Various Qualities of a Magnet

Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya of Naihati, West Bengal has stated in this book ‘‘Magnet and Magnetic Fields”—or “Healing by Magnets” that a magnet is a miniature universe as all the forces operating in the universe are seen operating in this little thing also. He has described innumerable qualities and properties of the magnet and has shown the different properties which each pole of the magnet possesses separately.

The qualities appear to have been pointed out keeping in view a bar magnet, but, on principle, they should be true about every other type of magnet too. The main qualities can be summarised in a tabular from as follows :

Quality North Pole South Pole Intervening Portion
 1. Magnetic  Attraction  Repulsion  Neutral
 2. Characteristic  Positive  Negative  Neutral
 3. Effect  Cold  Hot  Neutral
 4. General  Love  Hatred  Indifference
 5. Atomic  Proton  Electron  Neutron
 6. Planets  Mercury,Venus, Moon  Sun, Mars  Jupiter, Saturn
 7. Elements  Earth, Water  Fire  Air, Ether
 8. Cosmic colours  Green, Indigo, Orange  Red,Yellow  Blue, Violet

The source of permanent energy of a magnet is not clearly known to science uptil now. It is also wonderful how the poles of a magnet, which is a piece of metal without any life, can recognise the friendship or enmity of other poles and adopt infallible behaviour towards them. This shows that the power of recognition inherent in a magnet is divine in character.

It was on account of the concentration of all these qualities in a magnet that many kings and queens and other high dignitaries of the olden times used to wear a magnet on their persons. They believed that wearing a magnet, which had a divine force, maintained vigour of life, arrested ageing, enhanced beauty and saved its wearer from many ailments and troubles.