez (145)
 Warmth, sp. in bed, itching like fleas  Mr.S. (5)
 Without, visible eruption, itching  Spn(115), Krs (93)
 Without, or with eruption, itching of skin  Grp (62)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Anus, prepuce, and scrotum, itching of  Nt.P. (203)
 Axillae, vesicular eruption in  Sep (36)
 Back, and nape, itching of  Thr (212)
 Beard, troubles from shaving, barbar’s itch  Cit (64), Nt.M. (79)
 Bends of joints, raw, inflamed  Nt.M. (79)
 Bends of joints, eruptions come out  Grp (62), Psr (63)
 Bends of joints, excoriation of skin  Grp (62)
 Bends of joints, tends to form fissure, by least provocation  Cst (60)
 Bends of joints, sp. elbows, thick crust  Sep (36)
 Calves, dusky spots on  Kl.P. (189)
 Calves, violent itching  Thr (212)
 Chest, eruptions on  Syp (210)
 Chest, middle of and left side of nape of neck, red knotty eruption  Nt.S. (76)
 Cheeks, face, lips and mouth, pimples around  Kl.M. (188)
 Eye-brow, from edge of, brown patches  Kl.P. (189)
 Eye-brow, extending to chalky crust on head  Mez (145)
 Eyes, corners of, fissures  Mr.S. (5)
 Elbows, tips of, eruptions, vesicular  Sep (36)
 Face, and forehead, pimples, on the  Zn.P. (216)
 Face, lips, cheeks and mouth, pimples around  Kl.M. (188)
 Face, on the, pimples and vesicles  Nt.S. (76)
 Face, rash upon, before menses  Dlc (88)
 Fingers, and hands, chilblains  Nt.A. (52)
 Fingers, bends of, specially  Mng (194), Ar.S. (163)
 Fingers, between, worse by washing  Sul (10), Cl.C. (11)
 Fingers, between, thick crusts  Sep (36)
 Fingers, ends of  Grp (62)
 Fingers, tips and knuckles, eruption and ulceration  Nt.C. (77)
 Fingers, watery discharge, excude from  Nt.S. (76)
 Fingers, skin of, cracked  Cl.S. (66), C.Si. (174)
 Genitals, about, herptic eruption  Sep (36)
 Genitals, eruptions, pustular or vesicular  Crt (75)
 Genitals, prepuce and scrotum, herptic eruption  Syp (210)
 Genitals, and perinium, obstinate dry eruptions  Pet (104)
 Genitals, penis, vulva and scrotum, eruptions  Pet (104), Rhs (16)
 Genitals, thighs between, and scrotum, eruptions and soreness with  Mr.S. (5)
 Groin in the, herpetic eruption, also hollow of knees  Grp (62)
 Hands, sp. of cracks in winter, after washing  Cl.S. (66)
 Hairy parts, eruptions on  Sil (13)
 Hairs, margins of  Nt.M. (79)
 Joints, upon, thick crusts  Sep (36)
 Joints, upon, bends of, eruptions  Nt.M. (79), Grp (62)
Cst (60), Sep (36)
 Knees, hollow of, herpetic eruption  Grp (62), Amb (140)
 Lips, and mouth, herpetic eruption  Sep (36)
 Lips, and corners of mouth, small ulcers  Zn.P. (216)
 Lips, mouth and around face pimples  Kl.M. (188)
 Mouth, and lips, herpetic eruption  Sep (36)
 Mouth, lips and around face, pimples  Kl.M. (188)
 Mouth, corners of, small ulcers  Zn.P. (216)
 Mouth, corners of, fissures  Mr.S. (5)
 Mucous membranes, near, tendency to from fissure  Cst (60)
 Neck, nape of, itching  Thr (212)
 Neck, nape of, scabs chalky  Mez (145)
 Neck, nape of, left sided, red knotty eruption, extending to middle of chest  Nt.S. (76)
 Nipple, on the, fissure  Grp (62), Srs (84)
Cst (60)
 Nose, tips of, eruptions  Sil (13)
 Nose, point of, cracked  Alm (97)
 Nose, wings of, fissures  Cst (60)
 Palms of hands, and nails, cracked, ragged, and rough  Pet (104), Grp (62)
 Palms, raw and sore, exude a watery fluid  Nt.S. (76), Pet (104)
 Palm, psoriasis, bad cases of  Nt.S. (76)
 Palms, horny, callosites  Grp (62), Sul (10)
 Penis, genitals and scrotum, eruptions on  Rhs (16), Pet (104)
 Penis, and scrotum, itching with burning after scratching  Nt.S. (76)
 Perinaeum and genitals, obstinate dry eruptions  Pet (104)
 Prepuce, and scrotum, herpetic eruptions  Syp (210)
 Prepuce, scrotum, and anus, itching of  Nt.P. (203)
 Scalp, red sore spots, here and there  Mng (94)
 Scalp, eruptions on, hairs fall out  Zn.P. (216)
 Scrotum, itching eruption on  Cld (170)
 Scrotum, and glans, corrosive itching on  Crt (75)
 Scrotum, and penis, itching, burning after scratching  Nt.S. (76)
 Scrotum, and penis, pruritus, palms and feet cracking, worse in the nights  Srs (84)
 Scrotum, prepuce, and anus, itching of  Nt.P. (203), Srs (84)
Stp (108), Kl.C. (21)
 Scrotum, genitals, and between thighs, soreness and eruptions  Mr.S. (5)
 Scrotum, and prepuce, herpetic eruption  Srs (84), Syp (210)
Stp (108), Kl.C. (21)
 Scrotum, penis and genitals, obstinate eruption  Pet (104)
 Thighs, between the, and scrotum, soreness and eruptions  Amb (140), Mr.S. (5)
 Vulva, and genitals, eruptions on  Rhs (16), Pet (104)
 Vulva, itching in  Syp (210)
 Vulva, itching, violently  Sl.A. (53)
 Vulva, pruritus, compelled to scratch, torment reduces her in body and mind  Cld (170)
 Vulva, and vagina, itching in the  Med (95)
Modality Aggravation
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Air, cold by  Ars (15), Crt (75)
Tub (116)
 Air, warm by  Mez (145)
 At 1-3 A.M.  Ars (15)
 At 10-11 A.M.  Nt.M. (79)
 At 6 P.M.  Aps (23)
 Bath, taking by  Sul (10), Psr (63)
 Bath, warm taking by  Mez (145)
 Chill of intermittent, during, sp. urticaria  Hep (61)
 Cold air by  Ars (15), Tub (116)
Crt (75)
 Covering by, but feels chilly by throwing the cover  Psr (63)
 Evening, worse in the  Krs (93)
 Heat, worse by  Sul (10), An.C. (4)
Tub (116)
 Moon, full during  Cle (179)
 Night, at the  Sul (10), Srs (84)
 Night, worse by warmth of bed  Mr.S. (5), Grp (62)
Psr (63),Zn.P. (216)
Mez (145), Alm (97)
 Scratching by, worse  Stp (108), Tub (116)
Alm (97), C.Si. (174)
 Sea-shore, at the  Ars (15)
 Season, rainy during  Dlc (88)
 Storm, worse before  Tub (116)
 Undressing, when  Nt.S. (76), Rum (99)
Car (217), Oln (124)
 Use of watery by  Nt.M. (79), Pul (2)
 Warm bath by  Mez (145)
 Warmth of bed by  Mr.S. (5), Grp (62)
Psr (63)
 Wet, getting by  Rhs (16)
 Wearing, woollen clothes  Psr (63)
 Winter, during  Pet (104), Psr (63)
Als (74)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Air, cool by  Cl.C. (11)
 Fire, going to, near by  Tub (116)
 Heat, better by  Ars (15)
 Heat, better by, radiated  C.Si. (174)
 Hot, water with, scalding by  Rhs (16)
 Moon waning, better at  Cle (179)
 Scratching, better by  Bov (137)
 Skin, raw when, relieved  Mez (145)
 Sleep, during, sp. urticaria  (Urtica-urens)
 Summer, better in the  Pet (104), Psr (63)
Als (74)
Particulars Acne
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Acne, sp. of the boys  Cl.P. (12)
 Acne, sp. of the girls  (Calc-pic)
 Acue, sp. of women, with scanty menses  Sng (49)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Accumulation, of horny layers with  An.C. (4), Rnc (207)
 Horny callosites, on the palms  Grp (62)
Chilblains (Sore from cold)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Finger joints, sp. in the  Sul (10)
 Hands, and fingers, in the  Nt.A. (52)
 Red, and itching in general  Agr (146)
 Red, spots, burning and stinging  Aps (23)
 Worse, by cold weather  Pet (104)
 Worse, by heat of bed  Pul (2)
Cicatrices (Scars over wounds after healing)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 After abscesses, sp. in mammae, hard lump left by  Grp (62), Pht (120)
 After abscesses, plastic exudation  Sul (10), Sil (13)
 Old cicatrices, reddening and becoming painful  Sl.A. (53)
 Old cicatrices, reddening and itching  Fl.A. (126)
 Old cicatrices, twens etc. hard  Grp (62)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Also, cracking palms of legs with  Anc (96)
 On the soles, very tender  Grp (62), Sil (13)
An.C. (4), (Ferrum-pic)
 On the toes, reappearing, after cutting  Hyd (105)
Cyanosis (Bluish discolouration)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Blue, around eyes, sp. the child  Dig (42)
 Blue, and cold extremities with  An. T. (47)
 Blue, feet becomes  Mr.A. (51), Naj (201)
 Blue, in face, and foams  Mos (200)
 Bluish, lips with  Cr.V. (8)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Catarrh, with  Nt.M. (79)
 Debility, emaciation and chronic headache (periodic), with  Krs (93)
 Great suffering, from cold, with  Ars (15)
 Hair, falling out, with  Kl.S. (95)
 Pale, emaciated, and intense formication all over, neuralgic headache  Med (195)
 Scalp, covered with dandruff  Phs ( 35)
 White, copious dandruff  Kl.M. (188)
Erysipelas (Reddish inflammation)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Colour, dark blue, with  Lac (20)
 Intense burning, and restlessness with  Ars (15)
 Large blisters, filled with water  Can (24)
 Large blisters, with blackish fluid  Aln (138)
 Odematus, and stinging with  Aps (23)
 Skin, smooth and shiny with  Bel (17)
 Vesicular variety  Rhs (16)
Herpes circinatus (Rlng-worms)
Symptom Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Body, sp. of the, ring-worm  (Tellurium)
 Crown, sp. on the  Brt (85)
 Face and body upon, ring-worm  Sep (36)
 Forehead, sp. on the  Grp (62)
 Groin, sp. on the  Pet (104)
 Itching, voluptuous with  (Tellurium)
 Worse, in damp weather  Nt.S. (76), Tub (116)
 Worse, by warmth of bed  Mez (145)
Herpes zoster (Cluster of vesicles)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Burning, intense, and restless  Ars (15)
 Burning, urinary symptoms with  Can (24)
 Excoriation with  Mez (145)
 Filled with serum  Rnc (207)
 Formation of scab with  Mez (145)
 Itching, incessant with  Rhs (16)
 Leprosy  Anc (96), Hep (61)
(Corallium), (Pipermeth)
 Leucoderma  Ars (15), Nt.M. (79)
Sul (10), (Corallium)
Pemphigus (Water vesicles)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Burning, eruption with  Cst (60)
 Burning, like blisters  Nt.A. (52)
 Burning, stinging with  Aps (23)
 Reddish base with  (Rhus-ven), Rhs (16)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Scrotum, and penis, with palms and feet cracking  Srs (84)
 Vagina, burning with  Sul (10)
 Vagina, inflammation surface with  (Chimaphila)
 Vagina, stitching, violent with  Sep (36)
 Vulva, compels to scratch, and torments reduces her in body and mind  Cld(170)
 Vulva, following menses  Trn (211)
 Worse by, warmth of bed  Psr (63), Mr.S. (5)
Psoriasis (Elevated and white scabs with)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Psoriasis, of palms etc.  Cl.C. (11), Sep (36)
Grp (62), Pet (104)
Psr (63), As.I. (158)
 Psoriasis, of palms, very bad case of  Nt.S. (76)
Rubeola (Measles)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Drowsiness with  Gls (56)
 High fever with  Acn (14)
 Moist skin with  Bel (17)
 Tardv rash  Brn (3)
 Variola (Pox)  Rhs (16), Aps (23)
An.T. (47), Cup (59)
Thj (107)
Urticaria (Blotches by itching)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 After menses, urticaria  Krs (93)
 At the sea-shore  Ars (15)
 Blotches, here and there, in the skin  N.Si. (204)
 Blotches, large red  Nt.M. (79)
 Blotches, red, itching, on the skin  Sl.A. (53)
 Blotches, white, sp. in children  Cl.C. (11)
 Children, sp. of the, worse by exertion  Cl.C. (11)
 Disappears, during sleep  (Urtica-urens)
 Disappears, in cool air  Cl.C. (11)
 Due to gastric troubles  An.C. (4), Bov (137)
Nx.V. (1)
 Due to shell-fish  (Urtica-urens)
 During pregnancy  (Dolichos)
 From getting wet  Rhs (16)
 Nodular urticaria  K.Si. (190)
 Red, large blotches  Nt.M. (79)
 Rosy, or scarlet deep  Aps (23)
 White, sp. of children  Cl.C. (11)
 Worse, at 6 P.M.  Aps (23)
 Worse, at sea-shore  Ars (15)
 Worse, chill of intermittent during  Hep (61)
 Worse, rainy season during  Dlc (88)
 Worse, undressing when  Rum (99)
 Worse, water, by use of  Nt.M. (79)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Biting, sensation, after scratching  Zn.P. (216)
 Burning, sensation, after scratching  Zn.P. (216), Kl.P. (189)
 Burning dryness with  Zn.P. (216)
 Burning, intense, after scratching  Ars (15), Sul (10),
Sep (36)
 Burning, skin of palm and sole, when in bed  Sul (10)
 Crawling and creeping, as if insects under the skin  Sec (37)
 Creeping, tingling, as if in the roots of hair  Ph.A. (50)
 Creeping, tingling, after eruption has been treated locally, with moist itching spots  Sel (33)
 Diminished, sensation in the skin  Zn.P. (216)
 Formication, all over the body  Zn.P. (216)
 Increased, sensation, upon patches of skin  Bfo (168)
 Loss, of sensation, upon patches of skin   Bfo (168)
 Sore, raw places, on the skin  C.Si. (174)
 Splinter sensation within, cracked skin  Nt.A. (52)
 Sticking pain, in the skin  Zn.p.(216)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Black spots on skin  Sec (37)
 Blue-black spot, by slightest injury  Sl.A. (53)
 Blue spots on skin  Led (91)
 Blue-black spots  Led (91), Sl.A. (53)
 Blood-red spots, on the skin  Sl.A. (53)
 Brown spots  Thj (107)
 Brown patches, from end of brows  Kl.P. (189)
 Dusky spots on the calves  Kl.P. (189)
 Gray spots  Nt.A. (52)
 Green spots  Con (29)
 Liver spots  ClS. (66), C.Si. (174)
 Pale yellow skin  Cl.S. (66), C.Si. (174)
 Purple aspects of the skin  Sep (36), Lac (20)
 Purple spots on skin  Lac (20)
 Purple, large spots on skin  Ph.A. (50)
 Red, itching blotches on skin  Sl.A. (53)
 Red, spots on skin  Fr.M. (69), Tub (116)
Zn.P. (216)
 Red, sore spots, here and there  Mng (94)
 Red, moles, naevi or warts, multiple on the scalp  Car (217)
 Red, small spots, enlarging rapidly and resembles purpura blood  Sl.A. (53)
 White spots on the skin  Ars (15), Nt.M. (79)
 Yellow spots, on the skin  Fr.P. (65), Sep (36)