Natural Magnets and Artificial Magnets

Natural Magnets and Artificial Magnets

Magnets may be broadly divided into two groups, namely, Natural magnets and Artificial magnets.

Natural magnets represent the substances created by nature, which have the property of attraction. The biggest natural magnet is the earth itself as shown in an earlier chapter. Some other natural magnets are ironore, Natural Magnets and Artificial Magnetsmagnetite and other iron-pyrites, etc., which contain iron and oxygen and also have the property of attracting iron filings.

The force of these natural magnets remains the same and cannot be increased or decreased according to one’s wish or requirement. Hence the natural magnets are of very restricted use.

Magnetism was, however, believed to have great power and potentialities, Man has, therefore, made his own magnets and has designed them in many ways to suit his requirements. These man-made magnets are called Artificial magnets.

The artificial magnets can be made to have different degrees of magnetism and can be manufactured in various designs. These can, therefore, be used for many purposes and are utilised in innumerable items of general nature as well as in cottage and heavy industries.