Clinical Magnetotherapy Reports From Foreign Countries

Clinical Magnetotherapy Reports From Foreign Countries

Reports from Japan, U.S.A., Russia, France etc.

In the last century, Helmholtz (1821—1894), the most distinguished scientist and professor of Philosophy, of Germany aptly remarked, “The disgrace of the nineteenth century is its ignorance of the subject of magnetism; will the twentieth bring knowledge ?”

It seems that the people of twentieth century have taken the challenge seriously and have made satisfactory efforts to fulfil the expectation of Helmholtz.

The required progress has been made in many advanced countries of the world, including India, and all of them have made great progress in this field.

We are concerned here only with that part of magnetism which is applied to relieve and cure the ailments of the suffering humanity. In this particular branch also, appreciable progress has been made in, countries like Japan, USA, USSR etc.

Reports from some Companies of Japan

A small but progressive country like Japan has promoted several companies which develop, manufacture and offer for sale several magnetic products for treatment of human ailments.

There is a company named ‘Kawasaki Electric Industry Co. Ltd., of Japan, manufacturing electromagnetic therapeutic apparatuses. Their special product is an Electromagnetic Magnetizer. This is a sort of an easy chair fitted with 6 electromagnets. One has to sit in the chair comfortably up to half an-hour daily for some days, for getting relief from most of the common diseases.

Clinical Magnetotherapy Reports From Foreign CountriesA similar electromagnetic healing machine has been developed in India also by Dr. Satram Das of Saraswati Clinic, Powai Chowk, Ulhasnagar-3, Bombay, with certain further improvements.

There is another company named ‘Nakatamasihki Medical Industry Co. Ltd. at Tokyo, Japan, who makes Magnetic Body Belts. The belts contain 16 Ferrite magnets built in it and relieve waist pain and muscular pain, etc.

Another company named ‘The Aimante Trading Company’ of Tokyo, Japan, is manufacturing several magnetic products for treatment of different diseases of human beings. Their main products are Magnetic Health Bands and Magnetic Necklaccs. The health bands have achieved remarkable success in the cure of ‘Stiffness of Shoulders’ and ‘High Blood Pressure’. The magnetic necklaces have been especially designed to decorate ladies while keeping them fresh, youthful and healthy. They also make ‘Magnetic Bedpads’ for removing constipation, fatigue and stiffness. These ‘Bedpads’ are said to be particularly beneficial for ladies for preserving lasting health and vigour. The company has managed to get many experiments about their Magnetic Health Bands carried out by different agencies including some hospitals. Some information about these experiments is given below:

An abstract of Biomagnetic Symposium held in Japan shows that the Japanese Scientsts and Doctors have carried out many laboratory experiments and have found that the relationship between magnetism and living bodies is of great interest and importance. Consequently, they have introduced magnetic treatment in hospitals utilising permanent magnets.

A report of the Tabata National Railway Hospital, Japan, has shown that the Magnetic Bands were used on patients visiting the hospitals at Chiba, Omiya, Shinjyoku. Tabata in Japan and considerable effects on stiff shoulders and high blood pressure as the chief complaints of these patients have been confirmed. In most of the cases treated with Magnetic Bands, the complaints of stiff shoulders were relieved in periods ranging from 3 to 15 days and the high blood pressure from 7 to 90 days.

The abstract of the symposium shows that experiments were made with 42 patients suffering from stiffness of shoulders with or without other diseases. The report claims that the bands were found effective in 41 cases out of 42 and that many patients begain getting better within a week. The health bands were also tried on patients of high blood pressure. Thirty-four cases of various kinds of high blood pressure (simple, essential and pernicious) with or without other diseases, were tried with bands. Out of the 34 cases, the bands proved effective in 20 cases, non-effective in 8 cases and 6 cases remained undecided. In most of the cases in which the bands proved effective, the benefit was noted within a week or two and the blood pressure came down by about 20 mm in this period.

Reports from the United States of America

The United States of America have also made much progress in the field of application of magnetism for the benefit of the living beings. A number of doctors, institutes and laboratories have done appreciable work in conducting researches: in this field. The names of some such doctors and institutions are given below, with the results obtained by them quoted in brief:

(1) Dr. Albert Roy Davis, the Director of Albert Roy Research Laboratory. U.S.A., has confirmed that he has arrested all forms of cancers, reduced tumors and controlled infections with the help of Biomagnetics. He writes that as a result of his research with animals, he has added to the years of normal life of the animals.

(2) Dr. Howard D. Stangle of New York believes magnetism to be a true science He writes that it is all along an admitted line that the magnet has hidden powers and that something of it has become known and been made use of from time to time. He observes that magnetism is among the truest things in life on earth and this view seems to have been shared by most eminent men of science—not merely of the West, but around the globe. He suggests that it is a subject that should excite universal interest.

(3) Dr. K. E. Maclean of New York city has been using strong magnetic fields in the treatment of advanced cases of cancer and the results are reported to be remarkable.

(4) Dr. M.F. Barnothy of the University of Illinois, U.S.A. and Dr. J.M. Barnothy of Biomagnetic Research Foundation,Evanston, Illinois, have found that bacterias change their positions relative to the magnetic field. Dr M.F. Barnothy hopes that magnetic fields will in due time develop into a powerful new analytic and therapeutic tool of medicine.

(5) Dr. Robert O. Becker, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, State University of New York, states that there would appear to be little doubt that some interaction exists between the function of the Central Nervous System and external magnetic fields.

Some cases treated by Doctors in America are given below :

Cases treated by Dr. Howard D. Stangle of New York

(1) Heart Condition. A man in late fifties suffered periodical attacks of violent nature seemingly pointing to “heart condition”. His heart, however, seemed sound and it was thought that he might have got incipient cancer. He was advised to wear the North pole of a magnet next to his bare skin of the hip at a sore spot. The patient said that relief was felt within 2 hours of his wearing the magnet. He wore the magnet for several hours daily for several months. The heart condition disappeared, pain lessened, digestion corrected itself and there was no need to avoid stairs.

(2) Prostate Gland Enlargement. A man in his late sixties suffered from an enlarged prostate gland. During the flare-ups, the pain was intense, business activities were suspended and there was little rest and sleep. Surgery was advised, but the man declined. He, however, agreed to wear a magnet. He wore one for several months. He did not get the old condition nor lost a day in business on account of his illness.

Experiences of late Dr. Albert Roy Davis, (Head of Department of Science, Florida, America).

(1) One day Dr. Davis found that his right foot and leg were not as tired nor did they ache as did his left foot and leg. He found that this was the result of his standing on his legs and feet next to a 1500-gauss magnet for about two hours, during an experiment on mice.

(2) So he undertook to strap a small magnet on his lower legs next to his feet. “No more tired legs or feet”. A lesser force field acted to give his legs and feet just proper stimulation.

(3) He noticed that if after an accident or some damages to his person, he placed a magnet on the affected part, all pain would leave in 15-30 minutes.

(4) Dr. Davis once developed a ^ad painful toothache. He picked up a 300-500 gauss magnet and held it against his face next to the paining tooth. In 15 minutes, the pain lessened. He took a small magnet and placed it inside his mouth, between the inner cheek and the sore tooth. In four hours, there was no pain, nor it returned afterwards.

(5) He thought that a belt of small magnets around his waist would place him in a circular magnetic field. He obtained powdered magnetic iron and imbedded those magnetic particles in a plastic strip. The gauss strength was reduced to 12 gauss per cm. He wore it one hour a day and found great improvement in his feelings and his health improved thereby.

(6) In an accidental explosion in his laboratory, his face, eyes, hair, ears and cheeks were covered with burning acid. The pain, partial loss of sight, burns, swellings of face and head were all unbearable. He applied a 2000-gauss magnet. In less than one hour, the pain and burning were reduced to about half its intensity. After the second day, there was no pain at all, and in 12 days all signs of acid burns disappeared and no scars, were left.

Reports from Russia

The magnetic power is being used in Russia in different ways.

The magazine ‘Soviet Land’ No. 20 of October 1970, shows that magnetised water is being used in clinics there. In a Leningrad Clinic, patients suffering from stones in the kidneys and gall bladder drank this water and it held to wash out the.salts and stones from their organism.

The journal ‘Soviet Woman’ No. 8 of 1973 published a news item that a woman in Turkmania swallowed needle when she was biting off the thread. Dr. D. Shukorov tied a small magnet to a thread and got the patient to swallow it. Then he pulled out the magnet with the needle stuck to it.

Russians have recently come out with another noble idea relating to magnetic surgery for certain cases which defied effective surgery earlier. Dr. Leman who often performs operations for removal of foreign bodies from various human organs was puzzled over the problem of how to remove a foreign body from the respiratory tract with as little injury to the patient as possible. He finally decided to use the magnet’s properties which are already known to the medical man. He designed a special instrument which could be introduced into the respiratory tract and bronchi—a tube of ferro-nickle steel.

A magnet was mounted above the operating table, and as the tube was lowered into the bronchi and came close to the metal item, the later stuck hard to it. The whole operation without any scalpel, forceps or blood-letting, took just a few minutes. With the initial success, Dr. Leman has now designed a set of apparatus and instruments for magnetic surgery. The electro-magnetic laboratory at the Institute of Metal Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Ural Scientific Centre have now evolved magneto-metric installation which can remove almost any foreign metal body, without any damage to the patient’s organism. Dr. Leman asserts that the magnet has become his faultless and efficient ‘assistant’ in operations not only on the respiratory tract, but on the esophagus, liver, duodenum, heart, etc.

There is a museum to display, in glazed show cases, various metal pellets, nails, coins, buttons, pins and needles, etc. which have been extracted from human bodies in the first City Hospital in Sverdlovsk (the Urals region) in Russia.

Reports from Italy

Prof. D. Gigante of the Institute of Rheumatology of Rome University made some clinical researches on the patients suffering from various kinds of Rheumatism and reported the result in ‘Recentia Medica’ of April 1966. Some extract’s from his report are given below:

“Our observations concern 40 patients with various rheumatoid conditions at different stages. The results effected in the 40 patients show that one can without doubt affirm that the painful symptoms were influenced by the magnetism.

In 25 patients, the pain reduction varied from moderate to total.

At the level of articular and periarticular tissues, in which acute inflammation was present, the beneficial effect was particularly evident.

On the whole, the patients felt more tranquil, became more mobile and increased their resistance to fatigue. During the experiments, no side effects occurred at all and no harmful intolerance or reaction appeared.

“In the clinical aspect, the longest wave produced by magnetiser showed the most excellent anti inflammatory effects, leading to subsidence of pain symptom”.

Prof. A. Venerando, Commissioner of C.O.N.I-, Institute Di Medicina Dello Sport, also carried out some clinical research on the patients suffering from various Traumatisms caused by sport playing, such as arthritis, arthralgia, pains and musculature and recovery from heavy fatigue. The details of the results have been reported in the Gazetta Internationale Di Medicina E Chirurgia of Rome for May 1966.

The author experimented on 86 cases of acute and chronic articular musculo-tendineal and enthesopathical lesions, seen in athletes, with magnetiser. The action of this therapy resulted in marked reduction of the muscular constructure and of the painful symptoms.

The treatments were carried out with one or two electromagnets, coupled according to the area. The use of pairs was suggested with the object of rendering the penetration of the electromagnetic lines of force better and more intensive. The most favourable result was obtained in the reduction of pain and local swellings.

Reports from Scandinavia

A report prepared by Dr. Christine Pickard speaks about several cases treated successfully by magnetotherapy. The cases related to gall stones, heart attacks, heart cramps, high blood pressure, kidney stones and rheumatic pain and many subsidiary symptoms associated therewith. Giving the details of all those cases will amount to repetition of the same course of diseases and treatment. It will suffice to add that in some of the cases reported, the results of the magnetic treatment were very remarkable and appreciable.

Some other countries are also making researches and experiments with magnets, magnetic fields and magnetic apparatuses and their results are bound to be encouraging and a step further for the betterment of the sufferings of the human beings, in due course of time.

Reports from France

Malignancy, which is afflicting human race without any bias for creed, colour and sex, has drawn attention of the medical men and scientists all over the world. Concerted efforts are being put in to find out rational and simple cure for malignancy or cancer.

In recent years, an Italian electronicist working in France has been experimenting on magnetic field for the cure of malignancy. He has shown that remission of malignancy can be effected after treatment in an intense magnetic field generated by the machine built by him. This corroborates the observations of Dr. K.E. Maclean of New York that “cancer cannot exist in a strong magnetic field”.

Reports from Australia

Use of magnets in almost all branches of medicine and surgery has inspired a number of dentists as well, for their employment against toothache and decayed teeth and for holding dentures in place. A new method of holding dentures with mini-magnets has recently been developed by an Australian dental surgeon. The dentician has used tiny magnets made by a surgeon. The dentist has used tiny magnets made of an alloy of cobalt and a rare metal namely, samarium, which are about ten times stronger than normal magnets. The method has been developed and perfected by Dr. Barry Gillinges of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry at the University of Sydney. The magnetic dentures used by him are coupled with smaller magnets implanted in patient’s teeth stumps.