Technique of Application of Magnets

Technique of Application of Magnets

Different Poles have Different Effects

The use of magnets is an aid to nature. The application of magnets works as a medicine and restores the body to its natural state in due course. The treatment through magnets has its effect on body mainly through blood circulatory system and also through other systems, namely, digestive, nervous, respiratory and urinary. It also has its use in geriatrics, gyneatrics and pediatrics. There are several methods of application of magnets to the different parts of the body for the treatment of different ailments. The main methods are dealt with in this chapter.

Technique of Application of Magnets

Ancient literature shows that magnets were used for healing purposes in ancient China, Egypt and in other countries. The ancient magnetotherapists could not make out why the magnets failed to show any effect in some cases and even showed adverse effect in some other cases. Experience and experiments since made with application of different poles on different patients have proved that the two poles of the magnet act in different ways when brought in physical contact with human body, have different properties, characteristics and effects. The North Pole has a retarding action, controls the bacterial infection and pus and makes ineffective or even kills the cancer cells. It also relieves, boils, sores, skin rashes, tumours, etc. The South Pole on the other hand, radiates energy, gives warmth and strength to the painful part, increases power of resistence, reduces swelling and draws pain out of the body. The no-effects or adverse effects noticed by some physicians of ancient times might have been due to the application of magnets of low strength or applying them for shorter or longer periods or using incorrect poles or for some other causes.

Magnetism, regardless of how one may look at it, is a form of energy and does affect all the mankind, animals, vegetation and all other living systems on the earth. The researches made in this respect have found that it can be a valuable tool in many professions not just for the sake of mankind, to arrest, control and destroy diseases, improve mental attitude, etc. but it may also alter all concepts of medical approaches to healing the sick.

Mode of Application

Some physicians and scientists are in favour of using one single pole at a time. Sometimes they suggest application of North Pole for 10 minutes and then immediately thereafter South Pole for another 10 minutes like cold and hot packs in Naturopathy. The principle adopted in this book, however, is to use a single pole only where the disease is located in a small portion of the body and to use both the poles when larger parts or whole bodies are affected by any disease. Single pole theory is an old theory while the bipolar application is based on the latest double pole theory of magnetic treatment.

One of the contemporary propounders of the single pole theory, Dr. Albert Roy Davis of USA, generally uses a bar magnet (15 x 5 x 1.25 cms) for treatment of various ailments. Some of the cases enumerated by him in his book “The Anatomy of Biomagnetism” are brieflly stated below for information :

North Pole(N.P.)

1. Arthritis —Calcium of joints is slowly dissolved by North Pole.
2. Bleeding or haemorrhage—After birth or due to female weak organs.
3. Bleeding of wounds, cuts, bruises due to weak tissues.
4. Boils and Cancers.
5. Broken bones, broken joints, fractures—South Pole on the upper and North Pole on the lower portion ensures best healing.
6. Burns—North Pole on the burnt portion. When the pain is less, South Pole to give strength to the tissue and to form flesh over the burnt part.
7. H.B.Pressure—N.P. under the right ear down the artery.
8. Infection, pus, discharge due to any infection (N.P. arrests it and nature heals).
9. Kidney infection or stone (even partially lost kidneys may start fuctioning in some cases).
10. Sprains in ankles, back, hips,legs and feet, etc.
11. Teeth and gums —Decaying teeth, infection of gums, swellings, pus deposits.
12. Toothache with bad smell, bleeding & wounds

South Pole (S.P.)

1. All kinds of pains, stiffness and weakness in fore limbs, arms, legs, shoulders, hips, etc.—S.P. encourages & provides strength and life to the limbs.
2. Encourage life in all its forms but makes infection worse.
3. Digestion poor, gas formation—Due to more acidity in stomach.
4. Production of insulin less.
5. Prostate enlargement (Fluid discharge is increased. M.W. every 2 hours or earlier is a must).
6. Hair colouring—S.P. improves hair colouring in limited cases of those persons only whose health is good. South Pole for 1/2 hour on the seat of the person after he/she has gone to bed gives good results.
7. Heart—We should ascertain the actual heart disease as there may be several types of complaints. For weak hearts, weak heart muscles, causing murmurs, reduction of pulse rate, and heart beats—apply South Pole.
8. Neuralgia (Headache)-the causes should be investigated and treated. S.P. works to remove it if applied also below the left side of the stomach, M.W. and diet should be advised.
9. Weak muscles—South Pole for 10 minutes morning and 10 minutes in the evening again.
10. Weakness to walk—South Pole for a week or 10 days provides energy, and strength.

In his book, Dr. Albert Roy Davis has given some discussion about the magnetic development in Russia and America. He then writes as follows :

“If we examine carefully, we will find a form of stimulation of the living system by these two separate and different forms of energy (i.e. magnetic poles).

Now from the above discussion, we can better understand the effect of each pole of the biomagnet and the combined results of using both poles of the magnet when used together at one and the same time.”

With a view to resorting to more rational methodology as well as in view of the above, we have preferred to adopt the system of applying two poles simultaneously and we call it general treatment under double pole theory as per details given hereunder:

The magnetic treatment is generally carried out in two ways: (i) Local and (ii) General.

Local Treatment

In local treatment, it is not quite necessary to resort to two magnets i.e. to apply both the poles together. The selected pole of a magnet is applied to the affected part of the body directly, next to the skin, that is, in close contact with the bare skin, although it can be applied over one or two layers of cloth also, without applying pressure on it. This is done when the ailment is localised in a particular part of the body, say, for example, in the case of a boil, in mumps or in tonsils, and in the case of pain and swelling of a small portion on account of some injury or otherwise. In the case of diseases due to some bacterial action or infection, the north pole should be applied, while in the case of pain and swelling where no infection is suspected, the south pole should be used. Thus the selection of the correct pole of a magnet for spot application on the body is very important in magnetic treatment.

General Treatment

General treatment is given in the case of ailments not centred in any particular part of the body but affecting major portion of the body or extending to wider area or covering the whole body. This requires treatment by two different poles of the magnets of similar shape, size and stength.

The general rule for carrying out general treatment is as follows. If the disease lies in the upper half of the body, that is, in the parts above the navel, magnets should be applied in the palms of both the hands of the patient and if the disease is more in the lower half of the body, that is, in the parts below the navel, then magnets should be applied under the soles of both the feet. In case the disease spreads to the whole body, the treatment may be given alternatively underpalms and under soles on alternate days, that is, one day in both hands and next day under both feet, or in the morning under the hands and in the evening under the soles if treatment is given twice a day. Here, as a general rule, the North pole should be applied to the right hand or foot and the south pole to the left hand or foot.

The ability to tone up and correct human system lies in the palms of hands and soles of feet. Thus the source of health lies in human palms and soles. It is difficult to believe how they work but there is no doubt that they do.

This book is intended to help the average person to return to and enjoy health by natural means. It is to show how to ease routine ailments and promote well-being. It does not authorise every reader to treat people who are severely ill but surely help every one to regulate the different systems working in the body and consequently to enjoy better health.

The human body is very wonderfully constructed and each part of it is connected with other parts of body, directly or indirectly, through blood-circulation and nervous system. The extremities of the body, namely, hands and feet, are directly connected with many other important organs of the body.

The hands, as well as the feet, have many ‘Reflexes’, which tie up the different portions of the hands and the feet with various other organs. The palmer and the dorsal sides of the hands have different reflexes. The different reflexes have direct links with various regions of the body, but the palm side is tied up to more important organs. The same is the position with the feet. Hence the palms of hands and the soles of feet are used in general magnetic treatment and the effect of the treatment goes to all the parts of the body, through internal connections.

Electericity and Magnetism

It is a matter of common knowledge that electricity and magnetism are correlated. There is a magnetic flux around the lines of electricity and magnetism can produce electricity under certain circumstances. Hence each of them is so interlinked with the other that it cannot be completely separated.

Electropathy and Magnetotherapy

In Electricity, there are two currents, namely, Positive and Negative, while in Magnetism there are two Poles, namely. North Pole and South Pole. Both the currents of Electricity match with the corresponding Poles of the Magnet. Therefore wherever Positive current is used in Electricity or Electropathy North Pole is applied in Magnetotherapy; and wherever negative current is used in Electricity or Electropathy, South Pole is applied in Magnetotherapy.

In view of the above, Magnetotherapy works on the lines of Electropathy, at least in some respects. The methods followed in Electropathy in some cases can, therefore, be adopted in Magnetotherapy, with certain modifications.

Standard Lead Technique of ECG

Let us understand Standard Lead technique employed in Electrocardiography (ECG) for further study. The parts of the body employed for the purpose of ECG arc two fore-arms (or hands) and the left leg (or foot). These may be coupled in any one of three combinations, each of which is called a ‘lead’. Each standard lead uses two electrodes and thus the standard ECG is a combination of two tracings. Lead I consists of electrical tracing produced by a combination of the right arm and the left arm electrodes. Lead II stems from the right arm and left leg electrodes ; and Lead III from the left leg and left arm electrodes.. A fourth lead occasionally used, was termed as Chest Lead. It was tested at several parts of the body but did not prove satisfactory. Hence the main leads in use are only three—namely, leads I, II and III.

The ECG shows a graphic representation of the electrical forces produced by the heart. The application of magnets works through the blood and acts through the heart. In magnetotherapy, the use of all the three Leads is adopted as our first three methods of application of magnets. In addition, two more methods to cover all positions are adopted. The additional methods are the combination of (i) Right hand and Right foot and (ii) Right foot and Left Foot. Thus the main methods of application of magnets in general treatment come to five in number. The reverse of Lead II, namely. Left Hand and Right Foot is neither used in ECG nor it need be used in Magnetotherapy, although there is no serious objection to apply magnets to these parts if any case requires this treatment. The relationship of the magnetotherapy methods to the ECG Leads as well as the Poles of magnets to be applied in each method are indicated below :

Side-wise Application of Magnets

Besides the 5 methods, mentioned above there are three more principles for application of magnets.

We have seen that human body itself is a magnet and our bodies are considered to have magnetic sides. According to that view, if we have to apply the magnets on right side and left side of the body, then North Pole should be applied to the right side and South Pole to the left side. Secondly, if magnets have to be applied on the upper and lower sides of the body, North Pole should be applied to upper side and South Pole to the lower side. Thirdly, if the magnets are to be applied to the front and back sides of the body, then North Pole is to be applied on the front side and South Pole on the back side.

All the above rules are meant for general guidance of practitioners. They can deviate from the above rules and exercise their own intelligent decisions according to every case in hand, if some other and better method of application of the magnets is considered more appropriate in any case.

The method of treatment is selected for every patient or disease, according to the nature or place of the ailment. The North Pole or the South Pole of a magnet is to be applied to the right or left side of the body according to the methods selected for treatment as shown above.

Therefore, in case method I is adopted for the treatment of any person. North Pole should be applied to the right palm and the South Pole to the left palm. If method II is chosen, North Pole should be applied to the right palm and the South Pole to the left sole. The application of the Poles in other methods will be made to the parts of body noted against the respective methods.

Thus, no medicine, no injection, no needle-piercing, no pressurising, no massaging, etc. but only placing your palms or soles lightly on the magnets for minutes and Nature works.

Technique of Contact with Magnets

When treatment is to be carried out by the foregoing methods, two round or square magnets, one having North Pole in its centre and the other having South Pole in its centre, are to be used. A wooden bench, chair or stool and a piece of wooden plank about one inch thick, big enough to provide space for both the feet, should be arranged.

For taking treatment by method No. I, the patient should sit on the wooden bench, chair or stool and should keep the magnet having North Pole in the centre on his righ hand side and the magnet having South Pole in the centre on his left hand side. He should then place his right palm on the centre of the magnet kept on his right side and his left palm on the centre of the magnet on his left side. The wooden plank should be kept below his feet. No pressure need be applied on the magnet; simple constant touching is sufficient.

For taking treatment by method No. V, the patient should sit on a wooden bench, chair or stool, keep both magnets on the wooden plank (North Pole to the right side and South Pole to the left side) and rest his soles on their centres. Shoes should be removed but socks are not objectionable.

For treatment under other methods, hand or feet may be placed on the magnets as suggested against the respective methods.

Some Simple Test to perceive Magnetic Force

Some people may wonder and doubt whether magnetic force can work on, or pass through, the hand or foot placed on a magnet. A simple test, given below, will convince anybody that it does.

“Rest your palm on electromagnet or strong permanent magnet and place a number of small iron pains on the other side (back) of the palm. The pains will stick out like bristles on the back of the palm, proving continuity of the magnetic force through the palm, although the palm itself may not feel any sensation or magnetic effect. This proves that magnetic force not only works on the palm but passes through it and goes beyond”. Similarly the magnetic force works in the body through the soles also.

The magnetic force passes through cloth, glass, paper, plastic, rubber, stainless steel and wood too. This can be easily proved by the following tests:

(i) Take any cloth made of cotton, nylon, terelene or wool. Keep some pins on the cloth and pass a magnet below the cloth. The pins will move as the magnet below the cloth is moved.

(ii) Take a glass-tumbler or a steel-tumbler and put some pins in it. Pass a magnet by the side of the outer wall of the tumbler. The pins will move inside the tumbler as the magnet is moved outside. If the magnet is lifted higher than the top of the tumbler, the pins will come out of the tumbler and will stick to the magnet.

(iii) Take a hot-water bottle or any thing else made of rubber. Keep some pins on one side and pass a magnet on the other side of the bottle. The pins will move just as the magnet is moved. If the magnet is rotated briskly, the pins will dance.

(iv) Take a smooth wooden plank of the thickness of about half-an-inch. Keep some pins on the upper side of the plank and pass a strong magnet under the plank. The pins will move in the direction the magnet is moved.

All these simple tests will prove that the force of magnetism in not checked or stopped by any of the things mentioned above but passes through them.

In fact, whether you touch strong magnets by soles or by palms, the affect of magnetism reaches the whole body upto head. If you go on touching the strong magnets for long periods, you may feel some heaviness, headache, sleepiness, yawning or even giddiness.

Treatment of Diseases

Almost all the diseases where organic or tissue changes have not yet occured, are amenable to magnetic treatment. A list of a hundred and fifty common diseases which can be successfully treated by magnets is given at the end of this Chapter. The appropriate method of application to be adopted in each of these diseases as well as some additional hints have been indicated against each disease for facility of treatment.

Selection of Magnets

The shape, size and design of a magnet is to be selected according to the convenience and suitability of its application to the particular part of the body where it is required to be used. There are parts of body where large-size magnets will not fit in and there are some other places where small size magnets will not be adequate. For instance, if we have to apply a magnet locally to an eye, we should naturally require a small size, preferably round magnet, which may cover the closed eye. A magnet of big size will neither be suitable nor advisable for application on the eye. On the other hand, if there is pain and swelling in a large portion of the body, in an area which is as big as the palm or still bigger, then the small magnet, which may be suitable for the eye, may not be sufficient for this painful area. A bigger-size magnet which can cover the painful and swollen area as far as possible, will be definitely better. Hence using the same magnet, with the same shape, size and design for application on different parts of body for relieving different types of diseases will neither be convenient nor suitable.

The same is the position about the strength of magnets. There are some tender places in our body, namely, brain, eye and heart where very powerful magnets should not be applied nor magnets of medium power should be kept in contact for long durations. On the other hand, low-power magnets may not be sufficient for the ailments of hard, large muscles or bones namely hips, thighs, knees or heels, etc. Thus the shape, size design and strength of a magnet should be selected according to the chronicity and seriousness of the disease, the part of the body affected and the age and the strength of the patient to bear the force of the magnetic emanations, when giving local treatment. It is better to keep these points in view while giving general treatment too.

It may be pointed out here that it is the magnetic force that relieves and cures diseases and not the dimensions of the magnet to be applied. Hence all magnets, prepared for commercial industrial, medical and other purposes can be utilised for the purpose of treatment, if their shapes, sizes, designs and strength are suitable for application to the part of the body affected and for the ailment of the case in hand.

The direction to which a magnetic pole faces, has bearing on the pattern of lines of force emanating from it. When North pole faces north, parallel lines of force emanate from it, while very few lines of force, in a distorted pattern, emanate if the North pole faces south or east or west. Similar is the position with the South pole.

Seating of Patients

It has been stated under the heading “Earth’s magnetic effect on human beings”,  that over bodies are considered to have magnetic sides. In view of the position described therein, the seating of the patients when giving magnetic treatment, becomes important. The patients should be asked to sit in such a way that the North pole of the magnet when placed on the body, say on the forehead or throat, should be towards the North and the South pole of the magnet should be towards the South, if only one pole of a magnet is applied at a time. If the treatment is given by different poles of two magnets simultaneously, then the patient should be asked to sit facing ‘West’ so that his right hand and the whole right side remain towards the north and his left hand and the whole left side remain towards the south. If the patient is seated in these directions, the same magnets will show better results, than when the patient sits in other directions. In the suggested directions, the magnetic treatment will have the support of natural terrestrial magnetism also.

Peculiar Manifestations

Long experience with magnetic treatment shows that application of strong magnets causes some peculiar manifestations in some patients. Some people feel some mild tingling sensations as if some breeze is blowing or as if some light waves are passing in the hands or feet when strong magnets are applied to them. Some persons feel warmth, some feel giddiness, some get yawning, some feel sleepy and some get slight perspiration on the parts touching the magnets, while others do not feel any sensation. It is difficult to give any convincing explanation for the various feelings and manifestations, but the fact remains tint whether one feels any sensation or not, the magnets work on every person touching them.

Duration of Application of Magnets

The magnetic treatment should normally be given for about 10 minutes only once a day. In chronic cases of Gout, Paralysis. Poliomyelitis, Rheumatism or Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc., the time of treatment can be gradually increased even up to half-an-hour daily or for 15-20 minutes twice a day. In the case of children, however, the time may be reduced upto 5 minutes a day, depending upon their age, disease and tenderness and the power of magnets.

There is no fixed course or time-limit for carrying out magnetic treatment. It should be continued till cure is effected The cure is achieved in different periods in different cases, depending upon the nature and length of the disease, the age and strength of the patient and the power of magnets to be applied. In some cases, effect is noticed within a few days, in some cases in about two weeks, in some chronic cases in a few months. Magneic treatments corrects all functional disorders, but in some very old and chronic cases, which have defied all other treatments and where diseases of long standing have caused considerable changes in the body, magnetic treatment may also show little benefit, especially where organic changes have set in. Some such cases may require surgery and some others divine help.

Generally, there is no aggravation by magnetic treatment. If, however, any pain seems to increase in the first instance in any case, it may be due to the fact that the magnet in the process of eliminating the pain, draws it out from the internal parts of the body to the skin. The increase in pain, if felt in any case, subsides in a short time and no separate treatment is considered necessary for reducing it.

Different Ways of Application of Magnet

Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya of Naihati, West Bengal, has written in his work on ‘Magnet Healing’ that when a powerful (Horseshoe) magnet is held in the left hand, it simultates the heart, while in the right hand, the heart’s action is slowed down. He has demostrated the case of a patient to prove the correctness of his theory. He adds that when there is high blood pressure, it means that the heart’s action should be slowed down and hence the magnet should be held in the right hand and when the blood pressure is low, the magnet should be held in the left hand in order to increase the activity of the heart.

Dr. H.T. Bolakani has designed his patent magnet to be worn on the wrist of the left hand in all cases of all diseases. He prefers the left wrist as it is nearer the heart as compared with the right wrist. He has written in his book that many cases of high blood pressure have been relieved or cured by placing his magnet on the left wrist in all cases.

Dr. R. S. Thacker of Delhi advises that the treatment of high blood pressure should be carried out by Method I, namely, by applying magnets under both hands, but care should be taken to see that strong magnets are not applied to such persons for long periods. Treatment for five minutes in such cases may be sufficient. He feels that the magnet increases heat in the body. In high blood pressure, there is already heat and rush of blood to head. He. therefore, advises that a wet towel folded into several layers should be put on the lower part of the spine and it will quickly afford relief to the patient, if the blood pressure is very high, as that portion of the spine is directly connected with the head. In the case of low blood pressure, he places two magnets in the hands of the patients for 10 minutes or even longer and also applies South pole of a strong magnet on the lower part of the spine of such patients. Dr. Thacker’s method of applying three magnets at a time corresponds to the method adopted by Dr. Mesmer in the treatment of a lady mentioned , although for a different disease. Dr. Thacker sometimes applies even more than three magnets to a patient at the same time, if necessary.

The Aimante Trading Company of Tokyo. Japan, has made magnetic health band which is stated to be very useful against stiffness of shoulders and high blood pressure. They advise that the band should be worn on any of the arms, throughout the day and night. The magnetic band contains six to eight small ceramic magnets and looks like a watch strap or a bangle.

In view of the successes achieved by all the above magnetotherapists by applying magnets of different strengths to different parts of body for the same complaints, it can be assumed that the force of magnetism works on the body as a whole irrespective of the place on which it is applied. Thus it has remote effect also.

Guidelines and Precautions for Use of Magnets

(i) The best time for taking magnetic treatment is morning, after discharging usual routine duties and taking bath but before taking breakfast. If it is not possible to take this treatment in the morning for any reason, it may be taken in the evening before meals.

(ii) No cold thing should be drunk or eaten for at least half-an-hour after applying magnets. The magnets create temporary warmth in the body and it is not advisable to take anything cold when body is heated. Warm or hot things, namely milk or tea, etc. can, however, be taken immediately after application.

(iii) Bath should not be taken for 2 hours after application of strong magnets, for the same reason. Hence it is better to take magnetic treatment in the morning after taking bath.

(iv) Strong magnets should not be applied immediately after taking full meals as their application might induce nausea or vomiting in some cases.

(v) Strong magnets should not be applied to pregnant ladies, children and to delicate points in the body namely— brain, eyes, heart, etc.

(vi) Ordinarily, application of magnets does not show any harmful effects. But the application of strong magnets for a long time may result in some inconvenience, namely, heaviness in head, headache, sleepiness, yawning, tingling in nerves, etc. If any such inconvenience is felt, the contact of magnets should be discontinued immediately and the patient advised to take rest.

(vii) When the magnet has been improperly selected, the resulting sufferings can be permanently removed by lay-laying the outspread hands on a large zinc plate for half- an-hour.

(viii) Homoeopathic medicine “Zincum Metallicum” antidotes the effects of the medicines prepared from the magnet. Hence this medicine can also be used, in low potencies, to antidote the adverse effect of application of magnets, noticed if any.

(ix) Opposite poles of strong flat magnets should not be clapped together. If they are placed face to face at all. fingers should not be allowed to come between them as they may be crushed.

(x) The opposite poles of two magnets may be joined together with a ‘keeper’ when they are not in use, so that their magnetism is not lost.

(xi) It is neither necessary nor advisable to remove gold and other ornaments from hands or fingers when using the magnets in palms.

(xii) The magnets should not however be allowed to come in contact with watches unless they are ‘magnetic proof’.

Sl. No. Disease Method to be applied Remarks (M.W. stands for magnetised water)
 1.  Abscess, Boils Cancers Carbuncles I or V  Method I if disease is in upper part of the body; method V if in lower part. Local treatment, with North Pole, should also be carried out on the spot of eruption.
 2.  Acne  I  Local treatment with North Pole and drinking of M.W. will also help.
 3.  Adenoids Nasal Polypus  I  Local treatment with North Pole and drinking of M.W. will also help.
 4.  Anaemia  I  M.W. should be given to regulate and strengthen the normal function of the liver.
 5.  Aphthae Thrush Ulcers in mouth  I  M.W. will also help as the ailment is generally due to disorders of stomach.
 6.  Appendicitis (Not very acute)  –  Local treatment with South Pole of a strong magnet, twice daily.
 7.  Appetite wanting  I  M.W. should also be given.
 8.  Arthritis  I & V  Alternately on alternate days or morning and evening. Time may be increased gradually to 30 minutes in each sitting. M.W. will also help. Treatment should be continued for a long time.
 9.  Asthma  I  Middle or High Power magnets for 10 minutes. M.W. to be given daily. Treatment for a long time as per details :

(i) A Pair of High Power magnets should be applied under palms for 10-12 minutes in the morning and for the same duration in the evening, if possible. (North pole under right palm & South pole under left palm). Continuous contact is necessary, without any pressure. This regulates circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems, proves beneficial in asthma and bronchitis, removes pain in chest and difficulty in breathing. If high power magnets are not available, medium power or premier magnets may be used but they are less powerful and should, therefore, be applied for 15 to 20 minutes.

(ii) The application of Crescent type (curved) Ceramic magnets is beneficial for the troubles of nose and throat. The north pole of these magnets should be applied on the right nostril, covering the full nasal wall, for about 10 minutes twice daily. This will gradually remove the problems of nose-namely blocking, polypus, sneezing, watering, etc. and will ease the difficulty in breathing through nose.

(iii) The crescent type ceramic magnets may also be applied on throat, for about 10 minutes once or twice daily. This will reduce coughing, irritation, pain and other inconveniences of throat, if any.

(iv) A Magnetic necklace may be worn around the neck touching the upper part of the chest. It has proved quite effective in asthma and bronchitis. The necklace can be worn throughout the day. except when taking bath. If some one does not like to wear it during the day, one may wear it during the night.

(v) The magnetised water prepared with High Power magnets should be drunk , three/four times every day, about two ounces in each dose. The magnetised water not only removes congestion is chest and lungs constipation and gasformation but also helps to regulate and improve appetite and digestion.

The above treatment can be combined with any medicine or exercise, etc. The treatment suggested above is primarily meant for bronchial asthma but is beneficial for allergic, cardiac and dry asthma also.

Sl. No. Disease Method to be applied Remarks (M.W. stands for magnetised water)
 10.  Backache  Special  If horizontal, North pole on the right side and South pole on the left side ; if vertical, North pole on the upper portion and South pole on the lower portion.
 11.  Biliousness  Special  North pole below the liver and South pole opposite to it on the back. Method No. I will also help. M.W. is necessary.
 12.  Biting of bees, Insects,scorpions, etc.  do  North pole on the affected part.
 13.  Bladder affections  do  North pole on right side and South pole on left side of the abdomen, upon the bladder.
 14.  Blood Pressure (High or Low)  I  In high blood pressure, treatment may be given for five minutes. Wet-cloth pad may be applied to the lowest part of the spinal cord if BP goes very high. In low blood pressure, treatment may be given for 15-20 minutes and one strong magnet may also be applied to the lower part of the spinal cord and M.W. may be given several times daily.
 15.  Bronchitis (Branchopneumonia)  I  Treatment to be started with 5 minutes daily and time to be increased gradually up to 10 minutes. M.W. should be given. See Instructions for Asthma also.
 16.  Cataract & Glaucoma  Special  Ceramic crescent-type magnets may be applied on both the eyes. If this does not help, treatment given at item No. 35 may be tried. These diseases can be benefitted in their initial stages only.
 17.  Chilblains  I or V  If in hands, method I; if in feet, method V. If in all extremities, then methods I and V alternately, on alternate days, or in morning and evening.
 18.  Cold in head  I  M.W. may be given every two hours. Cold things should be avoided.
 19.  Colic  I  Local treatment with South pole also. M.W. too will help.
 20.  Colitis  Local  High-powered magnets may be applied on the point of trouble and M.W. should be given.
 21.  Constipation  II  The diagonal magnetic effect removes constipation in due course of time. M.W. must be given several times a day.
 22.  Cough (dry or wet)  I  Small magnets may also be applied locally on the throat.
 23.  Convulsions and Cramps  I or V  Remarks as against item 17.
 24.  Corns in feet  V  M.W. of North pole will help.
 25.  Coryza  I Local treatment on nose also. M.W.
 26.  Cuts  I & V  Local treatment also with North pole on the affected part.
 27.  Dandruff  I  North pole of small magnets may also be applied on the head.
 28.  Diabetes  I  If no benefit is felt in a few months. North pole on the pancreas and South pole behind it on the back. M.W. will help. Treatment to be continued for a long time.
 29.  Diarrhoea and Dysentery  I  M.W. every two hours. Local treatment also if pain is there.
 30.  Dropsy  I or V  Method I, if disease is more in upper part of the body; method V, if disease is more in the lower part. M.W. will also help.
 31.  Dyspepsia  I  Local treatment also. M.W. should be given, several times a day.
 32.  Ear troubles (Boils in ears, deafness, discharge, Earache, Inflammation) Special Treatment  South pole of a strong magnet may be applied under the right palm for 10 minutes and North pole of a medium or low-strength magnet near the affected ear, If trouble affects both ears, the small magnet may be applied near each ear for 5 minutes.
 33.  Eczema, Herpes  I or V  Remarks as against Abscess. If weeping, a kerchief may be kept in the spot and magnet applied on the kerchief.
 34.  Epilepsy, Fits  I  North pole to abdomen and South pole to back also. M.W. should be given several times a day and treatment should be continued for a long time.
 35.  Eye troubles (all functional disorders)  Special Treatment  South pole of a strong magnet may be applied under the right palm for 10 minutes and North pole of a low-strength magnet on each eye for 5 minutes irrespective of the natured  of the disease. Treatment is the same for affections like conjunctivitis, defective vision, eye-lids inflammations, injuries to eye balls, iritis, lachrymation, purulent discharge, short-or long-sightedness, sore eyes, spots before eyes, squint, etc.
 36.  Facial paralysis  Special Strong or Medium-powered magnets may be applied on the affected side of the face twice daily for 15 minutes each time and M.W. should be given.
 37.  Falling and greying of hair  I  Low-powered magnets should also be applied on both the temples. M.W. given to drink and use of soaps should be avoided.
 38.  Fevers  I  Medium-powered magnets should be applied in the morning and evening for 5 minutes and M.W. should be given to drink every two hours.
 39.  Fistula  V  North pole of a small magnet may also be applied or tied to the point of fistula if possible, M.W. should be given.
 40.  Fissures  V  Small magnets may also be used or tied on the fissures at night.
 41.  Flatulence (gas. wind)  I  Medium-powered magnets may also be applied on the abdomen if there is pain. M.W. is a must for such cases. Ginger (Adrak) should be given in plenty and gas producing things avoided.
 42.  Foreign material in body  Local  If pins or needless, etc. get into the body, strong magnets should be applied immediately to the point of pricking so that the pins, etc., may be attracted and taken out by the magnets. If they go deep into the body, there is no alternative but to get the portion X-Rayed and operated.
 43.  Gall stones  I  North pole on liver region M.W. must be given to drink several times a day. Local treatment for pain, if any.
 44.  Giddiness  I  M.W. will be an additional help.
 45.  Goitre  I  Medium-powered or crescent- type magnets should also be applied locally on the swollen thyroid gland. Bananas and M.W. should be taken by the potient. Treatment should continue for a long time.
 46.  Gout  I & V  Method I or V according to location, or alternately on alternate days or in the morning and evening. Treatment may be given twice daily and should be continued for a long time. M.W. necessary.
 47.  Gravel (deposits in urine/red or white)  V  M.W. several times a day, for a long time as it helps to wash out deposits and stones from bladder, and kidneys. Local treatment also if pain is there.
 48.  Gums—bleeding and receding  Special  Low-powered magnets may be applied on the affected teeth, outside the mouth.
 49.  Headache (different types)  According to causes  (i) If due to indigestion, method I, and M.W.(ii) If due to toxaemia : (A) Jaundice, method I; (B) Nephritis, method V (C) Sinusitis, ceramic- magnets on nose ;
(D) Tonsilitis, magnets on throat, etc.,

(iii) If due to fevers, method I and M.W. every two hours,

(iv) If due to ear trouble, treatment as for ear trouble,

(v) If due to eye trouble, treatment as for eye troubles,

(vi) If due to mental strain, or worry, Method I for 15-20 minutes, & M.W.

(vii) If due to injury, local treatment on injured portion, and

(viii) If cause not known, crescent-type magnets on forehead. North pole on right-side and South pole on left-side and Magnetised water.

 50.  Heart trouble (Angina, Palpitation. Sinking, weakness)  I  A small magnet may also be applied near the troubled area for 5 minutes only and its effect may be watched. Strong magnets should not be applied on the heart and head.
 51.  Hepatitis  I  Local treatment with South pole also along with M.W.
 52.  Hernia  I  Local treatment with South pole is necessary. M.W. also.
 53.  Hiccough  I  Another method is to apply the North pole of a strong magnet on the abdomen and South pole, just opposite to it, on the back. M.W. also.
 54.  Hoarseness  I  Crescent-type magnets also on throat and M.W. several times.
 55.  Hydrocele  V  M.W. is essential. Local treatment with South pole is also advisable.
 56.  Hyperacidity  I & II  Local treatment with both poles and M.W. are also advisable.
 57.  Hypochondria  I  M.W. several times a day.
 58.  Hysteria II  North pole above the uterus and South pole below it. M.W. also.
 59.  Increasing height  Special  North pole of crescent-type magnet on forehead and South pole on back of head. Next day, North pole may be shifted to above the right ear and South pole above the left ear. This will give strength to the Pituitary gland which controls the height. Long treatment.
 60.  Influenza  I  Remarks as against Fevers.
 61.  Injuries  I or V  According to location ; but local treatment is more useful and should be given immediately. Hot things and M W. should be given to eat and drink and cold things should be avoided.
 62.  Insomnia  V (In Evening)  One small magnet, preferably South pole, on Centre of forehead at bed time also.
 63.  Intelligence (to increase)  I  One small magnet, preferably South pole of crescent type on forehead also.
 64.  Jaundice  I  M.W. must be given. Local treatment with small or MP magnets is advisable. Papaya, radish and cane juice are beneficial in this disease.
 65.  Kidney Pain (renal colic)  I  Local treatment is a MUST. M.W. will help and should be given for free urination.
 66.  Leucoderma  I or V  According to location of disease. If only one or two patches, local treatment with South pole.
 67.  Liver enlargement  I  Small South pole magnet on spot and M.W. also.
 68.  Locomotor ataxia  Special  North pole on the upper part and South pole on the lower part of the spinal cord.
 69.  Lumbago  V  One strong magnet (South pole) may be applied on the painful spot also.
 70.  Lymphatic glands (swelling of)  I and V  Local treatment on swollen glands also. M.W.
 71.  Malaria  I  Remarks as against fevers.
 72.  Measles  I  Treatment as for fevers.
 73.  Memory (weak)  I  Treatment as for increasing Intelligence.
 74.  Mental retardation  I  Treatment as for increasing Intelligence.
 75.  Meningitis  I  Local treatment on both sides of neck also.
 76.  Migraine  I  Low-powered magnets over the eyebrows or on temples also.
 77.  Mumps  I  Local treatment with crescent- type magnets also, morning and evening, for a few days.
 78.  Nephritis  V  Local treatment over kidneys also. M.W., frequent doses of it is a MUST in this disease.
 79.  Neuralgia, Neurasthenia, Neuritis  I  Local treatment with South pole also where possible. M.W. will help.
 80.  Obesity  I & V  Four strong magnets may be applied simultaneously and their effect may be watched or two magnets may be applied first under palms (I) and then under soles method (V). Diet should be restricted, fats may be avoided and M.W. should be given.
 81.  Orchitis  Local treatment with South pole is beneficial.
 82.  Osteo-arthritis  I & V  Local treatment with strong magnets is also necessary for a long time.
 83.  Palpitation  I  Remarks as against Heart trouble. M.W. will help.
 84.  Paralysis  I & V  Alternately on alternate days. If only on right side of whole body, method No. IV ; and if only on left side of whole body, method No. III. Time may be increased gradually up to 30 minutes or treatment may be given twice daily upto 15 minutes each time. Treatment should be continued for a long time. M.W. should be given regularly.
 85.  Piles (Haemorrhoids)  V  M.W. may be given continuously. Patient may also sit over a pair of strong magnets.
 86.  Pleurisy  I  M.W. may be given continuously, for a long period.
 87.  Pneumonia  I  Treatment as for Fevers. Small magnets may also be applied on painful parts if any.
 88.  Poliomyelitis  V  Local treatment should also be given. N.P. on hip, S.P. under sole. See remarks against Paralysis.
 89.  Pox (Chicken on Small)  I  Treatment same for both. M.W. every two hours.
 90.  Prostate enlargement  V  Local treatment for a long time, with South pole, M.W. should also be given regularly.
 91.  Pyorrhea  I  See item 48 also.
 92.  Rheumatism  I & V  Also see remarks against Paralysis. Treatment for a long time.
 93.  Ringworm  Treatment as per item Nos. 1 and 33.
 94.  Sciatica  V  Local treatment on painful portion. Alternatively, apply North pole on the affected hip and South pole under the relevant foot.
 95.  Sexual Weakness (Males)  V  Also apply North pole below the navel and South pole below it. above the male organ. Patient may also sit over the magnets keeping them side by side.
 96.  Sinusitis  Local  Apply crescent-type magnets on both sides of nose or on the painful place.
 97.  Slipped disc  Special  North pole on the upper part of the spinal cord where the pain starts and South pole on the spot of the severe pain on lumber region, or N.P. on right side of back and S.P. on left side of back.
 98.  Sneezing  do  As for sinusitis.
 99.  Spermatorrhea  As per item No. 95 above.
 100.  Spleen enlargement  I  Local treatment with South pole. M.W. will also help.
 101.  Stiffness of neck  Special  North pole on the back of the neck and South pole on the other end of the stiffness.
 102.  Stomach trouble (all diseases)  II  The diagonal effect of magnetism relieves all troubles of liver, stomach, spleen, abdomen, intestines, etc. M.W. must be given with it, for a long time.
 103.  Stones  I & V  If in the gall-bladder, method No. I, if in the kidney, method No, V. M.W. must be given with it. N.P. on painful part.
 104.  Swelling of legs & feet  V  M.W. is a MUST and should continue for a long time. Use of salt should be minimised.
 105.  Syphilis and Gonorrhea  V  M.W. mixed with equal quantity of simple water may also help in both diseases. Treatment should continue for a long time.
 106.  Tonsilitis, Pharyngitis  I  Local treatment on throat also. Crescent-type magnets may be used. Cold and sour things should be avoided.
 107.  Tuberculosis  I  M.W. is essential.
 108.  Typhoid  I  Remarks as against fevers.
 109.  Ulcers in Abdomen Peptic, Gastric or duodinal  I  M.W. may be given every two hours. Chillies should be avoided. Local application will also help.
 110.  Urethritis  V  Magnets may be applied on urethra also. M.W. must be given.
 111.  Urinary diseases  V  For scanty or stoppage of urine, give one ounce of magnetised water, with one ounce of simple water in quick succession of say 5 minutes for an hour or two and the patient will pass urine.
 112.  Urticaria  I & V  Medium or strong magnets should be used. M.W. will also help.
 113.  Veins (inflammed, varicose)  I or V  According to location of disease. Local treatment also.
 114.  Vomiting  I  M.W. every half an hour or so.
 115.  Worms  II  M.W. should be given to drink 3-4 times every day.
 116. Wounds  Local  After dressing, magnets may be applied on wounds for quick healing. South pole.
 117.  Wry neck  Special  Magnets to be applied locally on the bent neck.
Sl. No. Disease Method to be applied Remarks (M.W. stands for magnetised water)
 118.  Amenorrhoea (late/scanty menses)  V  M.W. should also be given. Treatment should continue for a long time.
 119.  Bearing down (falling of womb)  V  South pole may also be applied below the navel. M.W. should be given three-four times daily.
 120.  Breast-tumour Local  South pole may be applied on the tumour, if no infection.
 121.  Cysts or inflammation  I or V  Local treatment also, along with M.W.
 122.  Dysmenorrhoea (painful menses)  V  Magnets may also be applied on abdomen and M.W. should be given.
 123.  Hysteria  V  North pole above the uterus and South pole below it, if disorder in menses is also there.
 124.  Inflammation of womb or ovaries  V  Local treatment also. M.W. should be given regularly.
 125.  Labour pains (or after pains)  I  Local treatment will also be beneficial. M.W. should be given.
 126.  Leucorrhoea  I & V  Alternately on alternate days. M.W. will also help.
 127.  Loss of sexual desire  Special  Treatment as per item 123.
 128.  Mastitis  I  South pole on the affected nipple.
 129.  Menopause (troubles of)  V  Remarks as against Amenorrhoea.
 130.  Ovarian cyst or tumour  Local  North pole on right side and South pole on left side of abdomen.
 131.  Prolapsus uteri  V  South pole below the uterus.
 132.  Pruritis vulvae  V  Magnets may be applied on both the external sides of uterus.
 133.  Sore nipples  I  Small magnets may be applied on nipples also.
Sl. No. Disease Method to be applied Remarks (M.W. stands for magnetised water)
 134.  Atrophy (Wasting)  I & V  Alternately. M-W should be given to improve general health.
 135.  Bed wetting  V  -do-
 136.  Cholera, Diarrhoea  I  M.W. every half an hour or so.
 137.  Crusta lactea  I  Small magnets may be applied on head also.
 138.  Dentition troubles  I  Remarks as against item 134.
 139.  Itching in nose  Special  Ceramic magnets may be applied on both sides of nose.
 140.  Milk curds in stools/vomits  I  Remarks as against item 136.
 141.  Night terrors  I  Remarks as against item 134.
 142.  Prolapsus ani  V  The child may be asked to sit on the pair of M.P. magnets.
 143.  Rickets  I  M.W. may also be given 3-4 times.
 144.  Snuffles  Special  Treatment as per item No. 139.
 145.  Stoppage of nose  I  -do-
 146.  Strabismus (Squint)  Special  Two small crescent-type magnets may be applied on both the eyes. North pole on the right eye and South pole on the left eye. If this does not work satisfactorily, then the method suggested at item 35 may be adopted.
 147.  Umbilicus, bleeding or inflammation  I  If bleeding then North pole, if inflammation then South pole on the umbilicus.
 148.  Vomiting  I  M.W. half-an-hourly or one hourly.
 149.  Whooping cough  I  Ceramic magnets may be applied below the throat twice or thrice or even more, times everyday.
 150.  Wind in stomach  I  Ceramic magnets may also be applied on abdomen and M.W. should be given.

The cases of diseases not mentioned here may be treated on the basis of general guidelines and according to the location of the ailments.

Similarly, the diseases of women and children not detailed under these headings may be dealt with according to the suggestions given in the list of general diseases.

The application of magnets does not show the same improvement in all cases of the same disease. The response differs according to length and seriousness of the disease and the age and strength of the patient.

Almost all diseases can be cured, or at least relieved, by magnetotherapy, provided any organic defects have not set in. The improvement does not, however show a steady course in chronic ailments and there may be ups and downs for various reasons, but the degree of improvement and its duration increases till it becomes a lasting cure.

It may be reiterated here that the guidelines and the precautions suggested in this chapter should be observed before and after application of strong magnets, in all cases, as far as possible.

The rules and methods given above are only general rules. There may be exceptions also in exceptional cases. Hence, the Magnetotherapists treating the cases may exercise their own intelligence on the basis of general instructions given herein and take their own decision to apply magnets of suitable strength in any particular case as they consider suitable.