We have so far dealt with the use of permanent magnets in magnetotherapy as they have remained the chief tools of treatment in the hands of the magnetotherapists for quite a long time.

The usefulness of electromagnets has remained restricted to the technical, mechanical and industrial spheres in the past but their therapeutic capabilities and several advantages over the permanent magnets have recently been realised and are now being utilised for the purpose of curing different diseases.


Limitations of Magnetotherapy

During the course of application of permanent magnets, the magnetotherapists found some limitations in this system of treatment, namely:
(1) The strength of the magnets and the speed of their working is always static and cannot be decreased or increased according to the requirement of the case.

(2) The recovery from and the cure of the disease takes long time, while the patient of today is quite impatient and wants immediate relief, irrespective of the length of his disease.

(3) Experience shows that patients come to test magnetotherapy, as a last resort, when they have tried almost all the known systems of treatment, namely: Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurvedic and Unani systems and have not been benefitted by them. Nevertheless, they expect that this new and specialised system should give them immediate relief to some extent at least.

Giving due consideration to all these factors, magnetotherapists have adopted Electromagnets in their practice.

Electromagnet too has some of its own limitations, for example it cannot work without electricity, it should not be applied on very tender organs of body like eyes. Hence an electromagnet cannot be a complete substitute for permanent magnet and therefore both of them have to exist simultaneously, so that either of them may be utilised according to its suitability for every case.

It has been noticed that the effect of an electromagnet on the human body is more penetrating, fast healing and long- lasting, especially in the cases of chronic diseases e.g. arthritis, backache, fractures, gout, lumbago, paralysis, poliomyelitis, sciatica, spondylitis, slipped disc, etc. Hence the attention of the magnetotherapists was drawn to it, and a large number of them has adopted it.

The difference between the two kinds of magnets is only technical and both these types are to exist as complementary to each other as therapeutic magnetic tools.

What is an Electromagnet

When a bar or any other piece of soft iron is placed inside a solenoid (cylindrical coil of insulated wire) carrying an electric current. it gets magnetised and behaves as a magnet as long as the current is on. When the current is switched off, the magnetism disappears and the piece of iron reverts to its original unmagnetised state, while magnetism in a permanent magnet is a static phenomenon. The strength of electromagnet can either be increased or decreased with the help of a regulator. This is a definite advantage of electromagnet over permanent magnet.

Electromagnets of Various Strengths

Electromagnets can be made in various sizes, designs and strength. Big and high powered electromagnets are usually harnessed for industry, but only small electromagnets of less strength are used for medical and other purposes. They can be of any shape and size viz. : oval, square, rectangular or cylindrical. The standard electromagnets used for the purpose of treatment are fitted with regulators for effecting increase or decrease in their strength according to the requirements of the case.

An indicator lamp is provided on such electromagnets which is automatically switched on when the current starts flowing in the device and is switched off when the current is discontinued. Small round electromagnets are made for medical purposes and they have only one or two strength. They are sufficient for treatment of general ailments.

A.C. or D.C. Electromagnets

Electromagnets can be made with and can work on Alternating Current (AC) as well as with Direct Current (DC). It is considered that the magnets made with alternating current work better and give more beneficial and quicker results. The reason is that ripples or pulsations are formed in the working of AC magnets and with the change of poles, the cells and tissues are stirred vigorously and they produce better healing effect as compared with the static effect of permanent magnets. AC electromagnets are thus more useful for treatment of chronic diseases like arthritis, pains, swellings and bone diseases and more practitioners are, therefore, using AC electromagnets.

An electromagnet used with alternating current, when applied to the diseased part of the body, given 50 strokes or knocks of the North pole and an equal number of strokes of South pole alternately in one second, which means 3000 strokes in one minute. The strokes are so quick that the patient is unable to feel any difference between the strokes, he feels only pulsations.

The electromagnetic strokes penetrate deep into bones, bone-marrow and muscles and give appreciable relief and soothing effect to muscles and nerves.

Electric Shock Therapy

The electromagnetic treatment is quite different in effect and nature from the electric shock-therapy. The electric shocks are shocking but not soothing, they are intense but do not go deeper than the surface and they can be injurious if prolonged even by a second. In contrast to this, the electromagnetic strokes are all along positive, healing and soothing. They give intense relief to the nerves, and are quite harmless in effect.

Application of Electromagnets

Electromagnets are not used alone but they are applied in conjuction with premier magnets. The premier magnets are applied in accordance with the nature and place of the disease. They are applied to the affected parts of the body or to the hands or feet of the patients on the lines of the treatment with permanent magnets. Important places in the body, where electromagnets are applied for treatment of various diseases, are almost the same as suggested in the books on magnetotherapy.

Electromagnets are utilised in treatment of chronic diseases as well as in acute ailments and they give good results even in cases given up by other systems of treatment. Some magnetotherapists have also selected neck, epigastrium and centre of back where premier and electromagnets may be applied in addition to the palms of hands and the soles of feet.

However, the magnetotherapists should make use of their own experience and skill and consider the nature and place of the disease and the pole of the magnets before giving the electromagnetic treatment.

Use of Specific Permanent Magnets with Eletromagnets

At our centre the use of an electromagnet is combined with the use of specific permanent magnets in order to get the full effect of the treatment. The polarity of the permanent magnet to be used with the electromagnet should be determined according to the principles of treatment with permanent magnets.

In our experience, the round and flat magnets, encased in thick and scratch-resistant ABS (High Quality Plastic), introduced by our centre and called premier magnets, are proving very useful for this electromagnetic treatment. A premier magnet has both the poles on opposite sides and any pole of it can be used according to the nature of the disease. The selected pole of the premier magnet is applied to the diseased part of the body and the electromagnet is placed quite near the premier magnet or in between two premier magnets or on opposite side of the place of disease.

Mental Satisfaction

By applying permanent magnets, the patient does not feel any sensation or effect of the magnet but when an electromagnet is applied or is placed near a premier or ceramic magnet or between two such magnets, the patient immediately feels the magnetic pulsations and experiences the effect of eletromagnetism in his body, creating a soothing and direct influence on his system. Besides the greater physical benefits, this treatment gives mental satisfaction also as the patient readily feels that electromagnetic activity is going on in his body where the magnets have been applied.

Duration of Electromagnetic Treatment

The time for treatment is usually from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, depending upon the strength of the patient and the power of the electromagnet used for the treatment. The treatment should be started with lesser duration, which may be increased gradually up to the maximum period mentioned above.

Precautions during Electromagnetic Treatment

All precautions advised in respect of treatment with permanent magnets should be observed during electromagnetic treatment also.

Some Cases Treated by the Author

1. A 50 years old high official of the Government of India had suffered from cervical spondylosis for about 22 years and had taken almost all types of treatments (allopathic, homoeopathic, Ayurvedic, etc.), but could not get permanent relief. One of his friends suggested magnetotherapy to him and he consulted me. I assured him of relief and cure provided he took the treatment regularly for a considerable period.

He used to feel pain in cervical vertebrae 3, 4 and 5, which extended to both of his shoulders. To begin with, high power magnets were applied on the affected area for about 10 days which did not have any effect on him. Then I switched over to electromagnet and premier magnets. I applied the electromagnet to the affected vertebrae alongwith two premier magnets—One on each of his shoulders. North pole on the back of right shoulder and South pole on the back of left shoulder for 15 minutes everyday. He took this treatment for about one month regularly and started feeling better. Unfortunately, due to his tour to Europe and USA he could not take the treatment any longer. I could not expect this result with permanent magnets alone, in such a chronic case.

2. A 35-36 years old lady suffering from frozen shoulder of left side, for the past one year, visited my clinic. She was not able to raise her left arm. She had taken all sorts of treatment including massages with medicated oils but with no effect. She was advised by one of her relatives to give a trial to magnetotherapy for some time. She agreed and used to visit my clinic for magnetic treatment from a distance of about twenty kilometres everyday.

One premier magnet (North pole) was applied to the upper part of her left arm and another premier magnet (South pole) on the lower side of her left arm at a distance of about 5-6 inches. The electromagnet was placed in between the two premier magnets. She used to feel strong vibrations at both the places where premier magnets were applied. She took this treatment regularly for about three weeks. After each sitting she used to feel better and farther better. After a fortnight, she could raise her hand to a considerable height, without much difficulty.

3. Smt. A of New Delhi working in the Ministry of Health, aged 48 years, had been suffering from acute pain in her right knee for the past 3 years and had a lot of difficulty in movements due to this pain although she was never bed-ridden. She applied electromagnet alongwith one premier magnet on the right knee for about 10 minutes daily. In about 10-12 days she found a lot of relief and in about one and a half month’s time, she was almost cured However, on my advice she continued the treatment for some time more.

4. Smt. B of New Delhi, aged 47 years, suffered from severe backache and pain in her knees. She. had already tried the modern medicine alongwith some ayurvedic medicine but pain persisted. She took magnetic treatment. One electromagnet and two premier magnets were applied to her back for ten minutes, with the help of her son who used to hold them at the proper places. North pole of one premier magnet., was applied on the right side of her back and South pole of another premier magnet on the left side of her back where she felt the pain. The eletromagnet was placed between the two premier magnets, This treatment was given for about 10 minutes almost everyday.

For the treatment of her knee pain, South pole of the Premier magnets was placed on the point of pain and electromagnet about one centimeter away, for about 5-6 minutes, on each knee. She was completely relieved of her backache as well as of her knee pain in about a month.

5. Shri X of New Delhi, aged 65 years had fractured the last finger of his right hand in an accident in January 1984. He came to this clinic fifteen days after the removal of the plaster. He had swelling and pain on both sides of the right hand (on dorsal as well as the palm side). He was given electromagnetic treatment for 5 minutes near the finger which improved considerably in a week’s time.

6. Shri Y of New Delhi, aged 72 years got an attack of paralysis on the right side (Hemiplegia). Both of his right arm and right leg were affected. He was taking treatment elsewhere but with no effect. One of his friends suggested to go in for magnetotherapy.

He was neither in a position to come to my clinic nor to purchase the high power magnets. He could arrange only one piece of premier magnets which he applied regularly. He was advised to keep his right palm on the North pole and right sole on the South pole of the magnet for about half an hour everyday. As a result of this treatment for about two months, weakness of the limbs reduced considerably, and he felt sure that he would be alright by this treatment, without the use of electromagnet.

Some common diseases and the places at which Premier and Electro-magnets are applied together, with the pole of the premier magnet, are noted below for information :

1. Arthritis : North pole of premier magnet on the affected place and electromagnet near the premier magnet.
2. Asthma : A special treatment has been given at the end of this list.
3. Backache : South pole of P.M. on spot of pain or on lumbar region & electromagnet by its side.
4. Bronchitis, influenza : As for Asthma.
5. Constipation : N.P. of P.M. on navel & S.P. on lumbar region. Electro M. on both the places separately, near P.M.
6. Diabetes : N.P. of P.M. on Pancreas and S.P. of P.M. on back (opposite to N.P.) Electro M. near both the poles separately.
7. Diarrhea/Dysentery: N.P. of P.M. on navel & S.P. on lumbar region with Electro M. near each pole separately.
8. Fracture : N.P. of P.M. on the affected bone & electro M. by its side. If the fracture extends to some inches in length, N.P. on the upper part and the S.P. on the lower part with Electro M. between both the poles.
9. Headache : N.P. of ceramic magnet on right temple and S.P. of ceramic magnet on left temple with Electro M. on cheek of each side for 5 minutes only.
10. Hernia: S.P. of P.M. on Hernia and Electro M. by its side.
11. Hypertension (H.B.P.) : N.P. of P.M. touching the right pulse; Electro M. on the other side of wrist.
12. Hypotension (L.B.P.) : S.P. of P.M. touching left pulse & Electro M. on the other side of wrist.
13. Haemorrhoids (Piles): N.P. of P.M. on spot or sacral region and Electro M. by its side.
14. Kidney troubles (including stone): S.P. of P.M. on renal region & Electro M. by its side.
15. Nervousness: S.P. of P.M. on back of neck & Electro M. near it.
16. Neuralgia : S.P. of P.M. on painful spot & Electro M. near or on opposite side.
17. Obesity : N.P. of P.M. near navel & S.P. on middle of back & Electro M. with each P.M. separately.
18. Palpitation (Cardiac anxiety and weakness) : N.P. of P.M. near the heart, S.P. of P.M. on back side of heart region & Electro M. near each pole separately for five minutes only.
19. Paralysis : Right palm of patient on N.P. of P.M. & Electro M. on dorsal side (back) of palm of affected side & S.P. of P.M. under sole with Electro M. on dorsal side of foot of affected foot. If arms and legs of both the sides are affected, the same treatment should be given to both sides separately.
20. Prostate gland : S.P. of P.M. on bladder or gland & Electro M. near the P.M.
21. Rheumatism : S.P of P.M. on painful part & Electro M. near it. If pain extends to several parts, the same treatment should be given to each part separately.
22. Sciatica : N.P. of P.M. on upper part of affected leg from where pain starts, with Electro M. near it, and S.P. of P.M. under sole with electro M. on upper side of foot.
23. Polio : N.P. of P.M. on affected hip and S.P. of P.M. under affected sole with Electro M. near each magnet
24. Stiff Shoulders : N.P. of P.M. on front side on affected shoulder and Electro M. near it and S.P. of the P.M. on
back of shoulder with Electro M. near it.
25. Tumors : N.P. of P.M. on the tumor & Eleclro M. near it.

Magnetised water is a great help and necessary supplement to the main treatment by the application of magnets. Drinking water should, therefore, be magnetised with the H.P.M., M.P.M. or P.M., whichever magnets are available. It should be given 3-4 times every day in the quantity of 2 to 3 ounces at a time.

An Expert Opinion about Electromagnetic Treatment

Dr. A.K. Rakshit, consulting physician of magneto-medicine, London, has made the following statement:

“The Medical Electro-Biology is a non-invasive form of treatment, successfully used in Degenerative Osteo-Arthrosis, non-union of bones, fractures and sports injuries. It has also many other applications in place of internal medicine, psychiatry as well as oncology”.


I. (i) N.P. of P.M. under right palm, & Electro M. on back of right palm,
(ii) S.P. of P.M. under left palm & Electro M, on back of left palm.
5 minutes each, one by one.

II. (i) N P. of P.M. on back of right side of chest.
(ii) S.P. of P.M. on back of left side of chest.
(iii) Electro M. on back, between both the P.Ms.
Simultaneously for 10 minutes.

Both the treatments can be given to a patient. Treatment No. I in the morning and treatment No. II in the evening or at night while lying in bed.


N.P. – North pole
S.P. – South pole
P.M. – Premier magnets
H.P. – High power
M.P. – Medium power
M.W. – Magnetised water
Electro M. – Electromagnet