Discipline in Pregnancy

The management of pregnancy and labour is no different in principle from most other things in life. If something is to be done well it requires careful thought, meticulous planning, a great deal of practice or training and the certain knowledge that imperfections can be corrected. Since it is impossible for your first pregnancy to be preceded by appropriate training, a certain amount of knowledge, understanding and discipline are an essential part of your welfare. After all, a baby requires care during pregnancy as well as after delivery. A careful pattern of behaviour will help you not only during pregnancy but especially during labour and also after delivery.

Discipline in PregnancyYou will learn to adapt to the difficulties and to accept the changes that occur. You will learn to co-operate with your professional advisers, which becomes easier if you understand the reasons for the advice they give you and for the restrictions they place upon you. Adequate rest is important and you must not expose yourself to undue danger. Excessive Weight-gain is not only damaging to yourself and your baby but is detrimental to the preservation of your figure. You will learn about the factors leading up to the onset of labour and what to expect during labour and delivery; you will then be able to exert self-discipline and control not only on your emotions but also on your reactions, and face delivery with a minimum of fear or distress, understanding and obeying instructions given to help you.