What to Take for Constipation

Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Aggravation, great, from hard, knotty stool  : Kl. C. (21)
 Alternative, with diarrhoea  : M.S. (76), Tub (116) Kl.C. (21), N.As.(202)
 Alternative, with diarrhoea obstinate constipation  : Cl. S. (66)
 Alternative, with diarrhoea, one day constipation, next day diarrhoea  : Nt. P. (203)
 Alternative, with diarrhoea, old people  : Phs (35)
 Bleeding, from anus and rectum during stool  : Cl. P. (12)
 Cannot pass, at one sitting, although soft  : Psr (63), Chn (7)
 Cannot expel stool, as the rectum is in a state of paresis, although patient uses abdominal muscles  : Plm (70)
 Cannot expel stool, no matter how much straining  : Plm (70)
 Chronic constipation, rectum inactive  : Ldf (l9l)
 Constriction, of the anus, during stool  : Al.P. (155)
A.Si. (156)
 Difficult, hard stool, black balls  : Thj (107), Med (195)
 Difficult, hard stool, balls small  : SI. A . (53)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Difficult, hard stool, burnt as if Brn (3), Sul (10)
 Difficult, hard stool, bleeding, haemorrhages Fr.P. (65), Cl.P. (12)
 Difficult, hard stool, crumbling Nt.M. (79).
Am.M. (118)
 Difficult, hard stool, knotty Kl.C. (21), Br.S.(165)
C.Si. (174)
 Difficult, hard stool, lacerating- the anus Fr. P. (65)
 Difficult, hard stool, large Cl. P. (12), Tub (116)
Kl. M. (188)
 Difficult, hard stool, like dog’s dung Phs (35)
 Difficult, hard stool, like sheep’s dung Mg.M. (80), SI.A. (53)
 Difficult, hard stool, light yellow or white, bileless Cl. C. (11)
 Difficult, hard stool, light coloured large Kl. M. (188)
 Difficult, hard stool, mucous follow or united with mucous thread Grp (62)
 Difficult, hard stool, sand like dry Ag. M. (157)
 Difficult, hard stool, shining, as if greasy Cst (60)
 Difficult, hard stool, shining and tough, great exertion Cst (60)
 Difficult, hard stool with weakness and preceded by soft thin stool Lyc (9)
 Difficult, soft stool Thr (212), Plt (34)
 Difficult, soft stool, clay-like sour smelling Hep (61)
 Difficult, soft stool, inactive rectum and inability to pass, much urging Stn (32)
 Difficult, soft stool, light coloured, scanty N.Si. (204),C.Si. (174)
 Difficult, soft stool, great straining Kl. C. (21)
C.Si. (174)
 Difficult, soft stool, much straining, sweating, but inability to expel Sil (13)
 Difficult, soft stool, until there is large accumulation Alm (97), Nx.M. (83)
 Faintness and weakness by gushing of stool Lyc (9)
 Inability to strain at stool, though frequent urging Plt (34)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 Inactive rectum, inability to pass stool, even soft, and much straining Stn (32)
 Inactive rectum, difficult stool Nt.P. (203)
Zn.P. (216)
 Inactive rectum, requires manual aid sp. in children Sep (36)
 Inactive rectum,requires mechanical aid, cannot pass in one sitting Psr (63), Chn (7)
 Inactive rectum, requires mechanical aid, stool being of immense size Sel (33)
 Inactive rectum, requires, mechanical aid, soft pastry or hard dry Sel (33)
 Inactive rectum,requires mechanical aid, hard balls, lying in convulsion Opm (82)
 Inactive rectum, requires mechanical aid, recedes after partially expelled Sil (13), Ldf (191)
 Incomplete and unsatisfactory stool Sl.I.(209)
 Ineffectual, frequent desire for stool, passes small quantity every time Nx. V. (1), Pul (2)
Fr. P. (65), Zn.P. (216)
 Ineffectual, frequent desire for stool, causes pain in anus Lyc (9)
 Ineffectual, frequent desire for stool, pass better on standing Cst (60)
 No desire for stool, although rectum is full  Lyc (9)
 No desire for stool, inactivity of rectum Aim (97), Brn (3)
Grp (62), Car (217)
Hyd (105), Opm (82)
 No desire for stool, inactivity of rectum due to, can pass only by leaning back Med (195)
 No desire for stool, inactivity of rectum, suspension of peristaltic action Opm (82)
 No desire for stool, lack of secretion in intestine due to Brn (3), Nt. M. (79)
 No desire for stool, hard and covered with mucous Bt. M. (166)
Symptom Abbreviation (Drug No.)
 No desire for stool, restless, rubs head against pillow Trn (211)
 Obstinate constipation, alternative with diarrhoea Cl. S. (66)
 Obstinate constipation with no desire at all Hyd (105)
 Paralysis, of bowel, cannot bear down at stool Nt. C- (77)
 Paralysis, feeling in rectum Agr (146)
 Paralysis, seems in rectum, injections or cathartics fail Ldf (191)
 Paresis, rectum in a state of, patient can use abdominal muscles Plm (70)
 Peristaltic action, defective Nx.V. (1), Sil (13)
Cst (60), Med (195)
 Peristaltic action, suspended Opm (82)
 Passes, better by leaning far back Med (195)
 Passes, better by standing Cst (60)
 Passes, hot flatus only, inspite of urging Nt. S. (76), Als (74)
 Passes, little moisture or fluid, with flatus,while called for stool Sul (10)
 Recedes, after being partially expelled Sil (13), Ldf (191)
 Reverse action, more he strains, harder it is to pass Nx.V. (1)
 Straining, at stool, inability to, with urging Plt (34)
 Straining, great, for hard, knotty stool Kl. C. (21)
 Straining, much sweating, but inability to expel Sil (13)
 Straining, sits long, with much urging but no stool in rectum Lil (193)
 Straining, no matter how much, but cannot expel stool Plm (70)
 Stool, chalky, light coloured, without expulsive power Mg. M. (80)
 Stool, gushing, followed by faintness and weakness Lyc (9)
 Stool, light very, or white coloured Brb (72)
 Stool, hard, knotty, after much straining Kl. C. (21)
Br.S. (167), C.Si. (174)
 Stool, soft, after prolonged urging Nt.A. (52), Alm (97)
Psr (63), Chn (7)
 Stool, soft thin followed by hard difficult with weakness Lyc (9)
 Urging, consant, with no stool in rectum Lil (193)
 Urging, frequent with inability to strain at stool Plt (34)
 Urging, frequent, with sensation as if a ball in rectum Lil (193)
 Urging, much sits long and strains but no stool Lil (193)
 Urging, prolonged, followed by soft stool Nt.A. (52), Alm (97)
Psr (63), Chn (7)
 Urging, prolonged followed by unsuccessful stool Plt (34)