(Loss of sensation and motion by stroke)

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Face, deep red, stertorous breathing Opm (82)
Jaw, drops, and idiocy follows Hlb (149)
Mouth, partly ‘open and saliva runs Brt (85)
Paralysis, followed by Bel (77), Lac (20)
Stupor, complete, followed by Aps (23)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Alternatly, laughs and cries Ign (27)
Changeable mood, mild and rude Vlr (213)
From, sudden suppression of discharge Asf (125)
Head, jerked forward Nx.M. (83)
Jaws clenched Nx.M. (83)
Sudden arrest of breath with Cl.C. (11), Plt (34)
Worse, ascending Cl.C. (11), Plt (34), Mos (200)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Abnormal impulses Hys (18)
Fixed delusion, unnatural active and hurried Thj. (107)
Imagines, she will be poisoned, refuses to eat Lac (20), Hys (18)
Imagines, she is under superhuman control Lac (20)
Laughs and claps, she is besides herself Sec (37), Plt (34)
Lies awake for hours Hys (18)
Plays with old soiled rags, tears up clothes Sul (10)
Silly, spasmodic laughter, followed by loquacity Zn.P. (216), Str (19)
Uncovers herself, without shame Phs (35), Hys (18)
Wants to commit suicide Arm (67)
Wild type, excited sensorium Str (19)

Locomotor ataxia

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Back, as if would burst on motion Phs (35)
Heaviness, great, of the legs Pc.A. (54)
Incoordination of brain and spinal chord Agr (146)
Knees and small of back, give out, while walking Coc (28)
Loss of power, sudden, in legs, in morning Nx.V. (1)
Pain, lightning like Cst (60)
Staggers, in darkness Alm (97)
Staggers and reels, as if intoxicated Arg (68)
Tendency to fall forward or sidewise Cst (60)
Unable to walk in darkness without staggering Alm (97)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
Anguish and foolish muttering with Acn (14)
Convulsion preceded by loud scream Cup (59)
Face, flushed, with sore mouth and gland-ular swelling Mr.S. (5)
Face, red, throbbing carotid, starts and jerks in sleep Bel (17)
Face, red, parched lips constant chewing worse by motion Brn (3)
Jaw, lower tends to drop Hlb (149)
Lies, in stupor, with jerking of legs Sul (10)
Scream, loud, followed by convulsion Cup (59)
Sleep, outcries with, shrill Aps (23)


Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
After an apopletic attack Cdm (169)
Arms,sp. of Nt.M. (79)
Bladder, sp. of Hep (61), Cst (60)
Bowels.sp. of Phs (35), Ter (130)
Brain,sp. of Lac (20), Opm (82)
Crawling, in paralysed part with Cdm (169)
Eye-lids,sp. of Gls (56), Cdm (169)
Eye, muscles of Sen (141)
Face, sp. of Cst (60), Kl.M. (188)
Face of, with sticking pain in extremities Nx.V.(1)
Insensibility with Opm (82)
Laryngeal Cst (60), Gls (56)
Left sided, sp. of Lac (20), Stn (32), Bt.M. (166)
Legs,sp. of Pc.A.(54)
Legs trembles, drags feet while walking, unsteady gaits Nx.V.(1)
Limbs, sp. of Rhs (16), Oln (124)
Limbs, with loss of sensation Rhs (16)
Limbs, with heaviness, sp. lower Rhs (16)
Muscles, refuse to obey Gls (56)
Onesided, sp. of Stp (108)
One-sided, other convulsive Str (19)
Pharyngeal Cst (60)
Right-sided, sp. of Cst (60), Br.S. (165), Cdm (169)
Tongue, sp. of Brt (85), Cst (60)
Tongue, sp. in old people Brt (85)
Ulcers, on legs itching with Rhs (16)
Weakness, on going upstairs, joints swelled Rhs (16)
Wrist, sp. of Plm (70)