Magnet as a Preventive Device

Magnet as a Preventive Device

Good Health is the Noblest Gift of God

The charter of the World Health Organisation, which works through various Governments, has defined health as : “A state of complete physical, mental and social being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmities”.

Good health is the choicest blessing of life and the noblest gift of God. A man cannot fully enjoy happiness if his health is shaken and life becomes a burden in that case. It is, therefore, the natural and sacred duty of every one to make all possible efforts to preserve good health and to prevent health hazards in future life. Mr. Harvey W. Wiley has so very truly remarked : “We are carefully to preserve that life, which the Author of nature has given us, for it was no idle gift”.

The medical science can give us absence of sickness but it cannot give us good health. Others can provide a house for us but they cannot make it a home. Good health, therefore, depends not on services but on self. The self can be protected from so many ills by means of precautions and preventions.

Magnet as a Preventive Device

Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention of disease is definitely better and cheaper than cure, but positive health is better than either. If with healthy housing, sound nutrition, fresh air, and some kind of natural exercise, we can avoid from the very start the conditions which promote many of the modern diseases, we shall not have to face costly treatment for relief, cure and eradication of diseases.

A first class physician is one who could not only cure diseases but could also prevent them. It will not be a good policy to wait till a person becomes ill. To administer medicines for diseases which have already developed and to suppress revolts which have already sprung up, is comparable to the behaviour of those who begin to dig a well after they have become thirsty. It is for this reason that Governments arrange preventive measures against smallpox, etc.

Very often, people are not actually ill, but they feel a little below that they think should be ideal health. This is the pre-clinical stage of disease and due care should be taken at this time to prevent possible disease. If a person is correctly treated at this stage, not only are the unwell feeling and fatigue, etc., cured but he is spared the consequences of developing any serious disease.

Parents who are healthy beget healthy children. The children who are born healthy, have less diseases in their later lives and enjoy a healthier mental outlook. If adults who were robust as children, become ill, they are easy to cure, but the diseases of the person who were born weakling or who remained ill during the first few years of their lives, are comparatively difficult to cure.

Modern man drinks wine like water, leads an irregular and unnatural life, indulges in sexual excesses and thereby exhausts his vital force. He is wasting his energy excessively and is seeking only physical pleasures. All these actions are against the rules of nature. Hence, people reach only half the age of hundred years stipulated in ancient religious books and begin to degenerate. Keeping one’s habits regular and taking some natural exercise is necessary for one to live in health for a long time.

Descartes (1596—1650), a great Astronomer and Philosopher said : “If there is any possible means of increasing the common wisdom and ability of mankind it must be sought in medicine”. Indeed so, as medicine is the “Science of Humanity and Life”. Here we are reminded of the views of Dr. F.V. Broussais of France, who said : “If magnetism is true, medicine would be an absurdity”. And it has been proved, beyond doubt, by a large number of scientists, through so many experiments all over the world, that magnetism is a true science. According to these great personalities, therefore, all benefits in the matter of health and wisdom should be derived from the use of magnetism.

Use of Magnet as a Preventive Device

Let us now discuss the use of magnet as a preventive device. It is seen that when some danger to existence is impending, man, by instinct, either runs away from it or raises barriers to bar its approach. But man cannot, run away from a disease creeping in his own physical self. He can only create internal and external safeguards against the impending illness. Safeguards of both types aim at increasing resistance in the body. The resistance can be created through two means :

(a) By cleansing the body of any undesirable accumulations, removing obstacles and regularising the working of the human machinery; and
(b) By providing new vigour and stimulation to the energies in the body.

Magnet is capable of doing the wonderful job of accomplishing both the above objectives. Thus magnet proves a strong safeguard against illness and serves as a highly beneficial preventive device.

In homoeopathic system of treatment, curative remedies are given for preventive purposes also. Similarly, the use of magnet is equally rewarding in both the ways. This is so because magnetotherapy works on the principle of accelerating the innate (not the superficial) resistance and dynamism in the body.

Magnetotherapy rejects the practice of injecting foreign agents or elements into the body to do fighting with the disease. Hence preventive or precautionary application of magnet is essentially beneficial and devoid of any harmful effects.

It can be safely said regular application of magnets of advised power is capable of substituting the morning and evening exercises in at least the physical domain. Psychological and natural benefits accruing from exercises cannot and should not, of course, be ignored, especially by the youth, but the use of magnet could be an additional aid to the healthy and the most valuable assistance for persons of advancing and advanced age. Hence healthy persons are advised regular or frequent use of magnets for preserving and improving upon their existing state of health—especially those who cannot spare time for any other exercise or walking.

We have seen, how magnets work on the human body. The magnet works in various ways but the main action is through the blood circulatory system. If our blood is kept clean from deposits and impurities, we shall be saved from a large number of ailments which may otherwise afflict us. And this object can be achieved by the use of magnets. Their use proves curative in the case of sick persons, restorative in the case of convalescents and preventive in the case of healthy persons.

The magnetism of the human body need to be regularly strengthened by external feeding if proper health is to be maintained. All the constituents and internal systems of our body naturally respond to the magnetic emanations and invariably show positive results. Magnetic flux invigorates and accelerates the self-curative and self-healing agents in the body. Through its action on blood, nerves, cells and hormones, it dynamically adds to the physical, mental and consequently psychological energies of man, fights out exhaustion and sickness and prolongs life. Therefore, application of magnet is bound to contribute towards preservation of health and activity and prevention of impending diseases.

Application of Magnet—Curative as well as Preventive

The application of magnet has its penetrating effect on all the systems working in the human body. Hence it is beneficial for all the ailments and functional defects appearing in the body. And for whatever ailments it can prove useful as curative, it can also prove advantageous as preventive.

In view of the manifold beneficial effects of the magnetic treatment, curative as well as preventive, let us act according to the advice of Dr. R.S. Thacker, a great magnetotherapist of Delhi, in the following verse :

Take two magnets, different pole,
Touch them daily, make a goal.

In short, the matter given so far in all the previous pages has amply shown that the regular user of a pair of magnets stays younger and lives longer. Thus he gets maximum results with minimum efforts, expense and time.