Magnetotherapy and Naturopathy

Magnetotherapy and Naturopathy

Several Branches of Naturopathy—Including Magnetotherapy

A Conference of the Indian systems of treatment including Naturopathy was held in Delhi on 25th and 26th June 1977, under the Presidentship of our Prime Minister, Shri Morarji Desai. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Morarji Desai also has a great regard for and attachment with Naturopathy. The secret of his good health even after the age of 86 years lies in his natural diet, simple living and his belief in natural things.

Magnetotherapy and Naturopathy

Naturopathy includes any system of treatment with the help of natural means of recovery without drugs or surgery. It employs earth, heat, light, water, electricity, proper diet, massage and other methods. Beside, Hydropathy, Chromotherapy, Massagetherapy, Yoga and Gemtherapy are also included in Naturopathy.

State Recognition to Naturopathy

As Naturopathy is primarily an Indian system of treatment, combining several natural aids to health without drug or surgery, many State Govts, in India like Gujarat, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, etc. have given this system their State recognition. And alongwith the main media of treatment, other branches included in Naturopathy are also considered to have got State recognition.

The treatment in Naturopathy through earth, heat, light, water, electricity, natural diet and massage, etc. is common and is known to almost everyone. Chromotherapy and Gemtherapy are not, however, so common. Hence information about these systems is given below :

Light and heat are important media of treatment in Naturopathy. Sunlight gives us both. This is an inexpensive but powerful natural agent and it plays a great part in keeping us in health, as it provides us with two important necessities of life, It is for this reason that the Sun is worshipped as God—the Protector.

Nature has provided a number of expensive methods for the preservation and also for restoration of health when it is disturbed. If it is not convenient or possible for any particular person to use mud-packs or take sun-bath, he can carry with him and take some pills having the effect of the spectral colour of Sun-rays.

Sunlight consists of several visible and invisible rays. It is safe to use visible rays for treating human diseases. The spectrum of visible rays consists of seven colours, namely : Violet. Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Of these, Blue. Green and Red are primary colours and the rest are mixtures thereof. The main combinations can give us over 200 hues and shades : otherwise the seven colours can be multiplied into an unlimited number These colours can replace hundreds of medicines in use these days.

We lose ourselves in wonder at the majesty of the perfectly ordered colours and must realize that beauty in the world is not by chance. Travlling in a plane we get only a glimpse of the cosmic vastness and the role of the Sun in the cosmic whole, The different vegetables, fruits, flowers, nuts, grains, etc,, derive their different colours from their paramount source— the Sun, which is the Supreme Power House.

It has been ascertained by the Scientists that every substance has a colour spectrum of its own. This means that every drug also has its own colour spectrum. It is. therefore, logical and has also been proved by experience that spectral colours can be used directly in place of drugs for medical effects. Thus chromotherapy uses spectral colours directly in place of conventional drugs with the result that there is no drug after-effect. Of the 7 colours mentioned above, blue is cooling and soothing, red is warming and stimulating and green is harmonising in between the two and Nature’s best blood purifier.

Just as there are 3 Doshas in Ayurveda, namely : Vat, Pitta and Kaph, there are these 3 primary colours in chromotherapy. So long as the three colours are in a balanced state, a man remains in health but when this balance is upset, a state of disease is noticed.

As every medicine has some colour, every organ of the body also has some colour. For treatment in chromotherapy, the colour of the diseased organ and the temperament of the patient are ascertained and the harmonising colours are used which correct the ailments.

We have specific medicines which act directly on certain organs ; similarly there are certain colours for which different organs have affinity. Describing the affinity of every colour or every organ for a particular colour becomes a matter of detailed study which is out of the scope . Hence the details about the affinity are not given here.

The main medium for administration of colour effect is water but oil, sugar, candy, fruit juices and sugar milk, etc. can also be similarly charged with the colours and these things can be used for longer periods.

Method of Preparation of Solar Medicines

The healing effects of the spectral colours can be obtained by two ways :

(i) by external application to the body by passing Sunlight through various coloured glass sheets, or cellophane paper, and
(ii) by preparing solar medicines for internal and external use.

The latter is done by exposing to sunlight, water, milk, powder or oil,.etc.,stored in coloured bottles for a number of days. The medicinal effect of the colours is absorbed in the medium stored in the coloured bottles. The colour rays pass easily through water medium, so we get a medicinal charge on the water quickly—say, within eight hours of exposure to sunlight. Oils and solids have, however, to be exposed for a month or so to obtain an effective medicinal colour charge.

We have seen that, in chromotherapy, the power of the Sun is utilised through the colours of Sun-rays. In magnetotherapy, the power of magnets is made use of to cure diseases, magnets are believed to have solar power as they give heat to the body when applied to it and the magnetic waves spread out like the rays of the Sun. Hence it is evident that both the systems of treatment draw their power from the same source i.e. the Sun and are, therefore, alike to some extent. Moreover, just as water is charged with colours in chromotherapy, water is also charged with magnetism and magnetised water works as a good medicine in the diseases of abdomen, stomach and in urinary troubles including stones in kidneys.


Gems are the precious stones of different quality and colour and are the products of nature. The Lord of colours is the Sun. The Lord of creation is also the Sun. The Sun has bestowed life to everything on the earth through these colours and, therefore, every colour is represented by these precious stones e.g. Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Topaz, Diamond and Blue-Sapphire.

In India, gems are mostly used for increasing the wealth and longivity, for power and popularity and for averting diseases and disasters. The want of anything makes one restless and perpetual restlessness consumes our energy. The loss of energy wears the garb of a disease. Gemtherapy believes, “Disease is nothing but the colour hunger”. A Gemtherapist understands the colour-hunger in different diseases. If you recieve the colour which your body needs, you are cured of the disease and for this purpose you take either the radiated globules of the relevant gem or wear the gem.

There are references to gems and their power in early works on Astrology in Sanskrit. The oldest Puran, Vishnu Puran, makes elaborate observations on the origin and the power of gems. Even to this day highly ambitious people wear gems for increasing their wealth and the diseased wear them for relieving their sufferings. Gems are used all over the globe in one way or the other.

Most of the gems are used as medicine. In Ayurveda, they have been described for their use as medicine. There are elaborate processes for burning the gems and for turning them into ashes (Bhasmas) for administration to patients suffering from various simple and serious diseases. Undoubtedly, there is a great inherent power in gems particularly with reference to health.

The Origin of Disease

Mind controls the body and a very large percentage of diseases originates in mind. The visible expressions of the mind are emotions, namely : anger, hatred, worry, anxiety, avarice, affection, envy, fear, frustration, greed, jealousy, etc. Thse emotions put the Chakras (plexii) out of order and the secretions from the glands produce harmful effect and cause disease. The human being consists of body, mind and spirit and all the three need treatment—the mind is more important than the body.

The nine important gems are used for nine colours and represent nine planets as follows :

Gem Colour Planet
 1. Ruby  Red Sun
 2. Pearl  Orange, white Moon
 3. Coral  Yellow Mars
 4. Emerald  Green Mercury
 5. Moon Stone (Topas)  Blue Jupiter
 6. Diamond  Indigo Venus
 7. Sapphire  Violet Saturn
 8. Gomeda (Onyx)  Ultra-violet Rahu
 9. Cat’s Eye  Infra-red Ketu

The gems always radiate cosmic colour rays. The human body is composed of cells. Every cell has its composition according to these comic rays. The state of equilibrium of these cosmic rays in the cells keeps the body healthy. When this equilibrium is disturbed, the body develops disease which can be cured by supplying deficiency of the colour ray.

How Gems Cure Diseases

Our body is composed of seven primary colours of the Solar Spectrum, namely : Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. When there is deficiency or absence of any of these primary colours in the body, we are attacked by the diseases. For example, when red rays are absent, diseases like Anemia, Fever, Inflammation, Physical debility, Weakness, Loss of vitality, etc., invade our body. These diseases can be cured by injecting red rays into our body, by wearing or by taking the radiated globules of the gems of red planets, namely the Sun and the Mars. Their favourite gems are Ruby and Red Coral. When these gems come in contact with our body, they inject red rays into our body whereby deficiency is made up and we become free from the diseases.

Again when there is excess of red rays in our body, the excess produce diseases like boils, tumours, sun-stroke, conjunctivitis, insanity, insomnia, headache, carbuncle, etc. These diseases can be quickly cured by injecting cold rays into the body by taking globules of or by wearing cold stones. The most favourite cold stones are Moon Stone, Yellow Sapphire, White Pearl and Emerald.

Therefore, the state of equilibrium of rays is required to be maintained in our body in order to keep it healthy and free from any disease. Any excess or deficiency would result in appearance of diseases.

Each gem has abundant source of one specific rays, This source is not exhausted even after constant use of several years. That is why gems arc considered most valuable healing agents. Certain gems have wonderful healing power. The most useful gems are Red Coral, White Pearl, Moon Stone, Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. Some gems are very dangerous also— for example : Ruby, Cat’s Eye and Blue Sapphire, if unsuitable.

How Gems are Used in Gemtherapy

Gems are made use of in different ways in different systems of treatment. In Ayurveda, the gems are burnt into ashes and the ashes called Bhasmas are given to the patients with honey or with other medicines. In Unani system of tratment, the gems are ground into very thin and fine powder and are given like the Bhasmas of Ayurveda. Use of gems is also made in Homoeopathic way and sugar of milk globules are saturated in tinctures prepared from gems. The procedure is as follows :

An empty clean phial of 30 ml. (one ounce) is taken and one dram of rectified spirit is pured in it. The gem, medicine of which is required to be prepared, is immersed in the rectified spirit and the phial is well-corked. The phial is kept in a dark place protected from light for 7 days. The phial is then taken out and given good shakes. The rectified spirit is transferred to another phial of 30 ml. and homoeopathic blank globules are added to the spirit. By gentle rotation of the phial all the globules are saturated with the gem remedy. The medicine of the particular gem is then ready for use. The gem may be preserved safely for being utilised similarly later on. The gem does not lose its power or effect and may be used as many times as required.

If medicinc of more than one gem is required to be prepared, all the gems concerned may be immersed in the rectified spirit together and the same procedure may be followed.

Magnetotherapy helps in Meditation

Naturopathy brings about a balance of the mind adding to the power of concentration. The same can be achieved through Magnetotherapy also. Experiments have shown that the use of magnets helps in meditation by creating an equilibrium in the mental nerves. In this regard, the following facts are mentionable :

(1) Magnetic energy provides substance and strength to the net-work of nervous system thereby giving initiative and depth to the power of concentration and meditation. Application of magnets has helped in Transcendental Meditation also.

(2) Magnetism regulates the process of blood circulation and energises the digestive system. It provides the body with necessary heat. Thus magnetism preserves complete health of the Sadhak and provides him with requisite physical and mental environment for meditation.

(3) Magnetism dispenses the accumulation in the body of foreign elements like Calcium, Cholesterol, etc., and thus releases the tension in nerves. It renders the body flexible—an essential condition for practising Yoga.

(4) Magnetism gives strength and normalcy to the functions of mind, heart and lungs and has direct effect on respiratory system. Thus it heips in Pranayam and Yogic practices relating to breathing.

(5) Magnetism is very helpful in purging human physical mechanism of all unwanted elements through excertions thereby giving to whole system a balanced activity devoid of excitement.

It will be observed from the above that Magnetism is prone to exercise a deep effect on all inner and outer workings of the body. Magnetotherapy can thus prove a valuable aid to the family men and Yogis alike.

As Magnetism releases strain and tension in nerves and provides them with requisite energy, therefore, intellectuals like Judges, Advocates. Vakils, Professors, Writers, Secretaries, Business Executives and Mental Workers also are sure to be benefitted by the regular use of magnets. Even 5 minutes magnet-touch in the morning means a natural exercise and will keep them physically fit, active and energetic as well as mentally alert. Hence everyone should take this exercise in his/her home regularly. It is beneficial for these who cannot get out for morning walks or do any other exercise. It works as a preventive too against many ailments which may otherwise come.

Ponts of Similarity between Magnetotherapy and Naturopathy

Magnetotherapy, in its spirit and content, is quite similar to Naturopathy, so much so that the former could be considered a branch of the latter. Naturopathy, as practised today, can be substantially supplemented through the application of magnetism. Just as the earth, water and electricity are the agents of healing in Naturopathy, magnetic energy which is the medium in Magnetotherapy is as good as direct gift and force of Nature as electricity is. To stress these points further, several points of similarties between these two systems are given below :

(1) Magnetotherapy is a system of treatment of various diseases through application of magnets to the body of the patients just as Naturopathy is a system of treatment with application of earth, electricity, heat, light, water, etc.

(2) Magnetotherapy is an external treatment and is carried out by applying magnets to the body externally, just a naturopathy is an external treatment carried out by applying heat, light, water, massage, etc., externally.

(3) No drugs or surgery are administered in magnetotherapy just as no drugs or surgery are given in Naturopathy. Both are drugless systems of treatment.

(4) Magnetotherapy regulates blood-circulation, autonomic nervous system as well as other systems working in the body, namely : digestive, respiratory, urinogenital, just as naturopathy improves and regulates all these systems.

(5) Magnetic treatment produces heat in the body and goes a long way to relieve pains, swelling, stiffness, etc., besides many other diseases like eczema and spondylitis. Electric treatment also works in the same way and both the treatments are, therefore, similar.

(6) There are no adverse effects in the treatment of magnetotherapy as there are no ill after-effects in Naturopathy.

(7) No big machinery or apparatuses are required in the treatment of Magnetotherapy ; only a few pairs of magnets are sufficient to treat all diseases. Naturopathy also does not need big machinery and apparatuses and they are accordingly similar.

(8) Magnetotherapy is quite simple, safe and economical like Naturopathy. There is no recurring expenditure in magnetotherapy as the same magnets can be used for hundreds of patients for various diseases and for years together. If the magnets lose some of their strength in the course of time (4-5 years), they can be recharged to regain their lost strength and become active again.

(9) Magnetotherapy pleads for the use of magnetised water in almost all diseases—especially all stomach and urinary trobles—just as water is made use of, to a great extent, in Naturopathy.

(10) Electricity and magnetism are two branches of a natural force. Electricity is already included in Naturopathy. Magnetism also plays a great part in curing diseases of almost all kinds and should, therefore, be considered to be a medium of treatment in Naturopathy.

Some Preferential Points in Magnetotherapy

1. The time required for magnet-treatment, everyday as well as on the whole, is much less than the time required for treatment by every branch of Naturopathy, every day as well as for the whole treatment.

2. The magnet-treatment is much cheaper than the treatment of Naturopathy in its different branches.

3. There are no or very limited precautions or restrictions in Magnetotherapy in the matter of diet, eating and drinking habits and other movements, etc., while Naturopathy puts in many restrictions in these respects.

4. The magnet-treatment can be easily taken at one’s residence if the patient has the required magnets with him, while it is not easily possible to take Naturopathy treatment at home in many cases—particularly with electric machines.


The position explained above evidently shows that Magnetotherapy is a natural treatment and even has some preferential points over Naturopathy. But it is not considered to be a part of Naturopathy so far. It would be in the fitness of things now if Magnetotherapy is recognised by all Naturopaths, Naturopathy Associations and the State and Central Governments, as a branch of Naturopathy. The recognition will benefit both Naturopathy as well as Magnetotherapy. Naturopathy will be enriched further by magnet-treatment and Magnetotherapy will have more support of public as well as recognition by Governments.