Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 All gone feeling, in the pit of stomach by every shock, bad news, expecting someone etc.  Kl.P. (189). Calcs Phs(35),Mez(145)
 Burning, in abdomen and stomach, in old gastric troubles  Sng (49)
 Burning, in stomach, worse by bending forward  Mil (199)
 Burning pain, and great soreness  Sul (10)
 Burning pain, soon after eating, with nausea and vomiting  Krs (93)
 Chronically, disordered stomach, with heartburn, eructation, regurgitation etc.  Mr,S. (5)
 Coldness, in stomach, marked  Grt (185)
 Digestion, disturbed, stomach feels constantly in a spoiled state, as from indigestion  Grp (62)
 Digestion, feeble, becoming more and more, until digests almost nothing, yet craving increases  Iod (86)
 Digestion, slow, food remains in stomach and sours  Ph.A. (50)
 Digestion, slow, sour vomiting  Zin (31)
 Digestion, slow, weak stomach  Sul (10)
 Digestion, suspended as if, food lies like a load in stomach  Kl.B, (22)
 Digestion, weak, stomach becomes less and less able to digest as finally cannot take mouthful of food without distress  Mg.M. (80)
 Digestion, weak, stomach has no ability to digest food  Plm (70)
 Disordered stomach, chronically, with heart-burn, regurgitation, eructation etc.  Mr.S. (5)
 Distention of stomach, painful, by all fruits  Vr.A. (58)
 Dyspeptic, old, with brain fag  Ph.A. (50), Nx.V. (1)
 Egg, hard boiled, sensation in stomach  (Abies Nigra)
 Empty, sensation in the stomach  Zn.P. (216)
 Empty, sinking, feeling, not ameliorated by eating  Hyd (105)
 Food remaining in stomach  KI.B. (22)
 Food remaining in stomach and sours  Ph.A. (50)
 Gastralgia, in the evening, attack of  Mg.M. (80)
 Gnawing pain, in stomach, at 5 A.M. on waking  Kl.P. (189)
 Gnawing, in the stomach, better after taking soup Ox.A. (205)
 Gurgling, peculiar in stomach, down through intestine, with involuntary stool  Phs (35)
 Gurgling, rumbling, as if an animal floundering or a fish is tossing in a pond  Pod (73)
 Heaviness, great in the stomach, after eating but little  Sul (10)
 Hysterical, stomach, nausea increased by delicate and warm things  Ign (27)
 Indigestion, stomach cannot digest food  Plm (70)
 Indigestion, from simplest food  Alm (97)
 Pain in stomach, ameliorated, shortly by ice-cold things  Phs (35)
 Pain in stomach, after eating  Kl.P. (189), N.As. (202)
 Pain in stomach, after eating, relieved by eructation  SI.I (209)
 Pain in stomach, cramping, doubling him up  Pod (73)
Pain in stomach, causes desire for stool  Nx.V. (1)
 Pain in stomach, increases by taking sugar  Ox.A. (202)
 Pain in stomach, menses during  Kl.P. (189)
 Pain in stomach, relieved by bending forward  Car (217)
 Pain in stomach, relieved by warm drinks  Car (217)
 Pain in stomach, relieved by eating  Grp (62)
 Pain in stomach, like empty feeling, not relieved by eating  Hyd (105)
 Pain in stomach, relieved by and while eating  Iod (86)
 Pain in stomach, relieved momentarily by ice-cold things  Phs (35)
 Pain in stomach, relieved by warm milk  Grp (62)
 Pain in stomach, relieved by eructation  Sl.I. (209)
 Pain in stomach, relieved by lying on stomach  Stn (32)
 Pain in stomach, worse after eating  Sl.I. (209)
 Pain in stomach, gnawing, worse at 5 A.M. on waking up  Kl.P. (189)
 Pain in stomach, worse 4-6 P.M., with sense of constriction  Car (217)
 Pain in stomach, worse when empty, driven to eat something, which relieves  Iod (86)
 Pain in stomach, worse during menses  Kl.P. (189)
 Pain in stomach, worse by cold drinks, better by warm milk  Grp (62)
 Pain in stomach, rawness, worse by taking cold water  Cr.V. (8)
 Pulsation, in the stomach, after breakfast  Nt.S. (76)
 Rawness, sensation in stomach, worse by cold water Cr.V. (8)
 Relief, greatly, during diarrhoea  Nt.S. (76)
 Rising, something from stomach, sensation of  Vlr(213)
 Sinking sensation, tremendous, at the navel  Car (217)
 Sours, everything eaten  Plm (70), Pod (73)
 Sours, food in stomach  Ph.A. (50)
 Sour stomach, full with food like a load  Mr.S. (5)
 Spots on abdomen, yellow brown  Phs (35)
 Stone, as if in stomach, sensation Kl.P. (189), Nx.V. (I)
 Throbbing, in the pit of stomach, when empty  Kl.C. (21)
 Ulceration of stomach  Syp (210)
 Vomits everything, but ameliorates strangely by raw cabbage or chopped onion, that are hard to digest  Ign (27)
 Weight and fullness, after eating, lasting a long time  Hyd (105)